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An off-site photo Plessis neighborhood, year unknown, where my Hasner family lived and worked.

From my Clipping Index (Town of Alexandria section) two articles about the Plessis neighborhood, in 1865, where my Hasner family lived and worked.

It is said that my Maternal Great-Grandparents Lived at the LaFarge Mansion in the 1860/1870s - (now I suspect they may have lived in a tenant house across the road)

Grandma Cora Putnam Hasner and Grandpa George Hasner - My Mother's Parents - 4th photo from top

A postcard bought on Ellis Island just before my Mom's brother (Martin Hasner) was to be sent to France in the First World War - and war ended before he left. This postcard is embroidery done on a mesh background.

50th Anniversary Poem written by Minnie Conklin for Grandma Cora Putnam Hasner and Grandpa George Hasner - November 29, 1927

1896 Brownville School picture Alvin Hasner - oldest son of George and Cora Hasner end of first row.

Researching My Maternal Ancestors - The Hosners (Hasners)

The Eddy Family of Theresa  My gr. grandparents, Archibald and Minerva Sweet Hasner's oldest daughter was Mary. Mary married Milon Eddy - this page is about their family.

Miscellaneous Hosner Family Genealogy Notes:
Jacob Hosner - older brother of my ancestor, John Hosner. There are several separate items in this section. Much of this material was sent to me by the late Gerald R. Hosner of Largo, Fla.

new"In Days of Yore" (Recollections of Theresa's Early Days)
an article by Joseph Fayel (1901) - See mention of a Daniel Hosner.

A family who adopted my father

A research report of the Herkimer County (NY) family

The Contents of Conklin Family Scrapbook

Conklin Murder in 19th Century Jefferson County, N. Y.


Critique of An Unpublished Sweet Family History -

My Sweets in the Patriot War


Pursuing my John Putnam - Miscellaneous Reports

Fragments of Putnam Family Research

A photo of my great-grandfather, Alvin Putnam, appears Mark Wentling's Pioneer Portaits' site on-line. Alvin was born in 1835 and died in 1862, leaving Alida (Lingenfelter), his wife, and two daughters, Prudence and Cora Putnam, Cora being my grandmother who married George Hasner.

A photo of my 2nd great-grandfather's brother, Asa Putnam (b. ca 1801 - d. ca. 1884) If researching Asa's family, please check out this biography of Ephriam Warren Wheeler

More Early Research on the Putnam Family


A 5-generation photo which includes my great-grandmother, Alida Lingenfelter Putnam Harter, and my 2nd great-grandmother, Elizabeth Padgett Lingenfelter (known to the family as "Lady Padgett." Photo probably taken around 1908.

Stone Arabia Church in the Mohawk Valley (that's Shirley (me) - in 1994)- My Lingenfelters lived in this area.

In Pursuit of the Schoonmaker Family

Webhost Interviewing Fern Lingenfelter, who grew up around Depauville, N. Y. (a member of my mother's Liingenfelter family) - April 13, 1998.


The Padgetts of Chenango County, N. Y.

Three photos of gravestones in the Brooksbank Cemetery, near Oxford, Chenango, County, N. Y. These photos are of the gravestones of Elizabeth Van Buren Padgett and her husband and James Padgett. Also, the Gibson monument is that of one of James' cousins - I have presented it here so that you may get a glimpse of the ruralness of the old cemetery where there are few stones remaining. This is a very hard-to-locate cemetery just outside Oxford.

James Padgett, father of Mrs. Conrad Lingenfelter, Elizabeth Sarah VanBuren Padgett, mother of Mrs. Conrad Lingenfelter, and the Gibson monument.


Information on my Allen connection may be found on my database. Very few photos exist for my Allen family; however, because many of the descendants of Elijah and Persis Houghton Allen moved to the State of Kansas, I have been sent many photos of their descendants. My great-great grandmother, Prudence Allen Putnam (b. 1802), had a brother Thaddeus Houghton Allen, and it is he who is the ancestor of many descendants living throughout the country, particularly in Michigan and Kansas. His photo appears on Mark Wentling's Pioneer Portraits Site

The following are pictures sent to me by Patti Unruh of Sedgwick, KS - remember to use the database clickable above to learn more about those photographed:

Photo of Amasa Allen and his wife, Rhoda Quiett Allen. Amasa was the son of Thaddeus and Mary Ann Otis Allen, who were married in Jefferson County, N. Y., then went to Ontario, Canada, Michigan, and ultimately to Sedgwick, KS, where many of the Allen descendants now live.

Photo of nine of the children of Amasa and Rhoda Quiett Allen.

Photo of Amasa Allen and his children: (top row) - Frances, Lucy, Demas, Bell; (bottom row) William and Seth - Amasa in the center.

Photo of Amasa Allen and the three children living at home after his wife's death: Amasa Nelson Allen, Eleanor Isabel "Bell," Frances Harriet Allen (Fannie) and William Allen.

A letter written by Amasa Nelson Allen about his move from Michigan to Sedgwick, KS.

A family photo of the family of George and Elvira Allen Roberts from the Sedgwick, Kansas, area. The photo was sent to me by Patti Unrah. Richard Reene, an Allen descendant, sought Elvira Pattingill's assistance in identifiying the subjects.

Photo of Elvira Allen Roberts at an early age.

A photo of two children - photos sent to me by Patti Unruh. THIS LINK ISN'T WORKING (1/11/08)


The Elias Chase Family - An Ellisburgh's Trek to Salt Lake City

(of Scotland)

The Fyffe's of Scotland (Dundee area)

Emma Stanley Bell - My Paternal Grandmother

My father's biological mother - Emma Stanley Bell

Grandpa Bell - My Dad's biological father

My Grandmother Emma Stanley Bell and two of her three sisters: Eliza and Sarah Stanley

My grandmother, Emma Stanley; Emma, as a little girl with her older sisters, Elizabeth (left)-- and Sarah (right) - 3rd photo down from the top.


Sorry - this link is not working: Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B. Conklin and their five children on the couple's 50th Wedding Anniversary (February 19, 1974): Roland, Leonard, Wm. Conklin, Doris Hasner Conklin, Elaine Pond, Joan Van Camp and Shirley Farone (in front).

Nephew, Scott A. Van Camp authored two recent books, sent me one, and included in the preface is the following:

"My name is Scott Van Camp and by reading my book you have made my dream come true! "I am an artist and therapist who has worked with children and their families for 14 years. During my career I have worked in treatment centers, as a crisis worker, and as a family therapist. These positions have allowed me to see the impact of intense triumph and tragedy on the lives of children and to further nurture my deep compassion for their experiences. "Thank you for your support. I would be honored for you to read my upcoming additional books: "My Amazing Dream Journey - A boy chooses to turn his fearful dreams into whimsical adventures. "The Wonderbug- The Wonderbug learns to overcome sadness through curiosity and her connection with others in this touching tale of transformation. "Peggy's Search for a Whole- The story of Peggy's search to fit in and how she finds wholeness."

Good Luck, Scott. We're all very proud of you. (by Aunt Shirley)

Mud Puddle vs. The Beach   - siteowner's daughters in 1963 - in the Conklin farm driveway.

Shirley in the Woodpile  - that's siteowner (Shirley) about age 6.

Dad and I shovelling out after a January, 1963, snowstorm!

My brother, Rolly Conklin, b. 4-23-1930 - d. 4-13-2005.

The beachhouse on Atlantic Beach, N.C. which my husband and I owned in 1982-1983. A time of our lives when we worked very hard and played hard, too. I plan to write about this someday in "Viewpoint & Other Chatter" column.

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