Brownville, Jefferson County, N. Y.
(March 1932 thru February 9, 1934)

(exactly as written)

These entries were found in the back of a diary written by
William R. Gladwyn - a diary started in 1916. Mr. Gladwyn ceased writing in his diary in about 1923. Mr. Gladwyn died in 1929 -- Mrs. Gladwyn picks up her part in March of 1932 (nearly three years after the death of Mr. Gladwyn) and continued until 1934. Mrs. Gladwyn passed away in the mid to late 1940's - possibly about 1947.

Mrs. Gladwyn and her daughter, Bessie, lived on Main Street in Brownville, a few houses west of the Village of Glen Park. She and her daughter attended the Brownville Methodist Church. The immediate family mentioned in the diary includes her step-daughter and husband, Minnie Gladwyn Conklin and Herbert Conklin, her step-grandson and his wife, William and Doris Conklin, and their children, Elaine, Leonard and Rolly Conklin, all of whom lived on the Conklin Farm off Paddy Hill behind what is now the Watertown Airport.


1 9 3 2

March 5              Began to snow about 6 P M sunday eve snowed most 4 day Cold 10 below at 7 AM.

March 13             came home and built fire went to marjorie to dinner the first meal I ever took with her and Ray.

March 15             over two weeks cold weather snow over 1 foot around here at home. snow was deeper thermometer at 28 above at night.

March 17             miss sheldon here we called at mrs. O found George McCarthy there hazel white sam (3)(?) nice day themomter about 50 above.

March 18             about 25 deg. at 6 a.m. got about 1 inche of snow through the night. got a letter from Bessie said some of the road blocked there.

March 19             was a nice day yesterday was to go to A D to day but stormed this morning now at ten look like rain themoner (sic) almost 40 above at 5 PM thermometer 34 above colder has been a funny day snow winds East sunshine and snow again

March 20              sunday a nice day but cold about 20 or 22 above in morning miss sheldon here Mr. & Mrs. Wallace here to have me go to church with them

March 21             a cold night. wind NE was about 2 above is gray snow in evening changing to rain

March 22             about 28 or 30 Ice storm snow about 5 in

March 23             about 25 or so a fine day went to town Earl brought me home

March 24             a little snow just like feathers the rest of day nice

March 26             26 at night emptied coal bin to day

March 27             sunday a gray day but pleasant alone all day

March 28             Cool NE wind about 28 all day snowy all day bad storm at Carthage Utk (?)

March 29             temp about 40 above at noon fair all day

March 30             50 at 10 A M wind south

March 31             Wind S.W. rain above 40


April 4             fine day going to AD Ida Mae was here over the week end. Apr bad till to day in the twenties this morning.


December 24             1932 - was at Mr. Smiths for 2 Hours was nice all day a little cloudy toward night -- about 4 oclock a little sprinkle. at six rained hard miss sheldon here

December 25             Christmas day a very fine day. tempature 60 above at noon Bessie & I alone. Wilfred will take his dinner here. is a lovely day. toward evening was more like a christmas as sabbath day. in evening the Knapp was here & Judy & Adaline and little Ann did not stay long. then Marcia Pettie came Willfred took Bessie for a ride & mr wallace and wife came about 3 n morning the wind came in Puffs. was south west. saturday night - wind was south to a west -- very strong a gale in some places too off roof house in Adams

December 26             (Monday) - today is a holiday but we washed a cold wind had to dry clothes, wind strong a S west to west at noon cloudy but cleared at noon nice afternoon sunshine was not much wind at 4 P M tempe 35 above

December 27             white frost, dark till most 9 a.m. then sunshine till noon about 35 degrees ground no frozen very much wind south but very strong gentle Cloudy in afternoon Heard Mr. Ross was sent back to State Hospital again has been gone 2 weeks Grandma Pettit not very good.

