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Thank You Toni!!!
I just met a new Cousin, Toni who is from Sarah Jane Harding's line.
Toni has Photo's of Carpenter, Ann, Sarah Jane, Samuel, Johnson Who are parents & siblings of John Henry Harding. :) I will include Toni's email here if she wishes, otherwise, email me and I'll pass along any information you wish .
I am putting up Carpenter and Ann's photo's today, 11-10-02 and will add the others later.


Carpenter HARDING
abt 1814-1884
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Thank you so Very much Toni from All of us, for sharing these photo's! :)

Our HARDINGs are from:
England 1530's > NY abt 1532> (Many places between here) > OH=1700's-1800's to abt 1847 > IN 1847 to 1869> KY 1878 to 1887+ > TN 1890+> MO 1930's > IL 1940's > (Many places between here) TX 1950 > NM > OK

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[ ] = Maiden name twp =Township [sic] = written exact Mig = Migration Pattern
POB = Place of Birth

POD = Place of Death

Fa: = Father


1st = 1st Marriage

2nd = 2nd Marriage

JHH = John Henry Harding
b 1 Sept 1847

Auntie = My Aunt's comments

Hshold = Household <g> = giggle
lol = laughing out loud
NOTES: are mine child = child of that union

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James H. Lewis HARDING
b. 15 May 1878
2nd of 4 children born to
Carpenter & Narcissa
Thanks Jackie for Sharing a photo of your Granddad!

The Harding Family Tree is on Page 2 toward bottom of page use Ctrl F to find names.
There are mistakes, but I am trying to get them all taken care of, so keep that in mind.
This is a hard project to undertake!
If there is not an exact date then you can add or - a year or so to those dates.
I am working off of census reports mainly, and there is room for error.
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Carpenter & Ann Vorhees Harding photo dated about late 1850's!
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My GGG Grandparents
Thanks Toni! :)

Migration Pattern: OH>IN>TN
Farmer & Solider Civil War & (Perhaps Mexican War - Unfounded as of yet)

Carpenter P. HARDING

Marriage: 11 Jan 1836
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Carpenter P. HARDING
d. 5 May 1884 Smallmans TN
buried Sycamore Cemetery Cannon Co, TN (click for photo of cemetery.

He was called Grandpa Harding by some of the family.
I have much more info on Carpenter on the Civil War Page and will include some here when I have time to work it up. :)

Civil War Records hit the back or left arrow to return here.

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Ann Vorhees
b. 23 July 1817
d. 31 May 1904
Married 11 Jan 1836 in Hamilton Co, Ohio OR per
World Connect Entry states they married 23 July 1817
Divorce on 25 Sept 1871 in Jackson Co, Indiana sought by Ann. Carpenter did not show up for the court date.

She is daughter of
Samuel VORHES b 12 October 1791 d 16 Mar 1844 Hamilton Co OH
+ Jane LACKEY VORHES b. 8 Jan 1795 Fayette Co, PA

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Ann Vorhees HARDING

HARDING Children: Born: Known Info from family members or other sources Died or Buried Marriage, name date click name for record
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Sarah Jane
Only photo, if you have another
Please share it with us.
1836 OH     Daughter Carrie Estella HARDING
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Samuel Vorhees HARDING
Occupation: Music Dealer
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b. 26 Feb 1838 per Death Cert
I think he was born in 1837 OH

Residence at time of Death: 236 Cajon St, Redlands, San Bernardino, CA
Length at Residence is listed as 3 mos. & in CA for 3 mos.
Informant on Death Cert: Mrs Mary Harding. He was married at time of death.
of Death: Oedenia of Lungs, duration 30 mins,
Contributory: Myosardites, chronic valvular heart disease. Duration: Yrs. (doesn't say how many)
He was 74yrs 10mos 12 days
Click to View Larger Photo of them together Click for Larger View of Photo

ISSUE: 2nd wife info She lived at 236 Cajon St, just above the First Baptist Church, then later she, Mary Alma Swarthout Harding Kirkpatrick widow of Sam V Harding (she was 2nd wife) built a house with her 2nd husband Rev Mr Kirkpatrick at 703 Cajon Street, now the parsonage of Bethany Reformed Church in Redlands, San Bernardino, CA per Newspaper article.

d. 8 Jan 1913
Burial 11 Jan 1913 at Hillside Cemetery

Click for Larger View of Christina Starr

1st Wife: Christiana Starr married (Samuel V Hardy) 4 May 1860 in Harrison County, Indiana.

