1951 Diary by Minnie A. Conklin

January 1: Mon. Heard Dr. McClung yesterday. "Pray for a christian peace." Helen W - brought me acyelamin and other things. She has a diamond from Clinton Muldoon. 1950 closed beautifully. Today heard Rev. Eunice Potter, "Choose your loyalities." Gladys phoned. Mabel and Hi brought The Upper Room, etc.

Helen Walrath, 2nd cousin, Brownville Clinton Muldoon of Clayton - once teacher at Dexter, N. Y. Gladys Campbell - of Framingham, Mass. formerly of Brownville, presently teacher at Miss Porter School, a private girls preparatory school in New England.

Jan. 2: Tues. Heard Mrs. Potter, "The way of life." Dr. Hart is dead. Rolla cut his finger at the shop. Dr. Fox dressed it - Mild, 37o Noon.

The shop - being the New York State Highway Dept. Garage at Watertown.

Jan. 3: Wed. Dr. Potter. Source of power. Our troops outnumbered in Korea are forced to retreat (a)long the line.

Jan. 4: Thurs. Lieut. Michael, Rev. 3:14. Lewis Lonsdale is dead. Weather mild. Thaw and rain have taken most of our snow. 54 inches of snow fell in Dec. U. N. troops retreat from Seoul as Chinese troops advance.

Jan. 5: Fri. Rev. Moffatt. Fine selected passages and poems, 25o Noon. Rec'd New Year's letter from our Pastor's wife, Mrs. M. P. Beach. Shirley used my poem, The Landing of the Pilgrams, in a school paper.

Jan. 5: Sat. A nice week. Family well.

Jan. 7: Sun. Zero night. 8o noon. Heard Dr. McClung, II Cor. 4:17-18 I>Seek beyond the present for the things that endure." (New Year) Heard new W. H. S. dedication Speaker, Dr. Wilson, Albany ($2,000,000).

W.H.S. - Watertown High School which had recently been built on Outer Washington Street in Watertown.

Jan. 8: Mon. Low 5 below - Noon, 10o above. Rev. Wakeman, Matt. 5 - "Why pray." Also, Rev. Watermulder, "Press toward the mark." New Year talks. Pres. Truman Message to Congress, Seek peace but prepare for defense." Henry Woodworth died of a heart attack.

Jan. 9: Tues. Low zero. Noon 22o Sunny. Rev. Wakeman, "Why art thou cast down." St. Lawrence River is frozen over. Henry Woodworth funeral to-morrow at 2:30 at First Methodist church.

Jan. 10: Wed. Rev. Wakeman, "If ye love Me." The cold wave is broken. 30o - A. M. Heard dedication of new hospital. New hospital was the House of the Good Samaritan in Watertown.

Jan. 11: Thurs. Rain followed by snow. Wm. & D went to W - with Ruth & Walter F. Ruth & Walter F. were Ruth Becker Farmer and her husband Walter Farmer who lived on Pillar Point.

Jan. 12: Friday Mild Snow. Rev. Moffatt. A story of Dr. Grenwell. Wm. and Doris are laying new kitchen lineoleum. Walter & Ruth here.

Jan. 13: Sat. Heard Rev. Gorwellia (Greek) "Because Christ lives we shall live." Doris has new sink installed. Struggle continues in U. N. and in Korea.

Jan. 14: Sun. Around 30o Dr. McClung. Gen 24-27. The path of duty leads to the house of destiny. A quiet but fine day here.

Jan. 15: Mon. Rain, then snow. Rev. Hutt, John 3 "Ye must be born again." 22o - 3 P.M. Family about their usual work. Pres. Truman asks Congress for a $72,000,000,000 budget to prepare for home & foreign defense.

Jan. 16: Tues. Rev. Wakeman, Luke 9:1-10 He told about a letter by Stonewall Jackson to his pastor during civil war. Wava Cassell & Wm. Curtis are married.

Jan. 17: Wed. Rev. Wakeman. Children say of an old lady who gave them a smile amp; violets, "Wasn't that beautiful." Mild, 37o noon. Ominous silence in Korea.

Jan. 18: Thurs. 29o A. M., 35o P. M. FAIR. Rev. Hutt. Faith the gift of God. Wm. installing electric pump and drain pipe in the cellar. Not much snow. Shirley has a cold.

Installation were the first steps of getting running water into the house preparatory to having our first bathroom. It was a pump which brought wonderful soft, water from the nearby cistern. The pump soon would take on a special personality for the family -- we called it "Watson."

Jan. 19: Fri. Thunder 5 AM 41o -- 32o PM Rev. Hutt: The final Judgment Day. Will and Lois Morgan were married 50 yrs. Jan. 1. They had a family party.

Jan. 20: Sat. Warmest Day, 50o Rev. Frye, Matt 6. Humility in praying and giving is God's choice, Christ tells us. Windy night.

Jan. 21: Sun. Heard Rev. J. Warren. John 15. The christian fellowship of the past, present, and future. Dr. McClung is sick. Daisy was struck by a car and hurt. Daisy was an adorable coon hound belonging to the diarist's grandson, Leonard.

Jan. 22: Mon. Cold - 15o - 10 A M Sunny. Rabbi Chas. Ladd, "Where can I find God?" Shirley is over her cold, went to school. Daisy is much better from car accident. Mostly quiet in Korea. Debates in U.N.

Jan. 23: Tues. W Wind, 20o A. M. Rabbi Chas. Ladd: "Aggression & defense." Wm. and Doris went to W for groceries and to draw county tax, amount $183.00. Shirley and Joan having tests at school.

Jan. 24: Wed. Mild, Some rain. Rev. Carlisle: God's presence with us. Levantia Fox Cooper's husband was killed when his car skidded. Leonard put the fixtures on my sink. A sink union, with drawer space, etc. was installed in each side of the double farmhouse.

Jan. 25: Thurs. 2 inches of snow. Rev. Carlisle: Help from the Psalms. Mabel phoned. Clara French is coming home from China. Our church is doing (a huge inkspot obliterated a portion of this sentence.)

Jan. 26: Fri. Sunny. 18o AM - Rev. Gair: "The church, God's messenger." Rev. & Mrs. Beach and Mabel Fulton came. They brought me nice things for my supper and flowers from "HTC." Rev. Gair: The glorious gospel. HTC was the Happy Thought Class - a Sunday School class of the Brownville Methodist Church.

Jan. 27: Sat. 7 P.M. Elaine, Gene and Carol are at Pond's. Carol said a "Hello" to Doris on the phone -- 15 mons. old. Turning colder. Carol was the diarist's first (and only at the time) great- granddaughter. Carol lived with her parents in Waterville, New York.

Jan. 28: Sun. Cold, 12o Noon. Rev. Judd: John 14:12 < "Greater things." Rev. McClung is improving. Elaine, Jene (sic) and Carol came 11:20. I ate with family - dinner for Wm. Birthday dinner because Elaine here.

Jan. 29: Mon. Zero last night. Cold. Rev. Niles: "The blessing of hope." Wm. and Doris took the girls to Sackets school, 7:30 P.M. where Shirley played.

Jan. 30: Tues. Snow came. Zero A.M. Rev. Hill: What faith does for us. U. N. brands China aggressor, 45 to 7.

Jan. 31: Wed. 11o below in the night. 10o morn. Rev. Minard, "Value of christian courage." East wind. Some snow falling. Struggle in Korea continues below 38th parallel. Nations rally for defense.


Feb. 1: Thurs. Rev. Niles - "A cup of water" Dear Bert passed away 14 yrs. ago. 13 inches of snow has fallen...(large ink spot)...offiice? 80,000 men drafted in the army APRIL quota. (another ink spot - illegible).

Feb. 2: Fri. Rev. A.Voteary: Redemption, a real and necessary experience. Cold. Wind west. "Sunny Candelmas." Gen. Eisenhower after trip to Europe addresses nation. Mrs. Addie Johnson is dead.

Feb. 3: Sat. Considerable snow. Rev. Paul Andrews: A know so religion. Week of cold waves throughout U. S.

Feb. 4: Sun. Pleasant - 9 at 9 A. M. Rev. Wendel Carter, Potsdam, "Lent" Wm's 48th birthday. Had a nice dinner in which I shared. Wm. and Doris went to Mrs. Addie Johnson's funeral at Dexter.

Feb. 5: Mon. Snow flurries. Milder. Rev. Andrews: Heb. 12:14. Holiness. Bad strike of railroad men cripples business. Negotiations in prog ress. Shirley played in orchestra for P.T.A. Wm., Doris, & Rolla went to 3 mi. Bay, 7:15 P.M.

Feb. 6: Tues. 18 AM Rev. Andrews: Holiness with God's help. Rail strike ending - men working. Korean New Year brings U. N. gains.

Feb. 7: Wed. Rain, then snow. Rev. Andrews: Necessity for holiness. 81 dead, 600 injured train wreck, N. J.

Feb. 8: Thurs. 6 below 7 P. M. - Zero, 3 P. M. Rev. Warren: Luke 18:18. The young ruler. Not much doing here -- too cold.

Feb. 9: Fri. 16 below, 7 A. M. Rev. Moffett: The cup of life. Rev. Warren: He restoreth my soul. Heard Ex-Pres. Hoover speak on our dealings with world affairs.

Feb. 10: Sat. 10-11 below -- low. Fair. My dear father's birthday. Heard transcribed lenton Avon service. Dr. Paul A. Wolfe, New York. Our growth in grace. Wm. & D at party at Mearends (sic).

The Avon was the Avon Theater on Arsenal Street in downtown Watertown. For many years, Lenten services were conducted in this theater.

Feb. 11: Sun Cold wind. Dr. McClung: The value of suffering. Helen Walrath and Clinton Muldoon came to see me - 6:30 P. M.