December 28              cloudy all fore noon sun shine afternoon temperature in the 30’s, at one time neear 40 another white frost Grace Smides W. Yatt and miss sheldon here

December 29             a very nice day all day temperature most 50 degrees in afternoon -- heavy white frost on ground and in air till most nine o’clock in morning Mr Smith at Carthage to the Mathews funeral he said there was about thirties ministers there Mrs Smith not very good Bessie down Ingerson to day they think there was a slight earthquake last night 11:30 PM Heard down to Ingerson

December 30             nice this morning temperature 38 degrees and at 3 o’clock was 46 degrees has been cloudy not much air stiring. have been looking for rain. have had 3 Hard White frosts one right after the other Sadie and Wilfred here for supper Wilfred went to Ona and ____ Lyman White & wife rain at 4:30 P M and all night

December 31             the day cloudy rainy all night temperature 34 degrees this morning and to night is 6 above zero at 830 snowed a little to day Mrs. Farrington here to night the last day of year 1932 is going out cold God has been good to us wind s east quite strong been a Good year.





January 1             New Years day cold down to zero wind north east in morning shifting toward noon raw, damp & chily the rest of the day sun shone in afternoon Mrs. Hayes up from Dexter said Dexter all burning up will not know till we get the paper Tuesday how bad Wilfred took dinner with us, was here when Mr & Mrs. Wallace came

January 2             cold wind temperatare 30 or 34 in morning warmer toward night Theda & Wilfred here no one else here through the day wind south to a west Sun shone in afternoon

January 3             temp 30 in morning and not much wind till noon then now and then a puff at noon came sunshine a fine day so far temp at noon 41 miss sheldon here then going to the missionary meeting at miss Fowlers was at mrs Pettits she is doing better I think colder toward night

January 4             a fine day temp 41 in morning went to Dr in morning for some medicine then went to marjorie she was glad to see me William & D was here in even was so glad to see them he is looking better than he did, heard Bessie say temp 46 about 5 PM oclock

January 5              cool N West wind - temp 34 in morning Mrs. Hayes sick with gripe as Flo Bessie went to dinner with Grace. Calvin Coolridge (sic) died very sudden to day

January 6             temp 38 degrees was with Mrs. Hayes all night some better this morn at night 41 d degrees Mr. Smith want me to come up monday so he can go to Preacher meeting up town Mrs. H. better I am glad Ma___ has her to night.

January 7             temperature 44 in morning at noon 48 wind S to West toward night began to get colder with wind changing to North with a little rain & in evening a little snow I staid with Mrs. Hayes cold night monroe's birthday to day Coollideg Burried to day

January 8             A Sabbath morning cold about 8 a.m. 9 above zero sun shine about 10:30 or eleven a m a cloud part over with a few flakes of snow from then a gray day. to night Edna with her mother had a birthday dinner with Hamilton Bell Mrs. Hayes Brother she felt bad not to go Had looked fore ward for some time to go sunday night a sprinkling of snow cold, warmer at night

January 9             temp 40 to 42 through the day was a raw night - a little misty through the day almost a rain but not quite with Mrs. Smith about 6 hours he was at a ministers meeting K Lee took me up there Mr. Smith & Mrs. Smith brought me home Mrs. Doolittle called to day. School began again the first since Christmas it seem good to see some of William folks again

January 10             temp 30 in morning a raw wind toward the South to night -- blows quite hard should think it was South now at eight

January 11             temp 41 in morning in afternoon 48 but dark and dreary with some rain

January 12             temp 25 wind South West Miss sheldon here for supper is cold to night the temperature is about 18 at 9 oclock Wilfred here for dinner yesterday & to day mills running only 2 day a week made bread today

January 13             friday temp 30 Grace D Wyatt here to dinner was a nice day C K Parker called to day temp 36 at night

January 14             been another nice day had to go to town for my shoes I had fixed saw Tilla she is with Laura got a letter from Jenny & Michel they are not very well temp at night 10 oclock 28 degrees above

January 15             to day another nice day temp about 34 at night 40 deg. at 9 quite a long day Wilfred said was talking with a man from Arizona he said driver through in 4 day was like summer

January 16             temp 36 a fine morning was at Mrs. Smiths she was not very good he was at Watertown Preacher meeting $1.00 got the insurance give a divident of $4.00 for my Policy & $2.00 on Bessie's it seems good to get a little on them.

