Listed By Township - Jefferson County, N. Y.

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All County & Inter-County:

The Red Morning, September 1881
New  The Gouverneur Morris home at Natural Dam
A Collection of Pieces About the Fishing Business
Three Articles Written by Richard C. Ellsworth  Regarding Early Roads In the North Country
Hotels and Half-Way Houses - (2 clippings)
An Old Stage Coach Tavern
Jefferson County Gets a New Map - 1855
War of 1812 - One battle: Account from Rome Sentinel
Schemerhorn Ancestors Were Pioneers of Hammond Section
New   N. Y. Central Flyer Wrecked
"The County's Pioneers" -1905 Centennial

Town of Alexandria

Two Articles About An Alexandria Bay Modeler (Conklin Duck Decoys)
Early Ownership of the Thousand Islands Traced
Plessis First Known As Flat Rock - an Ernest Cook article
"Plessis Paper Printed In 1843"
Two Articles Written From Plessis Archives Concerning Early Fairs in Plessis
New First Wagon Shop Opened by Jas. Norton, Formerly of Brownville
New "The Old Stone Store in Plessis"
New "First Raising of Historic Flagpole 50 Years (1887) Ago Recalled by Sidney Sweet of Theresa"
They Killed a Golden Eagle -- Redwood-Plessis
New "Picturesque Redwood Known As Birthplace of Famed Glass Sought by All Antique Dealers"
"Redwood's Fraternal Bonds Center in Lakeside Lodge
LaFarge Mansion's Plessis Connection
Elida Hunneyman Williams  Talks about the Hunneyman Family
History of the Jacob Quincer Company Business
Articles About Plessis
Vanderburgh Family - 2 clippings
Articles - The Old Church at Plessis
Plessis in '65 (1865)

New  Two Cook articles written about a book entitled "Mother" authored by a descendant of the Jones     family
     of Plessis. Also, the comments of Mrs. Eva Sweet about these articles.

Articles - The Old Church at Plessis
Plessis in '65 (1865)

NewThe "Mother" Church at Plessis (by Cook)
New  History of Early Plessis Business Places
New  Fred J. Carmon -- A Merchant in Redwood    
The Dingman Family
"Plessis Paper Printed In 1843"
The Makepeace Family
Jubilee First Methodist Church at Alex. Bay
Masonic Lodge Once At Plessis
Browns Corners and Diphtheria Epidemic
Biographical Sketch - Moses C. Jewett (by Cook)
New "Plessis Paper Printed in 1843" No. 2
New "Theresa Residents Recall Days When Lake Was "Quite a Body of Water"
New  "Early Plessis Items" - from the 20th century newspaper texts.
New  More "Early Plessis Items" - from the 20th century newspaper texts.
New  Additional "Early Plessis Items" - from the 20th century newspaper texts.
New  Even more "Early Plessis Items" - from the 20th century newspaper texts.
New  "Plessis Criminal Case"- from the 20th century newspaper texts.

Town of Antwerp

Wrecked Car Had Load of Whiskey (1919
Oxbow's Long Swamp Once Scene of Brutal Murder

Town of Brownville

Mary Farmer Took An Ax....A Murder,  April, 1908
Picnic Is Held
Dexter High School Group (Males) - need identification
Dexter High School Group (Females) - need identification
Brownville Hotel -- 5 clippings
"Welch's Account Book, Interesting
The Walters Snowplow Used in Brownville or Glen Park during the 1940's and 1950's
Dexter Methodist Church - anniversary clippings
"Seven Bridges" - a link to material typed for Nan Dixon's Tidbits.
Theresa Woman Celebrates her 90th Birthday Recalling Early Days at Gunn's Corners
Descendant of the Brownville's Skinner Family Was Dean of Bridge Building
Woman Recalls Civil War Days

Town of Cape Vincent

History of McCombs Settlement Recalled
Carlton Island

Town of Clayton

Ill Luck That Followed Launching of St. Lawrence
New The Putnam Family of Clayton
- mention of Asa.