Feb. 12: Mon. 35 A. M. Some rain. Nice talks about Abraham Lincoln. Our troops are losing their recent gains in Korea.

Feb. 13: Tues. Fog - rain & ice. Rabbi Lock: Why youth is not enthusiastic over world conditions. Our troops are hard pressed by Chinese com munists in Korea. Mabel wrote and we phoned. Church pledged $6, 866.00 for repairs.

Feb. 14: Wed. N. E. wind - cold. Rabbi Lock: Lust, Michael, Prayer. Ross White, 48, was found dead at the B cemetery. He had been digging a grave. Susie phoned. She was married here 50 years ago today. Susie was Susan S. Seeber, daughter of Edward and Mary Morgan Seeber. She married Niles Chapman, son of Simeon and Eliza Townsend Chapman.

Feb. 15: Thurs. Zero low. Rev. Sudlow. Lenten prayer. PTPI P.L. Received Valentines from Helen, "Millie," Elaine and a snapshot of Carol. Phoned to Rosamond. Helen - Helen Walrath; Millie - Mildred Walrath; Carol - Carol Pond; Rosamond - Rosamond Conklin Hynes McGuire.

Feb. 16: Fri. Fair, Warmer. Rev. Beach conducted service for Ross White who died at cemetery at the Frank Allen lot digging grave.

Feb. 17: Sat. RAIN P.M. Rev. Sudlow: Successful failures. Good. Dr. Sizoo, Avon, World saved by the Cross.

Feb. 18: Sun. Fair, 32 Noon. Dr. Vincent Peale, Attaining the best. Dr. McClung: The high road with Christ. Wm. has an attack of his old trouble.

Feb. 19: Mon. Rev. Denney, God a sanctuary. 40 P.M. -- Rain. Evening. Wm. some better, but not well yet. Rolla working. He & Leonard help here.

Feb. 20: Tues. Rain -- 33 Noon. Dr. Niles, Successful living. Loyalty. Brotherhood week is being observed. U. N. troops gain south of the 38th parallel.

Feb. 21: Wed. 35 A.M. -- Rain, P. M. Rev. Denney, Pioneers for right & peace. Wm. is filling a crosscut saw for Mr. Quencer. Phoned to Mabel F. Helen sent me North Country Life.

Feb. 22: Thurs. Two inches of snow. 33 A.M. Rev. Charlisle, Washington's birthday. Cedric Foster eulogized Washington. Doris has a toast meister. Wm. & Leonard cut a 3 or 4 foot elm.

Feb. 23: Fri. Low 18 -- Sunny Rev. Denney: "Take up your cross." Gene, Elaine & Carol came late last night for the week end. All fine. Gene and Leonard went hunting. Carol is active and smiling. A lovely little girl, 16 mos. today.

Feb. 24: Sat. 12, low -- Sunny. Rev. Carlisle. The book of James. Dr. Stark, Rochester, Avon, "Holy Spirit." Gene, Elaine & Carol went to Ponds.

Feb. 25: Sun. Mild, Cloudy. Dr. Peale. From "Defeat to victory" Dr. McClung, "Christ the final authority." Elaine, Gene & Carol came P.M., then home. Leonard bought a Mercury used car.

Feb. 26: Mon. Mild 30+. Rev. John. "Lenten facing the Cross." Helen and Clinton came in the evening and brought her wedding outfit for me to see. Showers are being held for her.

Feb. 27: Tues. 41 AM Rain -- snow. Rev. Watermulder, "Peter: Mercy at the Cross" The Cozy Corner Class has a shower this evening for Helen at Lingenfelters.

The Cozy Corner Class was a Sunday School class < of the Brownville Methodist Church.

Feb. 28: Wed. 32 P.M. East wind. Rev. Watermulder. Pilate faces the Cross. Jimmie Knapp 71 is dead. Also, Jennie Weston Bellinger and Ross Rich of whom Bert & I bought our furniture.  

March 1: Thurs. Snow storm. Rev. Watermulder, The inscription on the Cross. John 19:19-20. Helen and Clinton were married at 11 A.M. at Dr. DiFlorio's and left for Florida. Their families attended.

March 2: Fri. 28 P.M. Fair Rev. Watermulder. The Three Crosses. Have some cold and other trouble. Wm. gave me penicillin tablets.

March 3: Sat. 27 Noon Snow P.M. Rev. Mitchell, also The Three Crosses.

Feeling some better. Heard Bishop Lloyd C. Wicke, Avon. "Growing up."

March 4: Sun. Fair, About 32 Dr. McClung: "Seek youth for Christ" There was a strong wind last night. Wires down. No electricity till this P.M.

March 5: Mon. Fair - 44 - 3 PM Rev. J. C. Wetzel: "Gateway to the future" Arthur Walrath told Wm. that Helen and Clinton had a car accident but were not injured. Took another car of theirs for the trip to Florida. Hi and Mabel came. Nice visit.

March 6: Tues. Sunny 50 Noon. Rev. Wetzel: The Threshold to Victory. Dr. McClung, What is Christiaity. Card from Helen from Bing hamton, on their way South. All fine again. Joan is pretty sick with flu. Mabel D. came.

March 7: Wed. Thunder shower A.M. 37 Noon. Faith in our Times, Dr. Sneed, > "Our Habits" Clifford Waters has virus infection.

Clifford Waters was married to the diarist's 2nd cousin, Nina Walrath - Nina was the daughter of Earl and Eva Wallace Hall.

March 8: Thurs. Sunny, 31 Rev. Waters: The Cross shows God's love. Rev. Wetsel: The Threshold of God's purpose. Wm. & Doris are painting their kitchen ceiling and wall white.

March 9: Fri. Sunny, 25 -- 10 AM Rev. Wetzel: The threshold to world peace. Joan is feeling some better.

March 10: Sat. Sunny, low 14 Rev. Waters: Sacrifice for others. Dr. Clawson, Avon, And they say the hymn, Psalm 118.

March 11: Sun Cold. Dr. Peale: The art of taking things calmly, "React to the inner peace" Dr. McClung: The task of the church, Matt ? A quiet nice day. 50 war dead are being sent home from Korea; Also, 1800 marines.

March 12: Mon. Sunny. East wind 37 PM Rev. Hill, Jesus meets His ? . Dr. Walton: Faith in our time. Use of prayer. Card from Elaine. Leonard saw robins.

March 13: Tues. Fine day. Cool. Rev. Hill: Christ silent before Harold. Straight is the way to happiness. Rolla bought a 5 ton 47 Ford truck.

March 14: Wed. 35 Noon Little rain. Rev. Hill: Christ before Pilate. Good. Shirley had her eyes tested at Morgans. She has to have glasses. The S. Korean flag again flies over Seoul.

March 15: Thur. W. win. 37 Noon. Rev. Hutt: Christ's parting gift - Peace. Rev. Hill, "Peter" We confess or reject him (?). Shirley's bone-rimmed glasses are pretty.

March 16: Fri. Snow, 3 or 4 inches. 28 Noon. Rev. Hill: "How is Christ shown as King" Korean troops near 38th parallel again.

March 17: Sat. About 30 St. Patrick's Day is being observed with a parade in New York and many ways. Rev. Hutt: The three crosses on Calvary and what they represent. Dr. Max Kapp: Deepening our awareness of religious faith.

March 18: Sun. Fair. 38 P. M. Dr. Peale: "Get out of a mental rut" Dr. McClung: "We would see Jesus" John 12:20:1 Doris sent a plate of dinner. Cliff and Nina brought flowers and also fruit from Helen, who is now in Cuba.

March 19: Mon. Fair 3:00 P.M. Rev. Gowvillis: The Triumphal Entry. Alone P.M. Wrote Easter cards. Wm. & Doris got paint for my kitchen.

March 20: Tues. 26 A.M. Rain last eve. Rev. Gowvillis. The betrayed meal. Rev. Cole: Then to Gethsinane. Cold, windy, last day of winter 1951. Nice day for me. All fairly well.

March 21: Wed. Snow flakes. Rev. Gowvillis. The trial. Behold the man. Spring came this A.M. Snow came also.

March 22: Thurs. Cold. Rev. Gowvillis, "The Cross." Wm. and Doris painted my kitchen ceiling and walls a sage (slight) green. Mabel phoned.

March 23: Fri. Cold last night. 35 Noon. Nice Easter cards and a lily from Margaret DiFlorio. Joan and her folks went to W and got a new dress for her birthday.

March 24: Sat. Rev. Card: The Easter story as told in later years. Interesting. Rolla took Joan to W for dinner and to get her shoes. Gene, Elaine & Carol coing. Hazel B sent candy and paper.

March 25: Sun. Easter Sunday Fair and cold. Heard services by the Standard Mission & Dr. McClung. Rev. 1:18. Fine. Had chicken dinner, Joan's 9th birthday dinner. Carol stayed there while Elaine, Gene went to our church. Nice service.

March 26: Mon Last night's low 8 Sunny. Rev. Paul Andrews, "The Emmaud Road" Rosamond phoned they have been to Florida. Helen wrote from Washington.

March 27: Tues. A.M. Sunny 30 -- P.M. 44 Rev. Warren: "Not peace, but a sword" Rolla is painting his 5 ton truck red.

March 28: Wed. 64 Noon. Spring weather. Rev. Warren: "Bear ye one another's burdens" Phoned to Mabel and Gladys Campbell.

March 29: Thurs. Noon 50 -- Raining Rev. Warren: "She touched the hem of His garment" Good. Mrs. Hill, LaFargeville and Ross from Washington came for evening.

March 30: Fri. 30 A.M. 50 Noon, Rain at night. Rev. Rose: "Sin not with your tongue" Rolla has vacation this week. Wm.'s cold is a little better. Had and answered nice letter from Myrna Munson & Hattie Mitchell.