1) Estella HARDING Married Finley S Collins on 14 Dec 1887, died a few yrs after she married, no children.

2) Ida E HARDING Married Oscar H MoNTGOMERY on 27 Nov 1886. They had 4 children.

<--See Middle Row
for 2nd wife notes.

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Minister of the Gospel
Military: Civil War K 50 Ind Infantry
Sept 1838 OH (per Death Cert)
Address Time of Death: 4701 So. Flores Ward 1, San Antonio, TX. Son Robert's address is same. Johnson's length of residence was 7 yrs, 25 yrs in the state of Texas!

Cause of Death: Diabetes Mall---tus duration 7 yrs, Contributory: Exhaustment.
He was 76yrs 10mos ?days

13 July 1915 San Antonio, Bexar Co, TX
Burial: 14 Jul 1915 at Mission B Park
Wife: Carrie C.
Son: Robert Burns HARDING
Daughter: Estella "Stella" HARDING
John B. HARDING OH Death - Civil War I would guess.
His brother died 4 days before he died. :(

He was 20yrs 8m 12days

7 May 1865 Reddington Cemetery, Jackson Co, Indiana
Wife: Mary E. d. 24 Nov 1865; 22 yrs 8m 12days old. Buried Reddington Cemetery, Jackson Co, Indiana with John
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First Instance of Daniel C Harding as beling father, info was provided by other than a family member and I still fight it that this is NOT correct.

b 14 Oct 1845 OH Residence at time of Death: 809 S. Ewing, Seymour, Jackson Co, Indiana Widow at time of her Death.

Cause of Death: Parady in Ag--t-- Central -too hard to read.
She was 85yrs 7mos 14days
Contributory: Chron---ia 9 or G-sta-ional Cafa-al or Central.

Ella Dietz provided the info on death cert. She was housekeeper & companion after "Uncle Doc" died. Ella came from a local family.
My family states that all of Aunt Carrie's possession were given to Ella, house, etc. It is said that Ella married after Aunt Carrie died.

d. 28 May 1931
Burial 30 May 1931 Reddington Cemetery


Married: 13 Feb 1865 when she was 19 yrs old. She was married in Jackson Co, Indiana to
Dr. Joseph H. Davis "Doc" or "Uncle Doc" No children.

If you see Carpenter's Civil War Records, you'll find a letter that Doc wrote about Carpenters health.

Stephen HARDING b. 17 Sept 1847 Jefferson Co, IN Death - Civil War I would guess.
His brother John B died 4 days later. :(
3 May 1865  
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John Henry
My GG Grandfather
b 1 Sept 1847 Jefferson Co, IN See Below for much more information on him. Death Cert here

Cause of Death: Arterio-Sclerosis
He was 83 yrs 3 mos 21 days old. My Aunt wanted a Comparison of 2 photo's - her father and her great grandfather, so click here for that page :) hit back button to return.

d 22 Dec 1930 buried 25 Dec 1930
Buried Elmwood Cemetery Springfield, Robertson Co, TN
b. 26 March 1860 Logan Co KY
d. 10 Sept 1914
buried Elmwood Cemetery Springfield, TN
8th District Robertson Co, TN
For More see below

@--->--- rose :)

My GG Grandfather & GG Grandmother

Migration Pattern:
IN Jefferson, Co > KY Keysburg, Logan Co > Springfield, & Cedar Hill, Robertson Co, TN

Click for larger Photo
John Henry
Photo taken 1910's or 1920's

Marriage: April 23, 1878
at Ida's mothers home in
Logan County, KY

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These might be their wedding photos, I'm waiting for confirmation

John Henry HARDING - Squire - Esquire;
b 1 Sept 1847 Jefferson Co, Indiana
d 22 Dec 1930 buried 25 Dec 1930
buried Elmwood Cemetery Springfield, Robertson Co, TN.
Death Cert click here

Civil War: Description of solider per the Discharge papers: (Civil War Records for more)

Said John H. Harding was born in Jefferson Co in the State of Indiana, is Eighteen years of age, Five feet Six inches high, Light complexion, Blue eyes, Light hair, and by occupation, when enrolled, a Farmer. Given at Indianapolis Ind this Tenth day of July 1865. signed: John Selkirk 1st ....? Commanding the Battery
Click here to see a copy of the scan. (PLEASE remember- if you see it's small in size, click on lower right corner and see this click on that to resize it to Large to where you can read it.)