New Corbin Family of Clayton  by M. M. Corbin
New "The Clarke-Corbin Family of Clayton  a bio written by Rev. Lemuel Clarke
Clayton School - 1930's - need  help with indentification???
Catfish Creek, Attractive At Depauville
The Rees Family of Clayton  A Cook Article
Clayton School - 1930's - need  help with indentification???
Captain Johnston House Is Historical Site

Town of Ellisburgh

Salad For Saturday
Train Excursion to Pierrepont Manor
Obituary of Deacon John Oted

Town of Henderson

The Martha Ogden, Henderson-Mexico Bay, November 15, 1832
Rev. Ephriam Warren Wheeler, born in Henderson area-1822.
Henderson Harbor - A Deep Harbor - But Is Passed  Up For The Iron Rail
 (Article 28-c of this website's Rail Road Section)

Town of Hounsfield

Sackets Legion Owns Old House
Attributes of Sackets Harbor As Seen in 1813
Recalls Sackets Harbor of a Half Century Ago (1869)
Notes from a 1818 Sackets Harbor Gazette
Improvements at Sacket's Harbor (from Rochester Telegraph - 1818)
1888 - Village Awakening
Caves Along Lake Ontario
Muscallonge School Alumni Picnic
Excursion to Ellisburgh
Letter by Augustus Ford - Chartmaker
First-hand accounts of the Battle of Big Sandy (written from Sackets Harbor)
War of 1812 - An Account From the Rome Sentinel
New "His Best Fourth"     (True Story of the War of 1812, by
     Everett T. Tomlinson) - (about a boy named Lewis Ramsay)

Syracuse Journal Article About  An 1812 War Roster

Town of Le Ray

LeRay Mansion - Theme of a Novel

Town of Lyme

Maritime Memories (see "A New Schooner")
Ciscoe Chasers
Ciscoes Returning - 1915
Ship Carpenters in Chaumont
End of Fishing Season of 1870
Follow The North Shore by Joyce Lance
Biography of McCoy Lance Who Celebrates his 104th Birthday in 1872.
New An article by Roy E. Fairman about shipbuilding at Chaumont.
Big Norse Freighter Put in at Chaumont

Town of Orleans

Builder of the LaFarge Mansion
New Bishop Moved School Nearer Populous Centers
New Stone Mills General Store
New The Orleans Hotel
New Fred Timmerman Recalls Record Hay-Pressing Job
Ghost in the LaFarge Mansion

Town of Pamelia

Clayton Road To Be Open Monday Over Seven Bridges

Town of Rutland

New Death Comes to the Towne home (bolt of lightning)
Murder Most Foul!:Sarah Conkling Murdered On Way Home From School-1875

Town of Theresa

New  Fayel and Cooper Families French Pioneers
Articles about the silkmills in Northern New York;
   (includes photos of silktrain accident near Theresa)

New Colonel Sinecy Ball - Theresa Pioneer
New "English Settlement Near Theresa"
New "Theresa Residents Recall Days When Lake Was "Quite a Body of Water"
New "In Days of Yore" - Recollections of Theresa's Early Days an article by Joseph Fayel (1901)
Herbs, Roots, and Barks Were Remedies of North Pioneers
First Train Trip For Theresa Woman
Model of Old Locomotive Given to Theresa Sisters
New Bobsled Accident - 1910 - in Theresa
New "Historic LaFarge House At Theresa Being Razed"
New Recalls How Lone Woman Stood Off Pack of Wolves
New "Old Mill Where Gov. Flower Once Toiled Being Torn Down"
A Visit with "Grandma" Bodman
Schemerhorn Ancestors Were Pioneers of Hammond Section - (with Theresa reference)
A Murder at Pulaski (Theresa involvement)
New Methodism in Theresa, N. Y."
"A Pioneer Wedding" Almira Barnes-Russell Robinson

City of Watertown

Boy Spelunkers Under Watertown, N. Y.
Orangemen Parade - July 1939
1833 Fire
Street Cars and Collar Buttons - by Effie Warn
Traveling Shows of an Earlier Day - by Effie Warn
Marra's Band to Present Concert
Watertown Invaded By Mormons (1910)
Public Square in Watertown - ca. 1860
NewWatertown Man Founded Seattle (Not so!)

Town of Wilna - Champion?

Carthage -- Sin City of the North Country
Natural Bridge - A Description
Mrs. Mary Mathilda Lalone - A Story of Five Generations

The St. Lawrence River

A Story of the River - The Female Pilot


Reunions of My Ancestors' Relatives, Friends, & Neighbors

Jefferson County, N. Y.


1928 Hunneyman Family Reunion

1929 Hunneyman Family Reunion

Getman Family Reunion - 1934

Patchin Family - 1924


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Senior Sentiments

Indians vs. Colts - 1867 - Well, not exactly!

Descendant Tells Odd Story About Robert E. Lee

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