March 31: Sat: Last day of March. Cold wind. Rev. Rose: The service that is from the heart. Doris is sending homemade cookies to Carol by mail. Carol likes them. Harry and Wilma came to see me especially, and all incidentally.


April 1: Sun. Fair. Not too cold. Heard Rev. Peale. Seek new thoughts. Rev. McClung. Emmaus Rodian - heart often comes in lowly places. Alone P.M. Rainy evening.

April 2: Mon. Rain last night. Rev. F. Haworth: "The grace of humility" Have quite a hard cold. Wm., Doris, and Leonard have colds too. Our men went to Champion, evening.

April 3: Tues. "Cooler" Rain at night. Rev. Haiworth (sic): We ask in Jesus' name. Not much doing. Doris' 23 hens lay 19 eggs. Doris and Wm. went to Watertown, bot groceries for themselves and me.

April 4: Wed. Rain morning, 32 Snow fell at Adams. Rev. Haiworth (sic): Ministry of suffering. Rev. Brothers, If children, then heirs.

April 5: Thurs. Fair 42 -- 3 P.M. Heard Rev. Haiworth: Peter, a Rock when he sees Jesus as the Son of God. Weak to day from illness last night. Children home -- road has bad mud hole -- bus wouldn't try to come. Wm. & Doris brought dinner.

April 6: Fri. Sunny 60 Noon. Hymn: Abide with me --?-- falls. Card from Nina W. Not good last night. Better to day. Rest are better.

April 7: Sat. Sunny 63 A.M. -- 72, Noon. Songs, Lead Kindly Light; Jesus, Pilot me. Rosamond came. Elaine, Gene and Carol came about 5 P.M.

April 8: Sun. Sunny, cool. Dr. McClung: Malochi 3:10, Tithe. Elaine mopped, etc. my kitchen. Doris sent dinner. Hi and Mabel brought par snips. Carol is fine.

April 9: Mon. Continues warm. Rev. Richardson, Matt 7:12,14. The two ways of life. Had fish for supper. Leonard's treat -- bull heads. Good.

April 10: Tues. Dear Bert's birthday. Looks rainy. About 45. Tired from my cold, gaining some. Rev. Richardson: Telling the message. Wm., D and Shirley went to W. Joan went to Leonard's & missed W.

April 11: Wed. Rainy A.M. -- 42 P.M. Rev. Stoddard, Matt 11. An all > sufficient Christ. Heard Cedric Foster from Watertown. Pres. Truman dismissed Gen. McArthur. Gen. Ridgewood takes place. Ross Hill & Mother came April 3rd.

April 12: Thurs. Sunny 53 A. M. Rain later. Rev. Richardson, Matt 6:30-31, A sense of humor to see real life values. Country stirred by Gen. MacArthur's dismissal. H. takes it calmly.

No idea who H. is -- could it be the House of Representatives?

April 13: Fri. Fair 46 A.M. Rain, night. Rev. John Holmes, Walking with God. Clarence Peck is in the Hospital. Florence Schweitzer had major operation.

Florence was Florence E. Lucas of the Town of Brownville. She married Frederick W. Schweitzer on January 30, 1923. The couple lived to be very old, Fred dying in 1995 and Florence well after that. They lived on what is now (1999) Schweitzer.

April 14: Sat. Rain, morning. Rev. John Holmes: The great word, Faith. Clarence Peck went home from the hospital. Harry S. told us about Florence.

April 15: Sun. Rain A.M. 38 Noon. Dr. McClung: Christ in you the hope of glory. Wind about 60 mi. per hour. Joan made her first cake -- chocolate. Good. Doris not feeling very well.

April 16: Mon. Rain A.M. Fair P.M. about 40. Rev. Sudlow, "What things endure." Doris is in bed again today. Wm. got dinner -- brought me fine meat.

April 17: Tues. Snow flurries -- 32 -- A.M. Rev. Van Ornum, Theresa: I will trust and not be afraid -- Good. Doris still in bed. Wm. doing well. Weather cold and windy. Gen. & Mrs. MacArthur and son expected to arrive in San Francisco to night. No end near for the Korean struggle. Wm. brought me bananas. I took Doris rasp- berries.

April 18: Wed. 32 overnight 40 P.M. Rev. Van Ornum, Heb 8:1 Fine talk. Doris is better and I am glad. She and Wm went to Watertown. Leonard brought me fish for dinner. San Francisco is giving Gen. MacArthur and family a grand reception.

April 19: Thurs. 35 P.M. Windy. Provisional, Rev. Brown, T. I. Park -- Sanctification. Heard Gen. Douglas MacArthur address Con gress. A fine address.

April 20: Fri. Sunny 50 A.M. Rev. Brown. Sanctificational, personal. 75,000,000 (seems wrong) in New York greet Gen. MacArthur. Heard ceremony at City Hall & the Gen.

April 21: Sat. Sunny. Rev. Brown, Cor. 7:1, Progressive sanctification. Girls have nice new shoes.

April 22: Sun. Rainy P.M. Heard Dr. Peale. Making a comeback. Rev. Warren "My yokes are easy" Matt 11:29. Gene, Elaine & Carol came at 3 P.M.

April 23: Mon. Sunny, 40 A.M. Chaplain Wood, Pine Camp, Jesus helping typical needy. March 9:23. This is dear Rolla's 21st birthday. Charlie Hasner went in the draft.

April 24: Tues. Fair, 48 A.M. Rain, P.M. Dr. Gasnell. A seeking God. Ps. 139. Reverses come again in Korea. Allen F. came. Mr. & Mrs. Johnson spent last eve with Wm. and Doris.

Allen F. was Allen Flanders, possibly from the Cape Vincent area. He was a former hired man for the family. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson were Walter and Mabel Johnson, of Pillar Point and Adams Center, N. Y.

April 25: Wed. 50 Noon. Rainy P.M. Chaplain Wood: The Great Healer John 5:6. Wm. and Doris went to Lowville on cheese factory business and to Loretta's. The cheese factory business was undoubtedly conducted at the West Martinsburg Cheese Factory near Lowville. It was owned and operated by a Wesley Alexander. He had a daughter, Loretta, who was a family friend.

April 26: Thurs. 46 Fair A.M. - 60 Rev. Butler, Adams, "The Keys of the Kingdom" Chicago honors Gen. MacArthur to day. Our boys in Korea have to retreat.

April 27: Fri. Sunny, 56 A.M. - 68 P.M. Chaplain Wood: "The Prodigal Son" Good. Gen. MacArthur is honored in his former home town, Milwaukee. Our troops are steadily driven back in Korea. Seoul evacuated, but our troops are trying to hold it.

April 28: Sat. Cloudy, 62 A.M. - Rain, P.M. Gen. MacArthur led in a Victory parade in New York. 1-1/4 million in parade. Leonard bought machinery for his farm.

April 29: Sun. Rain 52 Noon. Dr. McClung 1 Cor. 3:11 "Jesus Christ our creed and foundatiion & Guide" Florence Colverd, brother Roy and Miss Adams, Kingston came 6 P.M.

Florence was the cousin of the diarist's adopted son, William. Her maiden name was Florence Suddard, believe Roy was not Florence's brother, but her son.

April 30: Mon. Sunny 62 Noon. Rev. Malabar, LaFargeville - Gen. 12:2 "Abraham's Altars" Murphysboro, Tenn. honors Mrs. McA. Our troops are trying to hold Seoul. I rained 22 days in April.


May 1: Tues. Sunny. 74 Noon, rising. Rev. Baker, Cape V.: All things work together for good if we love God. Nettie Brown had appendix operation. Leonard sowed grain at Rosamond's. Mabel wrote and sent Upper Room.

May 2: Wed. Sunny. 60 A.M. Rev. Malabar. The separated life of Abraham. Rev. Baker: Sure trip - Eternal Life - John 14. Phoned to Mabel. Wrote cards to Nettie Brown, Nina and Helen. Edith and Donald Hasner came.

May 3: Thurs. Sunny, 62 Noon. Rev. Malabar. Abraham's test. Gen. McArthur speaks before Senate Committe..

May 4: Fri. Sunny, 62 Noon. Rev. Malabar. "The Lord will provide" Marion Dengler wrote to Doris and to me.

May 5: Sat. Sunny, 67 Noon. Rev. Kancar. A successful christian life. Joan brought me aple, black current and dandelion blossoms. Shirley played in school band at 4-H parade. Elaine, Gene and Carol are at B tonight.

May 6: Sun. Fair 50 Noon. Dr. McClung. Acts 26:8 Eternal Life. Gene, Elaine, and Carol are at B tonight.

May 7: Mon. 48 Noon. Rev. Card. Meeting life's responsibility. Wilfred Chap man came.

May 8: Tues. Sunny 56 P.M. Rev. Card. Makign wise decisions. Writing poem, "The Firmament." Dedicated to Mother - birthday May 10th. Wrote to Ross Hill, Washington, D.C. Mr. & Mrs. Alexander & Loretta came.

May 9: Wed. Cloudy, 54 Noon. Rev. Dr. Shoemaker, The nourishment of faith." Faith in our time.

May 10: Thurs. Sunny. Rev. Hetherington, Exercise faith. My dear mother's birthday. Had a heart attack yesterday.

May 11: Fri. Rain, 44 A.M. Rev. Card, A purpose in life. Doris gave me 8 cans of vegetables and 1 blackberry jam.

May 12: Sat. Fair 48 Noon. Had rain this morning. Rev. Hetherington. Faith helps in time of need -- See the spark for good in every one. Rec'd Mother's day card from Doris, Elaine and "Millie."

May 13: Sun. Fair, Cool. Dr. McClung Eccl. 12:3. A place to look out from -- home. Mother's Day. Clinton and Helen came yesterday. Brought me a nice little apron.