He served in the 13 Indpt Batty Ind LA meaning 13th Independent Battery Indiana Light Artillery. He enlisted on 4-14-64 mustered out: 7-10-65 Indianapolis, IN. Residence: Reddington, IN & Pension was filed Oct 22, 1888 in KY
Application no.676-472 & Certificate no. 1002.024 so it seems. These last few digits could be off, the copy is bad. Therefore the stories are correct he joined when he was 16 yrs 7 mos & 13 days old

He was a County Judge for a short time, then a Magistrate for Logan County, KY for 20 years &
Magistrate for Robertson County, TN for 30 years.
He held these positions for over 50 years and I'm told by Robertson Co Archives that he was a well known and liked, and also held these positions longer than any other man in that region.
Census Occupations:
1880 - Distiller
1900 - Sewing Machine Sales
1920 Retired - must have been modest as well. :)

Click for Larger View Trip to San Antonio, TX
JHH & Ida Huntin' on a trip to see Johnson, JHH's brother in San Antonio, photo date prior to Sept 1914.

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These might be their wedding photos, I'm waiting for confirmation

Ida H. GRIMES (for Grimes Page Click here)
b. 26 March 1860 Logan Co KY
d. 10 Sept 1914
buried Elmwood Cemetery Springfield, TN
8th District Robertson Co, TN
Cause of Death: Valvular disease of the heart
Duration 12 mos She was 54 yrs 5 mos 15 days

Death Cert click here

She graduated from a Catholic School so she was well educated and it is said that she was masterful in the art of playing the piano. She took music lessons in school.

John and Ida both had 1 marriage and had 8 children, Fannie (Frances?) Harding died before age 10- source family informatin. 7 children were listed as living in the 1900 Census Civil District 8 Robertson County, Cedar Hill, TN. And her Occupation was Homemaker.

Ida is the Daughter of James L. GRIMES born in NC and Frances [GATEWOOD] GRIMES b in Logan Co, KY, who had a large plantation in Keysburg area of KY. It is said that James personally taught all of the slaves to read, write and how to count money since they helped him with trading.

In my baby book there is a side reference that states: Fannie GRIMES died in 1914. Frances P GRIMES (aka Fannie) who is Ida's mother, or my mother could have mistakenly written Fannie rather than Ida. I believe that is moreso the case.

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Children of Their Union:

Name Born Known Info from family members or Census, etc. Died or Buried Marriage
Fannie (Frances) HARDING 10 Sept 1879 KY Keysburg, Logan County 8 Jun 1881 N/A
Click for view of him and his wife
Hal Saltmarsh HARDING
click to see photo of him and wife Julia 1951 Michigan
31 Dec 1883 KY Keysburg, Logan County Per Jo: Hal was a handsome tall, big man, auburn hair & Blue Eyes Julia had many Children, some living & Grandchildren

Photo abt 1905
Samuel Vorhees HARDING
click link for photo, Sam & sister Susie 1945 Michigan.
26 Jun 1885 KY Keysburg, Logan County
Mig: KY>TN>MO>IL>CO>TX Lived many other places
Occupation: Heavy Equipment Operator, Farmer

Dec 1956
El Paso, TX
Brewer Elizabeth PORTER
bef 1911 TN

click to see a photo of him - hard to see here, will get another soon.
12 Jul 1887 KY Keysburg, Logan County
Mig: KY > TN
Occupation: Elected Constable over 60 years Robertson Co, TN
Joe's middle name was in honor of
Dr Joseph H. Davis who delivered him. Dr. Davis is also Caroline (aka Carrie) Harding Davis's husband. Carrie is JHH's sister.
Died 1975 Lillie LEMMONS child: Living HARDING RICHARDSON
who has 1 living (Male) Living
RICHARDSON has Children
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Photo abt 1903
John Henry HARDING Jr.
click to see a photo of him in WW1
9 Feb 1890 TN, Cedar Hill, Robertson Co,
Mig: TN>Del Rio, Val Verde County, TX- Married Minnie JONES daughter of Rancher -18,000 acres - Ranch still in Del Rio, HARDING Ranch, Inc. Now Deer Leases for camps.
Occupation: Goat/Sheep Rancher

John Henry Harding Jr.
With Unknown Female Friend.
Can you identify her?
Died on Harding Ranch in TX.