January 17             dark morning temperature 41 got up to 48 dark all day. washed put the line out door one came down was drying all day. William after Elaine he said all had cold in his side of the house Glenn there sick

January 18             a nice morning temp 18 Bessie going to town she went to Knapps they are well. was not dark at 5 oclock show the days are longer nice all day temp warmer with rain before morning still

January 19             Thursday warm temp 40 rainy with quite a strong wind from the south east changing to south west at night -- Bessie paid tax to day miss sheldon & Mrs. Hayes here, at night Wilfred came to put Boldt Castle to gether

January 20             Friday some Cloudy with a Keen wind had to be out in. Missionary Meeting at Parsonage 9 there with Mrs. Mills

January 21             was a nice day temperature ran from 40 to 50 through the day. was a temping (?) one long to go some where Bessie down to Ingerson Mr. Smith called

January 22             did not set up till 8:30 was cloudy beginning about 10 oclock to rain from North with some snow have to go up to Smiths to stay with Mrs. Smith She was not to bad to day

January 23             Monday tempt 32 in morning, at 1 oclock 50 at seven at night was 38 today was Bessie's birthday was her 47 year it was a very cold Saterday morning the coldest of that year 1886 those were happy day then Bessie had some callers through the day

January 24             Tuesday was a fine day must been along about 30 did not look was over to Grandma Pettit and found her looking fine but Mattie look bad Called on Mrs. Ross she was not feeling well thought she was coming down with a cold

January 25             temp 18 another nice morning but a heavy white frost yet at eight oclock. Still not much wind Miss Sheldon took supper with us. Eva here for money on chicken pie supper for the M E Church tem 40

January 26             temp 32 Cloudy till noon but nice temp at noon 40 still, no wind

January 27             Friday temp 22 a nice morning and still cold wind began from the north east about 9 oclock wind all day but got up to 40 or so at night about 32 got a little snow at night Wilfred & Bessie went to Fultons and spent the evening. Mrs. Hayes came home from Mayne to day.

January 28             temp about 30 all day at night 36 a cold N east wind I went to town was nice to get around no snow

January 29             tem 17 at 8 oclock about 20 all day with a cold NE wind Bessie and I alone all day must try and write Mrs H & Minnie to night Sun a nice fairly nice day but cold raw wind north east cold at night some thing like 22 or lower

January 30             Monday was a nice day not so cold we washed Elaine came early to wish me a happy Birthday She brought me a nice piece of cake she had baked a nice note from Doris they are most all sick with these colds Elaine staid all night with us read in the paper that Aunt Hannah Hired woman was found dead in bed this morning must have been some shock to Aunt Hannah

January 31             Tuesday temp 32 with clouds some mist --- freezing became quite slipery was real cloudy & dark at noon, but clouds lifted before two o'clock and sun shone had a nice l letter from Mabel


February             January Cloudy and a little sunshine between 30 & 40, afternoon 48 could not say if Highes. rain toward night Man ran over the curb on Corner got the car out on it own power man not hurt William here Minnie's lung bleeding again Doris is having trouble again with her head

February 2             Thursday A dark cloudy morning temp 37 at eight ground very soft rain & sun in afternoon temp 34 at ten at night William stoped this morning brought the sheets & Pillow cases to wash Minnie up this morning & Doris head felt a little better Miss Sheldon here