May 14: Mon. Fair, 58 Noon. Chaplain Wood. Ps. 46: A story of a mother's faith -- son killed in war. Wm. and Doris went to Elaines and to Albany, cheese factory business, and Elaine, Gene, and Carol with them.

May 15: Tues. Sunny, 78 at 3 P.M. Chaplain Potter, Pine Camp, Catholic Scripture prayers, etc. Mrs. Beach wrote.

May 16: Wed. Sunny, 64 A.M. -- 78 P.M. Chaplains Benson and Wood. < Psalm 21. Mountain experiences with God. Rev. & Mrs. Beach went to N.N.Y. conference at Malone to day.

May 17: Thurs. Had a heart attack yesterday about 5 P.M. Mabel phoned -- Leonard answered. Doris brought my meals to day.

May 18: Fri. Sunny, 80 P.M. Got my meals to day, etc. Heard Chaplain Sus ton. No help but in God for ourselves and in world crisis. Very good talk.

May 19: Sat. Sunny, 82 Rev. Johns. Living with ourselves. Doris & girls went to Leonard's woods for flowers. Armed service men's Parade 7 P.M. Gene, Elaine & Carol came, 11 P.M.

May 20: Sun. Sunny. Dr. McClung. Matt 6:30 -- Love wins. Do your part well with faith. Fine. Hi and Mabel came last eve. Fine. Elaine came over and got my dinner.

May 21: Mon. Fair -- 80 -- 3 P.M. Dr. Granell Eph. 1. A useful letter for us. Rev. Wm. Eddy, Ps. 91:15 -- Answered prayers. Clara French is home from China. Reds making fierce drives in Korea.

May 22: Tues. Sunny, 72 P.M. Rev. Eddy. Ps 121. Look up for spiritual help. Loretta sent card and letter. Man came for references about Ross Hill for government position.

May 23: Wed. Cloudy, 55 Noon. Dr. Granell. Eph. 1. The coming of His perfect day. Will drive the clouds of night away for a better world. Good.

May 24: Thurs. Sunny, 72 Noon. Rev. Barnard, Luke 12. Make your choices and outlooks assets. Girls choir. Our troops are gaining now in Korea.

May 25: Fri. Sunny, 74 P.M. Dr. Granell, Eph. 1:22. The pre eminence of Christ and His church. All busy. Leonard went fishing. Had bullheads.

May 26: Sat. Sunny, 68 A.M. Rev. Barnard. Trust this problem to God. Help others. Wm., Doris and Leonard, Bert G. are busy with farm work. I am trusting God to do my part.

Bert G. was Bert Gilmore, a member of a very long-time neighbor family. Bert, at this time, was probably living in the Village of Clayton and made the commute most weekdays to work for William at very low pay. Bert's ambition at the time was to work enough to get the required quarters in for purposes of drawing Social Security -- in later years he expressed his appreciation to William for his assistance toward that endeavor.

May 27: Sun. 64 Noon. Rain. Dr. McClung. Luke 4:16 Why millions worship. Fine sermon. Doris sent ham, banana and pie. Folks having a rest. Nice day for me.

May 28: Mon. Sunny, A.M., 46 Noon. Rev. Johns Ps. 46. A mighty fortress is our God. Martin Luther - 1629.

May 29: Tues. Cloudy A.M. Sunny, warm, P.M. Rev. Johns: "I have somewhat to say unto thee. Let us listen to Him." Wm. & Doris went to cemetery with plants. Showers. Helen sent letter and pictures of their wedding. Dorcas, Marion & John came from Ithaca. Rosa mond came a few minutes.

May 30: Wed. Sunny -- 72 P.M. Rev. Johns. Memorial Day, Battle Hymn of the Republic. Interesting. Shirley marched & played at Sackets. Doris swept, etc. my living room, etc. Harold and Della Peck came, evening.

May 31: Thurs. Sunny, 62 A.M. Rev. Wakeman -- Matt 5. Be kind. Doris sent shortcake, cleaned house, etc.


June 1: Fri. Sunny, 74 Noon. Warmer, P.M. Rev. Johns: The story -- lost piece of glass. Quiet day for me. The rest are busy. Hi and Mabel Fulton came, evening.

June 2: Sat. Fair, 58 Noon. Our 54th anniversary. Rev. Wakeman, Christ wins the thief on the cross to Himself. Shirley played in the school band at Dexter fire dept. parade. Rolla here.

June 3: Sun. Sunny, 72 Noon. Rev. John Warren. This is my Fathers world. All will come well. Elaine, Gene, Carol came at 10:30 A.M. Doris and Elaine sent dinner.

June 4: Mon. 62 Fair. Rev. McNutt, The Bible, our great need. Leonard bought 32 cattle at Tug Hill and is drawing them on his truck. 12 cows, 10 young stock, 10 calves. (two horses croseed out)

June 5: Tues. Cooler. N. E. wind. Rev. McNutt. The Bible and sin. Joan brought in yellow roses for me. Shirley's band won second prize, Dexter. Hugh, Rosamond & Sally came. They have sold their farm for $35,000 to Dr. Bauer. Loretta A. and Marjorie R. came. Hugh fixed my sink.

Hugh was Hugh McGuire, 2nd husband of diarist's niece, Rosamond. Sally was Sally Hynes, Rosamond's daughter by her marriage to Carl Hynes. Loretta was Loretta Alexander of West Martinsburg, N. Y. Marjorie R. was Marjorie Roacher, of Glen Park.

June 6: Wed. Fair, Cool A.M. 76 P.M. Rev. McNutt, "The Bible inspired" Good. D-day was 7 years ago. Donald H. came.

Donald H. was Donald Hasner, the son of Martin and Edith Warn Hasner of Watertown. He was the nephew of Doris.

June 7: Thurs. Sunny, 69 Noon. Rev. Moffatt, "What does Christ mean to me?" Prof. Barney, Piano "overshadowed." Leonard is drawing milk to our factory. Wm. is putting in silo corn. Leonard brought his horses from Dry Hill to his farm.

June 8: Fri. Sunny 61 A.M. 75 P.M. Rev. Moffatt, Jesus only -- for all men comfort. Doris took Shirley and Joan to Sackets to play at a school concert. Wm. here.

June 9: Sat. Beautiful day, 80 Noon. Rev. Moffatt, Opening windows for the > soul. Doris has 220 Wyandotte chicks.

June 10: Sun: 54 Noon. No service broadcast from W today. An all day rain. All resting except Rolla who went to W. Martinsburg. Wm.'s corn is sown, about 14 acres.

June 11: Mon. Rain 49 A.M. Fair 60 P.M. Rev. Peterson, Lowville, Gen. 1. The Creation. Ruth Oliver has a daughter -- Linda.

June 12: Tues. Fair -- 69 P.M. Rev. Peterson, "The creation of man." Ceme tery meeting here. Nice. Shirley played at Dairyman's Festival. Rolla has new Asst. Maintenance Engineer at shop and receives more pay.

June 13: Wed. 53 P.M. Rain. Rev. Peterson, "The Ten Commandments." Heard Gen. MacArthur, Austin, Tex.

June 14: Thurs. Rain, 52 A.M. Rev. Peterson, The world need of Christ. Hugh and Rosamond came. They bought a home in Conn.

June 15: Fri. Cloudy, 56 A.M. 62 P.M. Rev. Peterson, John 1. "The Cross wins" Rec'd letters from Marion D & Mabel. Rolla went to Rochester on business.

June 16: Sat. Fair, 72 Noon. Rev. Hutchinson, "Small things may become great by the touch of the Master's hand" Good. Walter Patrick here last eve. Leonard sold his 32 stock and is trucking it to Sandy Creek and Copenhagen. Elaine phoned from B - 9:45 P.M.

June 17: Sun. Sunny. 75 Noon. Dr. McClung. John 14:9 "Jesus reveals God -- Father, Loving, forgiving" Elaine, Gene and Carol came 2 P.M. and it was very nice to see them.

June 18: Mon. Sunny, 84 P.M. Rev. Baker, Cape V., Abraham's test. All busy. Doris picking and take care of her strawberries.

June 19: Tues. Sunny 78 A.M. 84 P.M. Rev. Baker. "Naomi's healing by help ing friends and obedience" Rev. Hensley, Luke 6:17 Live like God. Phoned to Mabel. M.W.C.S. this P.M. Shirley went to music dept. banquet.

June 20: Wed. Sunny. Rev. Baker. Matt 22:14 Be clothed with the wedding garment, Jesus. Joan went to a birthday party for Marion Bigness. Mabel Douglas came.

Mabel Douglas was Mrs. Henry Douglas of Sackets Harbor. She was a family friend.

June 21: Thurs. Fair, 60 Noon - 68 P.M. Mrs. Eunice Potter, S. Rutland, God's gift for a new day. Good. School except finals closed at noon to day. Barnum & Bailey brings circus to W.

June 22: Fri. Summer - Showers 66 Gene, Elaine & Carol came at 1 A.M. Doris, Elaine & children went to W to get wedding gift for Alice Youngs.

June 23: Sat. Fair, 68 Mrs. Potter: Job 42:15. God revealed to Job. Wm. & Doris went to Alice Youngs and Wallace Bennet's wedding. Hope Church. Elaine here till 5 P.M., went to Pond's.

June 24: Sun. Sunny, 74 Noon. Dr. McClung, Timothy 5:4 Harmony at home. First anniversary of Korean war. Malick makes offer to end it. Marjorie R. - family came for a lawn supper with Doris & W.

June 25: Mon. Fair, 75 A.M. Rev. Votiary. Clean hands, pure heart. Shirley played at Sackets graduation and rec'd medal for 1st girl's place in grades. Ethel W., Ina S. & Mrs. Ball here.

