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Note: These portions of Jefferson County histories
were typed a few years before they became widely
available on the Internet.
I feel there is something gained by having
these texts readily accessible as an accompaniment
to my efforts in portraying life in my native county. (Shirley Farone)

I.   A transcripton of the Towns Portions of HAMILTON CHILD”S “Gazetteer of Jefferson County, New York” published 1890. Two features, as follows:

      a.   A chart of the 22 towns (townships) in Jefferson County, plus the City of Watertown. Each has an URL which takes you to the town of interest. The text narrates the development of the town and its people. Names appear in bold.

      b.    County-wide Items (table of contents) Mr. Child‘s Gazetter included many additional sections of interesting text which include.: Introduction, Establishment of County (Lakes and Water Courses, Pre-historic Man, Geology, Topography (Minerals and Soils), Ice Age, Amount of Rainfall, French Expeditions, Land Titles, Bench & Bar, newspapers, the 1,000 Islands, internal improvements (transportation), War of 1812, Patriot War, War of the Union, and Jefferson County Medical Society.

II.    The histories of the Towns in Jefferson County, N. Y. as presented by Franklin B. Hough in his “History of Jefferson County and the State of New York.” Included for your internet reading is a map of the towns. Your town of interest is accessible by clicking on that township, or you may click on the alphabetic lists above the map. Names appear in bold.

II.   a.    Watertown (NY) 1840 Directory of Watertown, compiled by J. P. Fitch and reprinted from an article appearing in the Watertown Daily Times. This is a fascinating glimpse of what later became a city and the county seat of the County of Jefferson.

III.   The County's Pioneers - A Newsclipping from the centenniel year - 1905

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