February 3             a Friday temp 24 with a sprinklin of snow still wind in west had a few snow flakes this morning at noon the temp 30 with sun shining, before 4 oclock was squally and sun shone a little while temp got up to 32 through the day at night at 8 had droped to 24 nice night Bert here to day he thought Minnie was better wood have to be carefull the Hermerage was caused by coughing so hard Bert looks bad but he has to keep going Doris not very good yet William & Elaine went to town today B & W at Puzzle Well guess I am as bad. sit up till most 1 o'clock to get puzzle to gather but it was Pretty when it was done

February 4             temp this morning 20 at night -- at 8 at 9 oclock sun shone this morning was a fine morning but about eleven or so clouded over and was the rest of the day Ina & George had the Knapps here to day Cold wind north East

February 6             was down to zero this morning at 6 got ready to wash but did not get at it very early but was not very big wind to south west Piercing Cold. Elaine & Mrs. Mouldy here Mr. Dano & Granddaughter hurt in auto accident this morning dont think bad temp to night 26 at 9.00

February 7             Tuesday temp 32 in morning at noon 40 wind is east raw but not bad Wilfred at dinner Mrs. Wiseman to be burried on Wednesday Mr. & Mrs. Wallace here for a call Annie Keichel here they came to see Dano met him going to see Thelma so Perin and his folks turned back and Annie came and made a call she is looking fine wind came up between 8 & 9 blew a gale for a little while had some rain

February 8             Wed temp 32 at 8 was 40 above dark morning began to get colder about 830 and a cold air.little spiting of snow till about 3 then at 4 began to get colder and snow about 3 inches at 8 oclock

February 9             was a cold night was 16 below at 730 was at Mouldy & Hayes to see if Mrs. Roberts was going to the Cardineal funeral an awful day for a funeral snow & blew so could not see the next house was the very worse the funeral hour Elaine staid with us

February 10             themo 12 above at 6 was quite a bit of snow to shvl all through the day should think their was a foot of snow. but not much on the state road but Mrs. Hayes & I have got l lots to shovel it comes across the road from the cross street when the wind is just right and fall on us and drift. William came at noon for Elaine said the road was bad Minnie note said they was coming on good now Had a nice letter from Michel & Jennie temp to night is 16 above with some wind.

February 11             Sat temp between 20 & 30 but fairly good day with little squals all day. Mabels Birthday Miss Sheldon came up has a cold brought up the papers. S. S.

February 12             temp 8 below this is the sabbath day nice this morning with the sun shining. but may be storm before night as at 930 the clouds over for a minute or so then out again How I wish I could go to church day parted quiuckly Mrs. Hayes here talking of going to Adams the last of week Wilfred came for a while temp at 10 16 above cush (cause) quick changes

February 13             temp 20 at 7 with wind South east but fair look like storm wind quite strong

February 14             temp in the 30 all day warm rain just drizzling most all day temp 35 to night got a nice letter from Edith she is geting 10 cts a doz for Egg We paid 19 last week Wilfred & Bessie Puzzeling to night Theda & Joda here to borrow puzzle

February 15             temp 29 to night 18 a little Flury of snow is quite a lot of water this morning at nine but was ice first so it was slipery water came across walk and over the step and down walk to house Mrs. Fulton & Ethel Sheldon here Mrs. McCarthy real sick some of the children sent Home from school with sore throats

February 16             Thursday temp at 7 14 above but a very nice morning Just a real winter day if we had snow have a little Just a little wind spinnes about 6 oclock We was eating supper Wilfred took supper with us

February 17             Friday temp at noon 40 a very fine day a little snow in morning about nine cleared up Mrs. Hayes went to Adams to day

February 18             Bessie shoveled this morning may be a inch was a good day and still was on sick list wanted us & Wilfred to go over for the day but was not so I could go but the young folks went I have enjoyed the day. was such a beautiful day made me happy. Ida May here for a few moments on way home has a hard cold. Doris came this eve when the folk came was glad to see her. she is real nervous I hope she did not take a cold.