June 26: Tues. Fair, Rev. Stoddard. Job 38. God's miracles. Rev. Votary (sic). Jesus calms life's storms. Shirley rec'd award in music. Joan had five 100 test marks. She goees in 5th and Shirley in 9th grades.

June 27: Wed. Sunny, 78 Rev. Stoddard, Christ loved beauty in nature and in his followers. Hugh Caroline's last (day) on radio WATN. He will study for the ministry.

June 28: Thurs. Sunny, 75 Noon. Rev. Lytle, Ps. 121. Lift your eyes to God. There are hopes for peace in Korea following Malick's offer to negotiate.

June 29: Fri. Fair, 63 Noon. Rev. Little, Pray without ceasing. In everything, give thanks. Mabel, Hi, Martha and Gladys came.

June 30: Sat. Showers, 59 Noon. Our folks went to auction at the Patrick farm. Farm not sold. Heard Rev. Little 1 Cor. 1:18. The Cross shares love and forgiveness.


July 1: Sun. Rain, 59 Noon, Fair, P.M. Dr. McClung: Our own country. Good. A quiet restful day, needed by Wm. & Doris.

July 2: Mon. Fair, Cool A.M. 72 P.M. Rev. Burton, When we see our need and seek God's help. He always helps. Family all busy to day.

July 3: Tues. Fair, 66 Noon -- 80 Thunder storm in the night. Rev. Leslie Potter. The way of love leads to peace for men and nations. Negotiations agreed on in Korea. Dear Mother left us 50 yrs. ago.

July 4: Wed. Freedom. Elaine, Gene and Carol came about noon. Showers, 66 P.M. Enjoyed the day in many ways.

July 5: Thurs. Some rain. 55 Mrs. Pauline Burdette, Mansville John 10:10 Jesus gives abundant life. Rosamond, Gene & Sally were at Wms. for breakfast and to see me. They are moving to Cheshire, Conn.

July 6: Fri. Sunny, Cool, A.M. 76 Noon 84 P.M. Rev. Mrs. Burdette. All things together for good to them that love God. Rolla is looking at the Frasier (Mott) farm.

July 7: Sat. Sunny, 78 Noon. Rev. Burdette "Lives haunted by old mistakes may find peace in God." Peace talks in Korea begin 7 P.M. our time. Help dear God. They met at Kaisong.

July 8: Sun Fair, 80 Noon. Dr. McClung, Eph. 4:3 The largest room -- The room for improvements. First peace talks in Kaisong, a success. Doris sent over a nice dinner.

July 9: Mon. Fair, 74 A. M. Rev. Autrie. Christ can still all the tempests of life if we ask Him. Second peace talk starts Tues., Korean time. God is helping me much these days.

July 10: Tues. Sunny, 70 A.M. Rev. B. b. Hutt, Christ at Emmaus. Rec'd a nice Hart.

July 11: Wed. Sunny, 74 A.M. - 90 P.M. Rev. Polney, Copenhagen: 1 Cor 13 -- John 3:16. Love the supreme thing. Doris and girls went black capping -- got several quarts. Loretta's 22nd birthday. Doris sent gift.

July 12: Thurs. Cooler, 65 A.M. -- Rain, P.M. Rev. Wistill, Burrville Road. "Honesty with our words. Let the words etch." Doris and children went berrying -- got 12 quarts. Watertown entertained the Orangeman for the fourth time. Our folks saw the 4000 (people) parade.

July 13: Fri. Sunny, 65 A.M. Rev. Westill, "Keeping the Sabbath." Gladys Campbell and Mrs. Scott came.

July 14: Sat. Sunny, 80 Noon. Rev. Westill, How to worship and meet God. Reverence, praise, nature. Ralph and Olive Christopher came.

July 15: Sun. Sunny, 80 Noon. Dr. McClung. Meet the future with courage and with God's help. Good. Gave my family pineapply juice and fancy cookies for a little treat.

July 16: Mon. Fair, 70 A.M. SULTRY -- 80 P.M. Rev. Waters Ps. 91:1 Dwelling in the secret place of the most High. Wm. is cultivating corn, Leonard haying, Rolla at shop, Doris doing up black caps. Peace talks continue in Korea.

July 17: Tues. Sunny after rain, 69 A.M. Rev. Waters, Ps. 91. A personal friend in Christ -- "Keep my commandments." Wrote a birthday letter to Dell and Myrtle and card to Helen. Rain at night.

July 18: Wed. Sunny, 86 at 3 P.M. -- Rain. Rev. Waters, Ps. 91. Abide in God. Fine. Rev. & Mrs. Beach came, nice visit.

July 19: Thurs. 64 A.M., 82 P.M. Rev. Frye, Prov. 3:7 "Our thoughts count" \ Had a nice day and nice letter from Mabel.

July 20: Fri. 66 P.M. Cloudy. Rev. Richard McClintock, Trinity Episcopal, Luke, "Trust God, Be helpful to others" Doris & girls went berrying again. Mrs. Eric Farr's baby is named, Charleen Dawn.

July 21: Sat. Sunny, 65 A.M. Rev. Frye, Brownville, "Our vacation habits" Pearl Congdon went berrying with Doris and girls and came to see me. Gene, Elaine & Carol came at 9 P.M.

July 22: Sun. 66 Noon -- 78 P.M. Rev. Burton, N. J. Now at Pine Camp. What do we need most -- a Redeemer. (heard in part) Gene, Elaine & Carol left about noon. Carol is a little lady. Dell Adams' 83rd birthday.

July 23: Mon. Sunny, 76 A.M. - 85 Noon. Dr. Niles, "The tides of the sea and tides of help in life. Pass them out." Rec'd a nice card from Dr. & Mrs. DiFlorio from Wash., D. C. Rolla is having vacation.

July 24: Tues. Rev. A. Leslie Potter Ps. 139 "Finding God in nature and in our hearts" All busy having, etc. Rolla and Geo. Schweitzer are helping. 84 P.M.

July 25: Wed. Sunny, 76 AM - 84 PM. Rev. Potter, Reminders of God -- Shirley's 14th birthday. Dear good girl. She rec'd gifts of money & skirt and blouse, field glasses and dress from Moretta. Mrs. Beach phoned, "Happy Birthday."

July 26: Thurs. Sunny, 78 AM - 81 PM Rev. Potter "Have pride in religion" Loretta gave Joan a dress, too, and the girls a song, "It is no secret what God can do." Pearl C. sent them hankies.

July 27: Fri. Sunny, 75 -- 84 P.M. Rain PM Rev. Potter, Be humble, Saviour, pilot me. All busy haying. Doris busy, too.

July 28: Sat. Fair after rain 70 A.M. Rev. Fowler, "God can make failure turn to success" Joan had two first and one second tooth drawn.

July 29: Sun. Cool AM -- 81 Noon. Rev. Donald Peck, Asbury, "Uncertain trumpets" Nothing uncertain about Christ. Wm., Doris, and girls went to Ruth Farmer's.

July 30: Mon. Sunny, 73 AM 85 PM Rev. Baker, "Be a Good Samaritan" Luke 10:30. Rolla went to the shop. Wm. and Burt drawing hay. Doris driving. Leonard at farm. Gene, Elaine took a weekend trip to the Adirondacks---came here for supper.

July 31: Tues. Fair, 76 A.M. Rev. Baker, Do not be a barren fig tree. Luke 13.6. Rec'd a nice letter from Sally A. Hynes from their new home in Cheshire, Conn.


Aug. 1: Wed. Fair, 70 Noon -- 82 P.M. Rev. Baker, Use your talent for God. Matt. 25:14. Upper Room, "Rock of Ages, cleft for me." Rolla went to the draft board at Syracuse, and was accepted. He is cheerful.

Aug. 2: Thurs. Sunny, 68 A.M. About 75 P.M. Rev. Baker. The foolish rich man. Luke 12:21. Be not like him. "Be still in my soul" -- song. Rolla went to the shop. Doris made black currant pies. God is helping us. Mabel and Hi came. Will Congdon is dea.

Aug. 3: Fri. Cloudy, 68 A.M. -- Rain, P.M. Rev. Baker. The prayer of the "Publican." Luke. 18:13. Thunder storms and hail came in the P.M. delaying farm work.

Aug. 4: Sat. 62 Fair AM Rev. Conley. Acts 16. "Believe in the Lord Jesus" Rev. Beach has the Helen Loveland wedding. Leonard is mowing for Wm. at Ed. Savages.

Aug. 5: Sun. Cool, A.M. -- 74 Noon. Rev. Bass (Rochester) at Asbury. And Jesus loved Mary, Martha & Lazarus. Wm. and Doris went to the service for Will Congdon at the home.

Aug. 6: Mon. Cool nights 42 -- 81 P.M. Rev. Gair. Eph. 5:19-29. The things that endure. The church Christ loved. I think Leonard is helping Wm. to day. Loretta and parents came to Wms.

Aug. 7: Tues. Fair, A.M. Shower 65 P.M. Rev. Gair, Matt. 28:20 -- Our Saviour is our greatest need -- unchanging. Doris helped Wm. get hay, Shirley helped, too. Leonard cutting grain for himself. Rolla is at the shop.

Aug. 8: Wed. 60 A.M. Rain -- Fair P.M. Last night's rain stopped haying. Harold and Della Peck came, evening. Rolla got good news from draft board.

Aug. 9: Thurs. Sunny 82 -- 3 P.M. Rev. Vesebois (Greek) Jesus gives us help for thirst of the soul -- love, peace.

Aug. 10: Fri. Fair 64 A.M. - 80 - 3 P.M. Rev. Vesiliais. "Use your wonder- ful Bible." Good. Fine singing, male voices. Sent card to Mabel F. & Sally Hynes. Wm. and Bert are drawing hay again. Leonard reaping for himself. Mrs. Pond better, has been to Ernie's -- Sodus.

