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The Gazetteer of Jefferson County, N. Y. written by Hamilton Child and published in 1890, has been almost totally reproduced for the Internet by the coordination of Nan Dixon for her Jefferson County GenWeb site.   

As far as I can determine, the historical narratives leading into the biographical sketches for each township have not yet been presented. Much of that information is very interesting and may contain clues which may help researchers who explore the history of these townships. If you feel that you have heretofore been unable to get the feel of what life was like for your early Jefferson County ancestors, I promise you, reading what Child had to say, will be most insightful. You probably will come away overwhelmed.

I have prepared an Index (below) so you may easily navigate from town to town. Remember, this project will take some time -- many of the links will not connect for several months.

Within the texts you will note a link when certain individuals' names are used. This is my attempt to lead you to Mark Wentling's Pioneer Portaits' site, a superb feature I'm sure you will enjoy. It is my intention to link to Mark's people wherever there is mention of them in these histories -- but that's a slow process, so give me time.

And, oh, may I explain the photo of the vase which appears in the center of the Index. My grandmother gave this vase to me when I was about 8 years old. It shows the Getman House of Theresa, N. Y. I know not why she gave it to me, but I do know that having possession of that vase may have been the precursor to my interest in the history of Jefferson County, N. Y. If you know anything about this Getman House hotel, please let me know.

Thank you for taking the time to look around. (by Shirley)

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It is my hope that those of you who have followed the presentation of Child's Gazetteer (1890) for Internet readers have not neglected the Miscellaneous Topics Section. It is rather easy to overlook and it contains a tremendous amount of information. Just click on the category above (bottom right) and you will be taken to the Index for Miscellaneous Topics.

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