February 20             Monday this is michel's birthday I think 81 had wind last night & rain Bessie said Thunder & lightning but I did not hear it the back part of the house did not tremble as it did before Mouldey fixed it temp at 40 was this morning at 8

February 21             sick with a cold

February 22             just a little better to day the lives is bad Wilfred worked 3 days this week Elaine here to night -- she is a happy girl a bomb went through the Watertown Post Office they seemed to think it was mailed at town and went to Washington for Rosevelt came undone in mail and was found. the second attemp on Rosevelt


March 3             Vera Barrett Lovelands little girl hurt monday run in the bus hurt her head to day is friday she is coming to to day the Dr say he has some hopes of her. to day was caller day I guess as there was 4 or 5 here even Bert was here a few minutes he says Minnie is coughing quite a bit

March 4             to day is a new President and Hoover goes out a great man --- what will the new one be (blank)

March 8             Wed saw by the paper to night -- that Vera little girl is coming out of the coma she has been in but has not spoken yet Bank all over the US not open for business but ever one seems calm a hard time

March 9             Thursday a cold windy day with some snow

March 10             temp 14 in morning 8 at night at 10

March 11             a fine day in morning in afternoon a little wind west saw that Vera Little girl was still in coma Seem to know what they say but does not talk great earthquake in California begane to snow in afternoon march weather all right -- snow squalls & wind

March 12             Aunt Hannah birthday my mother has been dead ten years. Aunt Hannah is 97 or 6 the only one of her Fathers Family left. a nice morning have about 4 inches of snow Sunday was a nice day and was cloudy William & Doris came to see if Bessie & Wilfred would not go over and spend the afternoon and have supper with them. Minnie has been sick with a cold and gathering in her head but is better but says her head pain yet like another gathering Leonard has had a gathering in his head Bessie say there is snow from the hill way over to Berts and all around there but the roads are bad. Wilfred say they go one way then the other way then up he think it is about six miles over there now


The Last Sunday of June 1933

Bessie & Wilfred over to Williams to go on a picnic it is very warm about 94 out door and in the House is 82 in living room. in bed room 86 in kitchen is 80 at four o'clock I guess ever one gone away dont see any of neighbors ever thing shut tight but lots of travel I wanted to go to church & S S but was to hot I could not walk it in sun. Not much air stiring close. The yard is all burned dryed up if a lited match was droped would be all a fire. I wonder if there was a fire how many firemen would be around. is a little cloudy we need a rain so much. We try and Keep the garden wet till it does rain got it in late so has not done any thing yet the first planting of seed some has not come at all peas is not doing any thing very poor and I can not work around them as it is needed. I did think I would go to church to night.


November 12             It has been a queer summer was a very Hot Summer. but was peculiar. while so hot and not any rain the ground was quite moist. things did not die as they do some years the garden was put in late did not do very good but got quite a few things from it after all but it was very late. got the rest of our vegtable from Ethel Toombs was down to 6 above at 7 or 7:30.

November 19             Was past 40 monday but colder this morning was about 30 to ten o clock tonight it is colder with some snow have had some cold weather the fore part of month changeable from warm to cold got below zero and was damp seemed colder than it realy was

December 25             Christmas day It is not very cold themomter stand about 20 to 25 yesterday (Sunday) was glad to see the boys. they have nice children Bert and Minnie did not come Minnie has cold and her Head feels bad to night is cold in our house. it never used to be so. but is better than was a year ago.

December 27 clear & cold wind N east all day was stormy yesterday with wind N East 4 below the themomter is 16 below to night at 9:30. Wilfred over a while this evening

December 28             Warmer this morning about 20 or so awful storm snow could not see road but is cold to night 16 below at 930 PM Mrs. Charles Parker died to day a good woman she will be missed

December 29             Friday clear & cold (Jack pounded all night) 42 below this morning to night the Themomter is slowly rising at 9 24 deg. below was 30 at six

December 30             Saturday _______?______ so last night as the night before 20 deg. below been a nice Winter day Evans House burned to day from over Heated furance Mrs. Parker laid to rest to day.