Aug. 11: Sat. Sunny 75 A.M. Rev. Vesiliais (Greek) "Love your enemies" I think Wm. will finish haying. Rec'd invitation to Ross Hill's wed ding, Sept. 5.

Aug. 12: Sun. Fair, 78 Noon. Rev. Bullhead (Allentown, Pa.) "Three Cheers for Jesus" Conquers fear, brings faith, Christ overcomes. Quiet but nice day. Count your blessings.

Aug. 13: Mon. Sunny, 74 A.M. 87 -- 3 P.M. Rev. Paul Andrews, John 3:16, "The Golden text of the Bible." Leonard is about through haying and started harvesting. Wm. is fixing something for Walter F. Rolla is at the shop and feeling good.

Aug. 14: Tues. Rain early. Fair 68 A.M. 84 P.M. Rev. Hutt, Matt. 5. Will thou be made whole? World war two ended 6 yrs. ago. Stephen Early funeral. Rolla and Bert G. went fishing.

Aug. 15: Wed. Fair 74 - 3 P.M. Rev. Hutt, Ps. 119:2 -- Joy comes from keeping God's precepts & doing his will. Rec'd a long, nice letter from Mabel F. Peace talks continue in Korea. May God's power bring it right.

Aug. 16: Thurs. Rain, A.M. 68 Noon. Rev. Hutt, "The treasure of the gospel" Henry Douglas has a blood transfusion this P.M. (coming later)

Aug. 23: Fri. Cloudy, 55 A.M. -- 60 P.M. Rev. Hutt: Prayer, earnest, sincere, obedient. Leonard's 23rd birthday. Doris sent a little of the supper to me.

Note: The diarist used the blank entry sheet for Aug. 23 and the next entry was Aug. 24, but on Sunday, she reverted to Aug. 19th. Leonard's birthday was Aug. 17, and it was his 23rd -- diarist became mixed up for two days. I have typed in the sequence found in the diary.

Aug. 18: Sat. Sunny, Cool A.M. -- 72 Noon. Rev. Hutt, Prov. 3:5, "Trust in the Lord" Family all busy -- Brightening the corner where they are. And I try. Had a quiet, but good day. Family all seem happy.

Aug. 19: Sun. Sunny, 79 Noon. Isaiah 32:2, "A Rock in a weary land" Rev. A. Leslie Potter, at Asbury church. Upper Room, Ps. 91. My faith in Christ sustains me. Sidney M. Supple, Va.

Aug. 20: Mon. Sunny 68 A.M. -- Edgar H. Neare, N. C. Faith grows in the heart where Christ dwells, Isa. 30:15, Upper Room. Mabel Douglas stayed with Doris last night. Card from Mabel F. from Fishers' Landing.

Aug. 21: Tues. A rainy day, 57 Noon. Fair, 78 P.M. Wm., Doris, Shirley, Joan and Mrs. Douglas went to a show at the Avon last night. Jeff. Co. Fair week -- Upper Room: Jesus is a shelter in the time of storm. Georgia May Cook (Alberta) Jesus said, Why are ye so fearful? Mark 4:40.

Aug. 22: Wed. Some clouds -- 58 Upper Room, I will weave threads of joy and radiance into the fabric of daily life. Chaplain Homer H. Elliott, California. Wm. helped thresh P.M. at Bamfords.

Aug. 23: Thurs. Sunny 60 A.M. - 70 P.M. Ruth Alla Wager, N. Y. "God's love and power lift us beyond the handicaps of the flesh" Nice letter from Wave.

Aug. 24: Fri. Cold last night -- 78 P.M. Col. 1:11, Patience & long suffering with cheerfulness. Help me to be helpful. Wm. harvesting. David Webster, friend of Rolla's was killed in an auto accident, Aug. 21.

Aug. 25: Sat. Sunny after cold night -- 70 A.M. Jesus said, "I go to prepare a place for you." Harvesting in A.M. Wm., Rolla and Bert G. got things ready for an auction at Douglasses. Nice evening with Rolla and girls.

Aug. 26: Sun. Sunny, 82 Noon. Rev. Arthur Hopkinson, Syracuse University: "Be a good Samaritan" Gene, Elaine and Carol are at Ponds. Doris brought berry pie & Rolla, ice cream.

Aug. 27: Mon. 84 P.M. The clouds are big with Mercy & Cowper (?) All the family busy for Monday. I try to wait on myself and say a kind word here and there.

Aug. 28: Tues. Fair, 68 A.M. -- 80 P.M. Hold that fast which thou hast. Rev. 3:11. Beryl came P.M., Elaine and Carol also came, P.M. They took Shirley and Joan to an outdoor show -- evening.

Aug. 29: Wed. Sunny, 84 P.M. Receive the kingdom of God as a little child. Mark 10:15 Elaine, Gene & Carol went to Pond's. God speaks to us through others, Wm. Parker. Pray with faith. Jesus promises an answer.

Aug. 30: Thurs. Sunny, 90 P.M. Holiness Movement, "If God be for us who (or what) can be against us. Elaine went to Mayor Hudson's office yesterday. They came here to day.

Aug. 31: Fri. Taken very sick with the prevailing distemper. Weather cold.

Note: There were no entries for Sept. 1-Sept. 5 -- probably due to the diarist's illness.


Sept. 6: Thur. To day and two preceeding (sic) days have sat up up (sic) an hour at a time.

Sept. 7: Fri. Sat at the table for meals. Dear Doris brings my meals.

Sept. 8: Sat. Note: No entry for the 8th, Saturday.

Sept. 9: Sun. Sunny, 70 Noon. Dr. McClung, Acts 26, 19 was not disobedient unto the heavenly vision. 50 years ago his first service. Mabel F. and Hi came last eve - "fine"

Sept. 10: Mon. 73 A.M. -- 80 3 P.M. Prayer, Our Father provide us with the strength needful to do thy will in Jesus name. C. R. F. McLennan, Canada.

Sept. 11: Tues. Cool morning, 80 -- 3 P.M. Doris rather used up, Wm. brings my meals. Hope to get them myself soon. Wm. bought cheap baled hay from Mabel Douglas. Mr. D. -- pretty sick but more com fortable now.

Sept. 12: Wed. Very warm. Rolla has the flu. Wm. drawing his pressed hay, 306 bales, from Douglas' barn. Wm. and Doris went to Watertown.

Sept. 13: Thurs. Sunny, 75 A.M. Started getting my meals last night's supper. Rolla went to work. Nice letter from Mabel F. Ps. 68.

Sept. 14: Fri. Rainy A.M. -- 54 P.M. All about as usual here to day. Blessed be the Lord who daily loadeth us with benefits -- (Calendar) Yes.

Sept. 15: Sat. Sunny, Cool A.M. Rev. Minard, Gratitude. Dorcas Ball's birth day, Getting my meals -- Upper Room, Keep a sense of what is vital -- Harry Edwards - Jamaica.

Sept. 16: Sun. Cool, Fair. Dr. McClung, John 8, 31-32 "Crusade for freedom" Methodists used that to day to open campaign in all our churches.

Sept. 17: Mon. Cold last night. 68 P.M. Rev. Moffatt, "Turning points for good." Upper Room -- "Abide in Me" John 10, 7.

Sept. 18: Tues. Cool - "Behold I stand at the door and knock" (Rev. 3,20) picture brought me by Rev. & Mrs. Beach, also flowers & cake. Wm. got me nice groceries and fruit.

Sept. 19: Wed. Cold A.M. -- 76 Am trusting my Saviour, Help me never to lose that trust. Wm. and Leonard threshed at Lewis Buckminster's, A.M. The gospel of Christ brings peace and joy. Abdul Mesih Syria. Give me a cup of cold water -- reward. It is more blessed to give than receive.

Sept. 20: Thurs. Cold night, 78 P.M. Rev. Henry Bridges, Great Bend, The Lord planted a garden, Flowers of love 1 Cor. 13. Wm. & Leonard drawing grain, P.M. Doris helps. Martha & Gladys C. came last eve -- fine.

Sept. 21: Fri. Sunny, 82 P.M. Rev. Bridges, Jesus and the will of God. Our folks are getting ready for threshers to-morrow.

Sept. 22: Sat. Sunny. Warm. Rev. Bridges, "Jesus our example" Wm. & Leonard threshed. Beryl came. Elaine, Gene and Carol came, 4 P.M.

Sept. 23: Sun. Quite cold -- 62 Noon. Asbury, Rev. McClintock, Episopal (exchange), working together for a better world. Elaine went to Pond's about noon. (Lovely to see them.) Mrs. Pond & Ernie came with Elaine 4 P.M.

Sept. 24: Mon. Cold A.M. -- 68 P.M. (3) Rev. J. T. Lunsford, B.R. -- Confidence in Christ. Donald Hasner is not as well.

Sept. 25: Tues. Heavy rain -- 3 P.M. Fair 52 Rev. Niles Ps. 118, 24. Use to day well the best you can and where you are. Dr. Taylor -- Spiritual illumination.

Sept. 26: Wed. Frost last night -- 62 P.M. Rev. Watermulder, "The Master Conductor" "Christ our hope" Keoru Oguro, Japan. Wm. had straw baled. 124 bales.

Sept. 27: Thurs. Cold A.M. -- 72 P.M. Let your light so shine. Our Savior. Leonard baled straw and sold it. 98 bales. Wrote a card to Mabel Fulton.

Sept. 28: Fri. Thunderstorm yesterday -- 52 P.M. In God -- I find strength. Stanley Pitts, So. Africa. Doris and the girls made apple and grape jelly.

Sept. 29: Sat. Frost last night. Rev. John Warren. Matt 5, 43 -- How to make life worth while. Nice letter from Mabel. Wrote a card to Gladys Campbell.

