1948 Diary


Minnie A. Conklin


Mrs. Minnie A. Conklin was born Minnie Adelia Gladwyn at Sackets Harbor, Jefferson County, N. Y. on November 27, 1867

The year of this diary is 1948. Mrs. Conklin was living at the Conklin Farm which is located on the present-day Evans Road in the Town of Hounsfield. She had lived at the property since her marriage in 1897 to Herbert D. Conklin, son of Theodore and Laurentine Wallace Conklin.

The reader will note daily references to her family. The home in which Mrs. Conklin lived was a double farmhouse, built in 1897 for two Conklin brothers. In 1948 the home was occupied by Mrs. Conklin (on the northeast side) and her son and family (on the southwest side). The family members who lived in the household were:

William: Son

Doris: daughter-in-law and mother of 5 grandchildren

Elaine: granddaughter

Gene: married to Elaine, who left the diarist’s household in October

Leonard: grandson

Rolla: grandson

Shirley: granddaughter

Joan: granddaughter

An index for this diary was prepared, but will not appear online.

This is a diary of a lady who possessed an avid interest not only in her family, but her church, community and current events. She maintained a keen interest in these affairs until a few weeks of her death at age 86 in June of 1954.

By: Shirley Conklin Farone, granddaughter.

Diary transcribed in March of 1994



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Dec. 20, Mon.

20 degrees -- 9 A. M. Cold. Radio: Dr. Frank S. Labock: World worker for Christian ideals to make for peace. Also a phonic language system. Still receiving many cards more than I can answer. Rolla home in P. M. and Doris and Wm. went to Watertown. Wm. got stadium boots for Doris. Martha P. phoned about a gift for Dr. DiFlorio. Gladys is there.

Dec. 21, Tues.

26 degrees -- 9 A. M. Some snow. Radiio, Jesus said I came, not born. The road to Bethlehem is open to pilgrims. S. S., Daniel 7:14, 14. Upper Room, "Beauty of Jesus." H. G. Nelson. Today was 9 hrs. 16 minutes long. Received thirteen beautiful cards. Gladys Campbell phoned to Doris. Wm. and Doris went to see Henry and Mabel Douglas last evening. Rolla and Fred Fields are out this eve. Leonard goes often.

Dec. 22, Wed.

34 degrees -- Fine day. Radio, Rev. Kenneth Jones, Dexter, "The Light Shineth." John 1. Good. Dorcas, Hazel, and Marion sent me a beautiful lavender sweater. Finished writing my Christmas cards. Have received 72 cards and a number of letters so far. Word came that Jessie Hall is sick, temperature with cold. Earl Hall had two more convulsions today.

Dec. 23, Thurs.

30 degrees -- 9 A. M. Beautiful day. Radio, "Call his name, Jesus. Born in the heart." Rev. Stephen Camp. Wm. and Doris went to W to deposit cheese factory check and finish Christmas shopping. They got a pork loin and a beef roast for Christmas and the weekend. Shirley, Joan and Rolla were here. Leonard showed me gifts he has bought. Martin and Edith (Hasner) came and brought gifts.

Dec. 24, Fri.

14 degrees A. M. Cold, but fine. Bishop Peabody, "Fear not. Yes, but, -- a plea for displaced people." Rev. Cooke, "A little bit of love." The music of Christmas is laughter. The need of Christmas is friendship. The spirit of Christmas is love. All of the family are busy with the Christmas preparations. I have rec'd 83 cards. Ethel Peck sent the family popcorn balls, candy & nuts. Leonard wrapped his gifts here.

Dec. 25, Sat.

20 degrees A. M. Cold. Gene and Elaine left Waterville at 4:30 A. M. , arrived here at 8:30 A. M. Had a fine tree and dinner. The family gave me an electric clock and other useful gifts. Rosamond and her girls brought me a white wool house coat. A wonderful day. Gene and Elaine came back from Pond's for lunch and overnight. Leonard took dresser set to Rosemary.

Dec. 26, Sun.

Minus 12 degrees -- 10 A. M. Fair, but cold. Dr. McClung, What is Spirituality?" Rom. 8, 9. Fine New Year Prayer. Gene's car responded after Rolla's car towed it aways. Gene and Elaine left about 1 P. M. for dinner at Mrs. Pond's and return early to Waterville. They say it was 18 degrees below zero at Brownville this morning. This has been a very nice Christmas season for all of us.

Dec. 27, Mon.

A cold storm. Radio: Rev. Moffatt, New Year resolutions. No race prejudice (unclear), Bible study, good books, service for the church, good useful lives. Leonard went to the office. Roads getting icy tonight as weather moderates. 266 (or more) traffic casualties over the weekend. Fred Fields came over, P. M.

Dec. 28, Tues.

33 degrees, A. M. -- Mostly fair. It seems good to have it warmer. Doris has another chest cold. Wm. helps with housework. Rolla does work at the barn. Leonard at office. Girls playing, also helping. I wrote to Ithaca cousins. William made butter. Fred Fields came to see Rolla. Dr. DiFlorio came for a call and brought Upper Rooms and a Christmas bag of candy and oranges.

Dec. 29, Wed.

46 degrees, Moon. Rain. Thought for the day, "How to be happy." Doris still sick with cold but sat up some and did what she could. The rest helped. Rolla and Fred Fields went to Watertown on car business. Wrote to Ora Fuller, Detrooit. Mailed Upper Room to Elaine. Leonard spent the evening at Gilmore's. The U. N. is seeking for peace in Palestine and Indonesia.

Dec. 30, Thurs.

30 degrees, Noon. Sleetstorm. Heard Rev. Moffatt, Hilltop views. Rev. Borden, "New Year Thoughts." William put in a new pipe damper, etc. in my stove. Doris up but has a hard cold. Wrote letter to Ethel Peck and a card to Iva Zimmerman. Rec'd a nice letter from Harold Peck and a picture of Eleanor and Carol and their Christmas tree. Sleet changed to snow in P. M. Mayor Hudson spoke on radio.

Dec. 31, Fri.

24 degrees -- 9 A. M. Snow. Radio: Rev. Moffatt, Genesis 1.1 and Auld Lang Syne, by Robert Burns. Good. Gladys Campbell phoned and I talked with her. Leonard's essay on the Life of Gen. Brown ($10.00 prize) is in North Country Life. Wm. and Doris went to Library party. Leonard went to Gilmore's. Rolla and the girls with me. A nice Dec. 31st for me.


The entry for September 16 referred to a linen shower given Elaine by Alice Caswell. Referral was made to the end of the diary for the list of gifts and from whom they came. That list follows:

Doris Conklin

Candlewick Bedspread

Mrs. Henry Hudson

Embroidered pillow cases

Mrs. Paul Hudson

Dish towels and holder

Mrs. John Kellogg

Large bath towel, wash cloth

Mrs. Charles Phelps

Pair of sheets & pillow cases

Pauline Brown

Four dainty linen napkins

Ethel Bourcy

A sheet

Myrtle Karp

Guest towels

Jennie Livermore

Pillow cases

Alice Caswell

Dish towels

"Jitty" (Elizabeth) Caswell


Mrs. Nelson Walts

Luncheon set

Refreshments served were: rice pudding, cookies and coffee.

Later gifts:

Myrtle Karp

Dill Pickles

Mrs. Paul Hudson

Linen tablecloth, candlewick bedspread, salad forks

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