December 31             Sundy temp 25 deg. above rainy wind South West to night is 49 deg. above



January 1             New Years day a rainy day temp 32 deg. above wind south about Noon changed around to north east icy rain changing to snow before night the themoter stands about 12 above zero at 7 o clock

January 2             Tuesday a cuting wind with a little snow till about 9 A M clearing then. wind gradual growing not so strong cold to hang up clothes. William here a few minutes Elaine came to school not any

January 3             Wed cold raw wind N. East Bessie went to town. 3 above zero. to night 8 above. paper say slowly rising temperature with snow has snowed a little most all day like frost coming down Mrs. Hayes & Mrs. Farriington here Pastor called at the door

January 4             Cold zero day. 2 above zero in morning wind N East tax day

January 5             was 25 above zero at 8 A M a little rain by spell all day real icy Lizzie Parker died r real sudden to day will be burried Monday McCargar came to night supper & breakfast & bed

January 6             Saterday then 40 degrees as about that all day Dark and a gloomy day. I think we had a little rain in the night

January 7             sunday To day was Brother Monroe birthday a little fog in fore noon then got clear but was a gloomy day all the same

January 8             Monday a warm day themometer 40 to 30 all day wind south west rain with a few flakes Lizzie laid away to day

January 9             Tuesday themometer stand at 36 deg. above all day a small bit of snow in after noon Miss Sheldon here in afternoon she helped quilt got a letter from Edith they are better

January 10             Wed See by the paper to night that Michel Thomas died last night. the themometer was about 28 to night

January 11             temp 2 dark gloomy day wind west to north west

January 12             Minnie came and staid here with the boys while the Family went to Michel funeral Bessie said he looked good. Jennie sick in bed not a cold day

January 13             was a fair day till till afternoon snow and slush, got colder toward night



February 9             We are having some very cold weather. Now to night the themomter is 18 below. very cold & damp with wind toward S. W. the wind is mostly N to NE the most of time for over a week.


Typist’s Note: This is the end of what I believe to be the diary of Anna Getman Walts Gladwyn (the second wife of William R. Gladwyn - they married in 1903). Remember, these entries were found in the back of W. R. Gladwyn's diary. She may have had other diaries, but I do not have them. The last two pages of this ledger type book were written in a different handwriting and one I recognize as being that of Bessie Walts Chapman -- (she married Wilfred, who is mentioned in previous text). She was the daughter of William and Anna Getman Gladwyn and I think she may have passed away before her mother in the mid-1940's. I know that I was about 6 or 7 at the time. Bessie had no children.



December 25             56 deg. above Zero at 2 P. M. nice day Sun shining

December 26             48 degrees above zero at noon - Rain beginning around noon

December 27             44 degrees above zero at noon - Rain - Foggy - a dark, dreary day

December 28             46 degrees above zero at noon - Heavy Rain - Foggy - Dark Day

December 29             40 degrees above zero at noon -- Heavy Rain -- Dark dreary day

December 30             44 degrees above zero at noon - Some Rain - 36 degrees at 8:30 P. M. Dark day

December 31             30 degrees above zero at noon - Cold Wind - Snow during night




January 1             28 degrees Cloudy

January 2             36 degrees at noon - Snow, Rain during night

January 3             40 degrees at noon - Snow, rain

January 4             40 degrees at noon - 27 degrees at 9 P. M. Snow stopped & started again Fair until 5; began to snow and blow.

January 5             Cloudy - Light Snow

January 6             30 degrees at noon - 0 degrees at 9:30 P. M. Cloudy -- some snow clear in P. M.

January 7             0 degrees at 8 A. M. 21 degrees at noon.