Sept. 30: Sun. Fair. Have a fire now. Dr. McClung, Do this in remembrance of me -- Eric Hoglund (sic), Sweden, In quietness and confidence in God I have my anchor. Isa. 40:28-31. A quiet day so far 4 P.M. -- Doris sent my dinner. Very nice.


Oct. 1: Mon. Fair -- cool nights. 66 P.M. Rev. Barnard, Ps. 13. What's the use of being good? An internal destiny. Wm. is preparing to cut corn.

Oct. 2: Tues. Warmer P.M. Rev. Barnard, Ps. 84 The value of the church to us and to the world. Wm. is cutting corn. Leonard trucking. Rolla at the shop. Doris made chili sauce.

Oct. 3: Wed. 82 at 3 P.M. Rev. Barnard Ps. 90. Lord, Thou hast been our dwelling place. Gave Ddoris my pitcher and glasses with cherries for her birthday Oct. 7.

Oct. 4: Thurs. Summer heat at 84 P.M. Rev. Barnard, Ps. ?, "Sing for God is Lord of all" Leonard is cutting corn for Wm. Wrote card to Dorcas Ball.

Oct. 5: Fri. 86 at 3 P.M. Rev. Barnard, Ps. 103. A psalm of praise. Rosamond phoned from Watertown.

Oct. 6: Sat. Colder -- 52 Noon. Rev. Card, "Blessed are the merciful." Helen's pastor. Thunder storm last night. Elaine is at Mrs. Pond's. Phoned Mabel.

Oct. 7: Sun. Cold rain. Standard church. Mark 14:8. She hath done what she could -- Doris' 48th birthday. Elaine, Gene and Carol here. Chicken dinner in which I shared. "World communion"

Oct. 8: Mon. Wind, showers, P.M. 44 Heard Mrs. Esther B. Case, missionary to Siam 22 yrs. (Standard Mission). All busy but not on the wet land.

Oct. 9: Tues. Fair, 52 P.M. Heard Rev. Roy Cole, Miss. to China 12 years. Sympathize with China. Ina S. and Ethel W. came. Very nice.

Oct. 10: Wed. Fair, 66 P.M. Missionary Roy Cole tells of his (and wife's) work in the Phillipines. Doris got groceries for me. Wm. and boys get ting insilage cutter ready. Rolla having a vacation. Hi and Mabel came about 4 P.M.

Oct. 11: Thurs. 50 P.M. Cloudy. Rev. Kancar, Barbados an Calvary. Our men are filling silo.

Oct. 12: Fri. Fair, 56 P.M. Rev. John Lunsford, 1 Cor. 13:1 Follers of Christ in purity, service, sacrifice. Filling silo again to day. Doris made nice filled cookies.

Oct. 13: Sat. Frost last night, 62 P.M. Rev. John Lunsford, Prov. 20,6. Faith fulness to Christ. Rolla went to Syracuse trucking. Wm. nearly finished silo filling.

Oct. 14: Sun. Fine day. Heard Dr. McClung, How to have inner resources. Matt. 6, 25-34.

Oct. 15: Mon. Another fine day. Rev. Mathews, B. River. The sower. Are we good soil for God's seed? Doris got me a flashlight and nice groceries. Sent card to Helen.

Oct. 16: Tues. Sunny. Let my fire go out. Rev. Rose, Isa. 40:31 "Life with wings" Doris mailed a nice birthday gift package to Elaine, 20th, and Carol, 23rd.

Oct. 17: Wed. Still warm, 76 Noon. Rev. Mathews, The Kingdon of God is the world's heaven. All busy.

Oct. 18: Thurs. Fair - 80 Noon. Cool nights. Rev. Mathews, The beloved physician. Luke says, Glorify your common tasks. Rev. Andrews, All things work for good. Doris got first egg from her 4-1/2 mos. white Wyandotts. She has 206.

Oct. 19: Fri. Cloudy at times, 50 Noon. Rev. Andrews, Be wheat not chaff. A lesson from Jesus' parables. Wm. and Doris played for a Brownville high school party. Hi and Mabel F went with Howard and Blanche R (Robinson) to Dr. DiFlorio's church (Syracuse) last Sunday.

Oct. 20: Sat. Elaine's 27th birthday. Heard Rev. Voterie. Holiness movement -- John 3:3. The new birth. All busy as usual on Saturday. Think Elaine, Gene and Carol will go to Ithaca for Sunday.

Oct. 21: Sun. A pleasant day. Heard Dr. McClung. What is man? Why suffering? Find help in the things that are eternal. Our strength must come daily, from God. Mary L. Wilkinson, India.

Oct. 22: Mon. Pleasant about 70 Noon. Heard Rev. Jockman. Heb. 11,1 Faith. Have faith in Christ. Phoned to Mabel Fulton. A nice visit.

Oct. 23: Tues. Cloudy. 62 Noon. Rev. Jackson. (?) Faith in Christ brings spiritual vision to see. Dear little Carol's 2nd birthday. Wilfred Chapman came last eve.

Oct. 24: Wed. Cloudy -- getting colder. Rev. Jackman. Faith as a grain of mustard seed receives an answer. Wrote cards to Mabel F. & Jean Hynes. Began raining with wind about 3 P.M.

Oct. 25: Thurs. Cloudy, 43 Noon. Rev. Jackman, Faith and prayer help. Doris had her hair done at Watertown. Leonard bought cows from Marvin K. (Kean or Cean).

Oct. 26: Fri. Cool A.M. Warmer P.M. Fair. Rev. Jackman, Sharing faith< with others. Robert Gray, Antwerp, (blind) sang well. Wm. fixed cistern, clipped cows, etc.

Oct. 27: Sat. Fair, 56 degrees Noon. Cloudy, P.M. Rev. & Mrs. Brown, T. I. Park,1 Thes. 5, 19. Do not grieve, resist of quench the Spirit, Songs. Wm. and Doris went to an auction at Marcus Hall's. Also to a Library party in the evening.

Oct. 28: Sun. Cloudy, windy, 40 Noon. Rev. Watermulder, The reward of the spirit is the Word of God. Yesterday was Mabel Fulton's birthday.

Oct. 29: Mon. 44 Noon. Rev. Waters, Keeping God's moral law. Donald Hasner is in the hospital. Wm. and Doris went to George Schweitzer's machinery auction.

Oct. 30: Tues. 50 Noon, Fair. Rev. Pierce, Antwerp, Matt. 6, 27. How tall do you stand spiritually? Leonard has made a new rack for his cattle truck. Wm. and Doris went to W and ordered a new furnace.

Oct. 31: Wed. Storm coming. 3 P.M. wind. Rev. R. D. Pierce, How to give gifts that will endure. (Good) Donald's birthday. He is at the hospital, had teeth drawn. Doris made fudge for Joan to take to school for Halloween party today.


Nov. 1: Thurs. Snow 2 or 3 inches, 29 Noon. Rev. Ford. Matt. 7, 21. Does Christ live here? Wm. has a hard cold.

Nov. 2: Fri. 22 over night low -- More snow P.M. Rev. Waters, A personal experience of God for now & eternity may be ours. Mabel F. phoned for a little visit. Princess Elizabeth and husband spent 2 or 3 days in Washington.

Nov. 3: Sat. 3 inches of snow fell, 28 Noon. Rev. Ford, Heaven and how to reach it. Wrote cards to Ina S and Grace Patrick. Quite comfort able and pleasant here. Wm. working in spite of cold.

Nov. 4: Sun. Dr. McClung used the same text he preached his first sermon from 50 years ago to-day. Rom 1,16. I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ (Good). Unpredicented (sic) snow and cold for the first week in Nov. -- universal.

Nov. 5: Mon. Roads slippery -- snow, cold. Rev. Rose, The value of a good home. Upper Room. Am I a blot as a blessing. A blank we can not be, Clara Bernhard. Boys working. Wm. doing all he can. Doris busy. Girls at school.

Nov. 6: Tues. Cold, 15 last night. Rev. Rose, The value of a christian home. Rolla cast his first vote. Leonard voted. Wm. and Doris went for groceries, etc. and to vote. Mayor Henry Hudson was elected county judge.

Nov. 7: Wed. A cold rain. Rev. Rose, A christian home is the hope of the nation, and world.

Nov. 8: Thurs. Cloudy, About 30 Rev. Rose, Matt. 18,21 Forgive if you would be forgiven. Rec'd a nice letter and Upper Room from Loretta. Letter from Lulu Scott.

Nov. 9: Fri. Fair, 40 -- 3 P.M. Rev. Rose. Deut 22, 8 Building a home. Elaine and Carol have had colds. Rolla bought a coupe of Seymour Wallace.

Nov. 10: Sat. Fair, 45 A.M. Rev. Stoddard, "Making a peaceful world" Card from Mabel -- phoned. Boys drew cheese boxes. Rest went to an auction at Honeyville.

Nov. 11: Sun. Fair, 40 Noon. Dr. McClung. "Armistice Day" Deut. 6,12 What are you going to do with my world? Guard well your heritage. Doris sent me nice dinner.

Nov. 12: Mon. 22 last night, low 54 to day. Rev. Malabar, Gen. 25 What do we hand on to our prosperity. Influence, etc. Allen Flanders said his mother died.

Nov. 13: Tues. Around 50 Rev. Malabar, Gen. 25, 34. Do not sell your birth right -- good name, etc. Leonard is getting coons besides his farm work. Rolla is at the shop. No peace agreement yet in Korea.

Nov. 14: No entry.

Nov. 15: Thurs. Around 50 Fair. Rev. Malabar, Gen. 25, 11 Jacob's ladder. The value of little things. Good. Card from Harold Peck. Quiet day.

Nov. 16: Fri. Rain A.M. 35 -- Rain & snow P.M. 32 Rev. Van Ornum, John 14, 8. Show us the Father. Story of a girl and a cruel cross. Wm.'s new 27 inch furnace came this P.M. Leonard sold 4 cows.

