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I.    DEXTER (NY) SCHOOLS, as follows:

      a.    Autographs Written for William Henry Everett, teacher at Dexter High School  (circa 1877-1882)

      b.    Dexter High School Alumni - 1897-1957 Taken from the 1995 Annual Alumni Banquet Program and includes the graduates after the Dexter and Brownville schools combined into General Brown High School.

   II.  BROWNVILLE (NY) SCHOOLS, as follows:

      a.   A photograph of the students at Brownville School in 1896.

      b.   A booklet sent to me by Annie Bryant, of San Jose, CA. These scanned images represent a booklet published for the Brownville-Glen Park School Year 1927. You will find this an interesting orientation technique.

        Booklet Cover
        Slate of School Board Officers
        Faculty (list only, page 2 of the booklet)
        Photograph of Class of 1896
        Course of Study (Pages 4 & 5 of the booklet)
        Curriculum - Music, Selection of Courses, N. Y. State Academic Diploma, Graduate Rules -               (Pages 6 and & 7 of the booklet)
        The Grades, Attendance, Fire Drills, etc. (Pages 8 & 9 of the booklet)
        Public Speaking, Prizes, and a Photograph of the Baseball Team (Page 10 & 11 of the booklet)
        Education: A Poem (Last page of the booklet)

      c.   The Class of 1922 - Valedictory by Doris E. Hasner Conklin

      d.    A DEBATE - The St. Lawrence Seaway   Notes from the debate between Brownville-Glen Park High School and Sackets High School - 1922.

      e.   Off-site photo of a Grade School in Brownville Village

   III.   Town of Hounsfield Common School District No. 3  THE ONE-ROOM SCHOOL AT MUSKELLUNGE, Minutes the Trustee Meetings - 1895-1950

          A photo of the Muskellunge School House  appears off-site on Mark Wentling's Town of Hounsfield pages.

   IV.   Hounsfield Central School at Sackets Harbor, N. Y.   An accumulation of Yearbook Photos, Class Lists, and other memorabila - click for a separate index.

  V.   N. Y. State Sectional Music Festival  A Program and List of Participants - Event held at Potsdam State's Crane Dept.of Music on November 14-15, 1952.

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