January 8             4 degrees below at 7 A. M.

January 9             2 degrees below at 7 A. M.

January 10             20 degrees above at 7 A. M.

January 11             26 degrees at 7 A. M. Cold, east wind -- Fair & Clear.

January 12             Cloudy, Snow flurries

January 13             Clear, cold north wind Sunshine

January 14             22 degrees below at 7 A. M. 9 deg. above at noon - Sunshine Clear, cold, east

January 15             4 degrees below at 7 A. M. Clear, little sunshine - cold, east wind

January 16             10 degrees above at 7 A. M. 20 deg. above at 8 P. M. Cloudy cold east wind

January 17             22 deg. above at 7 A. M. 40 deg. above at 8 P. M. Cloudy - Rain at night

January 18             43 deg. above at 7 A. M. Rain nearly all day - 36 deg. at 9 P. M. Snow

January 19             26 degrees above at 9:30 - Clear, raw wind 14 deg. at 6:30 P. M.

January 20             4 degrees above at 7 A. M. Clear, raw west wind

January 21             12 degrees above at 7 A. M. - Snow and Sunshine Cloudy, raw southwind - 9:30 P. M. 30 deg.

January 22             30 degrees Cloudy, Rain at night 9 P. M. 40 degrees

January;23             30 degrees above at 7 A. M. Partly Clear, some snow

January 24             thru the 28th - Raw East wind most of time during day

January 29             30 degrees above at 7 A. M. Cloudy, snow, 16 degrees below at 9:30, 23 degrees below at 2 A. M.

January 30             1 degree below 7 A. M. Cloudy, snow, 16 degrees above at 8:30 P. M.

January 31             Cloudy, West wind 14 degrees above at 9 P. M.


February 1             5 degrees below 7 A. M. Clear, Sun - 30 degrees above at 10 P. M.

February 2             26 degrees above 9:30 A. M. Sun out late in P. M. Cloudy, Snow 8 degrees above at 9:30 P. M.

February 3             24 degrees above 7 A. M. - Snow flurries

February 7             40 degrees above 7 A. M. 50 degrees at noon Hard rain turning to snow in eve

February 8             30 degrees above 7 A. M. Snow and wind. Worst storm this winter 26 degrees - 10:30 P. M.

February 9             Lots of snow

February 10            10 degrees below 7 A. M. Warmer - Cold wind - Clear

February 11            23 degrees above 7 A. M. Cloudy some snow. 16 degrees above 9:30

February 13            Not very cold, but a raw wind. Slushey

February 14            Hard rain in evening

February 15            Fair 26 degrees above at 2 P. M.

March 13                 6 degrees below zero at 6 A. M. Fair & bright 38 degrees above at 12.

April 20                   85 degrees in day. Rain & thunder in evening 58 degrees at 9:15 P. M.

April 21                   48 degrees in day, 40 degrees at night




Typist’s Note: I believe Bessie Walts Chapman, who wrote the last segment, procured a job at what was called Bigwood's Store in Brownville. As I recall, she became a bookkeeper for the store. The store was an old fashioned dry goods store and going there was a unique experience -- a great memory -- because stores of that type were soon to fade out. I cannot remember when Bigwood’s closed its doors. I believe Bigwood’s carried less stock compared with the Bee Hive Store, a store like Bigwood’s, on Court Street in Watertown, N. Y. The Bee Hive, I believe, closed in the early 1960’s. While on the subject, does anyone recall the Stokes Dry Goods Store in Sackets Harbor, N. Y.? It was on the same plan as the two previously mentioned stores. I used to go into the Stokes’ store when I was in high school -- all by myself, just as I went into the Bee Hive Store every day in Watertown, in the years I worked as a secretary in Watertown (1956-1959). I was never rich enough to buy those Franciscanware dishes that appeared on my wishlist as a result of my daily visits to the Bee Hive. (by Shirley - typist and sitehost)

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