Nov. 17: Sat. Snow flurries. 29 Noon. Rev. Van Ornum. Prov. 4. Choose well your path with God. Theresa and Plessis.

Nov. 18: Sun. Around 29 -- Snow flurries. My father and mother were married 85 yrs. ago to day by Isaac Turney. Dr. McClung, Luke 12,21. Treasure for himself not rich toward God. Upper Room. Thanksgiving.

Nov. 19: Mon. 25 Noon. Snow flurries. Rev. Fowler (Ev. Mills) Pray and trust God's answer. It may be, wait. Good.

Nov. 20 Tues. Some flurries 23 Noon. Rev. Fowler. Trust God but work with Him. The town is making a road ditch for Leonard's farm water system for buildings. Wm. bought a turkey for Thanksgiving. God's love like a greenhouse for shelter. U. Room. Theodosia E. Fenner, Oklahoma.

Nov. 21: Wed. Fair, 10 over night, 32 P.M. Rev. Fowler, God helps but we must chose right from wrong. Fine. Rev. & Mrs. Beach brought Sunshine box. Gene, Elaine & Carol came.

Nov. 22: Thurs. 36 Noon. Rev. Fowler. Story of John Wesley's rescue. Had turkey Thanksgiving dinner with family and a birthday cake. Doris, Wm. & girls went to see Donald Hasner.

Nov. 23: Fri. Thawing. Rev. Fowler, Respond straightway to God's call. Girls and I begin opening packages. Wrote to class. Mabel D., Ethel W. and Peck.

Nov. 24: Sat. Fair 30 Noon. U. Room. Phil 4:13. God has saved me to this day. What am I doing with my life. H. D. Appenseller, Korea. Wm., D. & Joan went to McPhail party. Shirley & I had party.

Nov. 25: Sun. Fair About 30 Noon. Rev. Watermulder, Re-dedication service. Doris sent me chicken, biscuit & gravey (sic).

Nov. 26: Mon. Some snow, rain & sleet. 30 Rev. Eddy. The story of Zacherias. Mabel and Hi came for nice visit.

Nov. 27: Tues. 6 above overnight low. Rev. Eddy. Zacherias prophecy of Christ. This is my 84th birthday and it is fine. Mr. & Mrs. Pond came. Helen and Clinton brought 10 cans of food, cards, candy.

Nov. 28: Wed. Milder -- 32 Noon. Rev. Eddy, "Mercy" The duet of Mary & Zacherias. Phoned to Mabel. Enjoy these days.

Nov. 29: Thurs. 8 overnight -- 26 A.M. Rev. Eddy, Luke 1. The Magnificat Good.

Nov. 30: Fri. Fair Rev. Eddy. Luke 2:29 Simon sees Jesus. Receiving nice mail -- one from Rosamond. Opening & enjoying packages from Sunshine box. Wm. working at furnace, spare time. Beginning to plan for Christmas.


Dec. 1: Sat. Fair, 40 A.M. They call this Indian summer. Upper Room. Phil. 1:2. Have a church in your home. Where love is, God is. James H. Laird, Mass. Myrtle Adams is with her sister, Rose, in Ala. and I answered her letter. I am enjoying these days. Shirley, Joan and I select packages from the Sunshine box and sometimes ahre them.

Dec. 2: Sun. Fair, 46 Noon. Rev. Watermulder. The four gospels. Mark, the lion; Matt., the man; Luke, the sacrificial calf; John, the eagle, show the fullness of Christ. Doris sent me a turkey dinner.

Dec. 3: Mon. Fair, 48 Noon. Rev. Frye, Rom. 13:8 --Prepare your hearts and live for the "Advent" of Christ. Wm. & Doris went shopping for themselves and for me. Have started Christmas letters & cards to distant relatives & friends. Pine Camp is to be CampDrum.

Dec. 4: Tues. Fair. Rev. Frye. II Cor. 3:2 You are a letter from Christ. Wm. & D went to Farmer's last eve.

Dec. 5: Wed. Rain, A.M. 3 P.M., Rain 42 -- Rev. Frye. Ps. 46 Be still for quiet thought. Quiet day. Writing Christmas mail.

Dec. 6: Thurs. Rain at night. 51 Rev. Frye, Luke 18:3-41 What do we want? Wrote to Mrs. B. G. Miller, Folt's Home.

Dec. 7: Fri. Thunder storm, 6 A.M. -- 50 P.M. Rev. Frye. Be thoughtful for others. Invite Christ to your Christmas. All the family busy as usual.

Dec. 8: Sat. A little cooler -- fair. Cooler weather predicted. Am writing and receiving Christmas mail. Heard Mrs. Nelson Vorce from W.C.T.U. Mabel Fulton called on the phone. Wm., Doris and Joan went to a card party at Mrs. Mearands (sic). Leonard bought twelve heifers.

Dec. 9: Sun. Rain A.M. & P.M. U. R. Unto the upright there ariseth light in the darkness. Ps. 112:4 Grace Getman, Ind. Henry Douglas died last night. Wm. & Doris went to Watertown with Mrs. Douglas, P.M. Elaine, Gene and Carol came P.M.

Dec. 10: Mon. Around freezing. Cloudy. Dr. McClung. Prayer, Communion with God. Wm. bought a new overcoat and hat and Doris a new coat. All very nice.

Dec. 11: Tues. Colder. Dr. McClung, Unanswered prayers. Joan is home with a cold.

Dec. 12: Wed. Sunny, 23 A.M. Dr. McClung, "Intercessory prayer" Mabel called. She has a virus cold. Wm. and Doris went to Henry Doug las funeral. Mabel sent me flowers.

Dec. 13: Thurs. Overnight low Zero, 15 Noon. Dr. McClung. Prayer & service, etc. Cards from Rev. DiFlorio's & Grace Post.

Dec. 14: Fri. A.M. A cold day 4 at night. Dr. McClung. The practice of prayer. Good. All busy at Wm.'s. Phoned to Mabel. Dr. L. -- was there to day. Better but must keep quiet a few days.

Dec. 15: Sat. Cold. 13 Noon. Receiving and sending Christmas cards. Doris' pullets lay about 10 to 11 dozen eggs a day. Wm. & Doris went to Watertown. Had a nice lunch 9 P.M. from Doris.

Dec. 16: Sun. 9 below 7 A.M. Rev. Watermulder, Christmas in story and song. Colder weather coming. Doris brought pumpkin pie. Wm., Doris and girls went to Ethel Pecks.

Dec. 17: Mon. Five feet of snow and low temperature closed schools & businesses. Leonard tried to get to his farm with one of Wm.'s horses but could not. Radio gave the Times news. O. K. here.

Dec. 18: Tues. More snow. Rev. Potter. The song of Mary. Snow plow went through P.M. Tillie Paul is dead -- fine woman.

Dec. 19: Wed. Low overnight about 10 below. Rev. Watermulder, Luke 2:8 -- O come all ye faithful -- subject of meditation. Very cold wind. Mail came, 18 cards.

Dec. 20: Thurs. Snow, 8 below overnight. Rev. Watermulder, Talk on hymn, O Little town of Bethlehem.....81 years ago. Rolla came home P.M. Took Wm. and Doris to W -- got tree, etc.

Dec. 21: Fri. Rain 34 Noon. Rev. Watermulder. Silent Night 133 years ago. Phoned to Mabel. She is still confined to her home. Mrs. Scott at Nursing Home. The girls are trimming the tree.

Dec. 22: Sat. Winter, Snow 20 Noon. Rev. Barnard, "A slender yellow candle," God gave the first Christmas gift. A severe snowstorm with wind lasted all day. No mail. Just try to keep comfortable. Wm. busy.

Dec. 23: Sun. Snow snow 20 Noon. Heard Watertown Male Chorus and a talk by Bernard Gray at High school. Snow plow came 9 A.M. Dr. Weatherhead said, Jesus stepped out of the stained glass windows into His heart."

Dec. 24: Mon. Rev. Camillus (?), Greek Orthodox. Christ's birth, the wise men, Herrod's treachery. Elaine, Gene and Carol came about 7 P.M.

Dec. 25: Tues. 20 A.M. P.M. Some snow. Rev. Camillus & Luke's story of Jesus' birth. Snow & cold on the battlefront in Korea. Was at the Christmas dinner and tree with many gifts at Wm.'s. Another tree this P.M. for Carol at Pond's. Clinton and Helen came with a basket of fruit from them and Nina and Cliff.

Dec. 26: Wed. Fair 15 A.M. 20 sunny. Rev. Camillis. Everywhere, Christmas to night. Phoned to Martha P. and to Mabel F.

Dec. 27: Thurs. Fair 15 A.M. 11 Noon. Dear Aunt Lottie would have been 100 yrs. old to day. Died 20 yrs. ago yesterday. Shirley sick. Wm. working but not well.

Dec. 28: Fri. Last night's low 14 below. Geo. Reed (Montana), Jesus took short steps that we might follow. Upper Room. Finished my Christmas mail, I think. Cold day.

Dec. 29: Sat. Fair 28 A.M. Upper Room, Francisco S. Galves, Philippines. World War II. Emmanuel, God with us. Snow plow came P.M. Wm. & Doris went to W -- for groceries, etc. P.M. and to Mabel Douglas' in the evening.

Dec. 30: Sun. 36 A.M. Ps. 71:6 I will go in the strength of the Lord. Asbury. Rev. David Pohl (?) Hitch your wagon to a star. Student preach er. Put concrete foundations under your dreams. Wm. & Doris went to Martin's in evening.

Dec. 31: Mon. Fair, 34 Noon. Rev. Wakeman, Luke 17, 10 lepers. One gave thanks. Show gratitude in 1952. Phoned to Mabel and to Mrs. Loreth (?).

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