1 child:
Thomas Enoch HARDING Veterinarian in San Antonio, TX, Rancher Del Rio, died abt 3-2002
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Photo abt 1903
Sudie Bessie Harding aka
Sue Elizabeth aka Susie HARDING
click to see photo.
6 Oct 1891 TN Cedar HIll, Robertson Co
Mig: TN> MI
She was 5' 7" Tall, Slender, Dark Red Hair. Bernard was short. Jo has Susie's keepsakes, birth cert, Bernards cufflinks, etc. So my source on her bdate states: Copy of Court Order on file with the State Register File No. B-78078
No Children -
Click for Photo Of Bernard, Living Mills & Susie & Living Harding Children. For More Photos See
Harding Photos
Maurice Julian HARDING (Julius) ? Oct 1893 TN, Cedar Hill, Robertson Co,
No known information on Maurice. His might be the unmarked grave in Elmwood between Ida (mother) Joe Davis Harding JHH & Ida's (son).
Died when young N/A

known as Dick

click to see photo. He's 2nd from left, will redo photo when I have it in my possession.
1895 TN Cedar Hill Robertson Co >
Madisonville, KY.
Lizzie started a dry cleaning business Harding Dry Cleaners and the business became so sucessful that Dick eventually quit his job and helped her run it.
Harding Photos for photo's of them in front of their Harding Dry Cleaning Old van.
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Lizzie STULTZ - had a daughter that Dick adopted. They never had children together. See
Harding Photos

click to see photo.
10 Aug 1898 TN Cedar Hill, Robertson Co
Mig: TN > NY? >Washington, DC
Saul & she adopted a child.
Click for Larger View Hit back button to return
Mary was
5' 4" tall. Dark Red Hair, Beautiful Lady.
1st: Mr Jones;
2nd Mr Gardner;
3rd Bernard Saul Sr.

Click for Larger Full View Not Larger- Hit Back Button to return.
1 Child Click for photo of child;
4th Mr Renshaw

More Below (notes) or continue onto next page for following generations of Hardings.

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NOTES & Conflicts: Elmwood Cemetery Springfield, TN, JHH & Ida are buried there; located between them and son Joe D & his wife Lillie LEMMONS is an UNMARKED grave in the 10 Harding Plots. Elmwood has no record of who it is in that grave, however, I now believe it's Maurice J Harding who died in his youth. See Obits on the Records page for more


Census 1850: JHH is missing from the Carpenter HARDING Hshold. Then in 1860 shows up in Carpenter's hshld with Ann VORHES HARDING & their children JHH listed as being 13 same age as son Stephen, yet not listed as a twin. It depended on the census taker as to whether or not that information would be included. JHH's granddaughter, Jo (who JHH lived near or with for his last approx 12 years of his life, knows so very much about JHH), states that she doesn't remember him ever mentioning a twin brother. Carpenter & Ann's childrens names include a John who is listed as Carpenter's son, but 6 years older than my John Henry who is stated as being John H in the censuses; Johnson is 11 --Carpenter has a brother named Johnson so that's explainable; It's highly unusual to name your children: John, Johnson, and John Henry. I remember my grandfather saying that his grandfather's name was John Henry, he never referred to him as John, so that's the way it is.


More about John Henry Harding aka Squire Harding

I'm learning about John Henry HARDING (Living cousin Jo who is JHH's granddaughter). JHH lived in Keysburg, Logan Co, KY and Robertson Co, TN. Being a magistrate in the two areas for over 50 years, I am hoping that I can get to know him very well. He was a very honored man and I am proud to call him my GG granddad. JHH Lived with his son listed on the 1920 Census for at least the last 10 years of his life. Prior to that he lived next door, or close by. My information comes from a Jo who saw "Granddaddy" or JHH on a daily basis until his death in 1930. He purchased a farm through an auction at one time. It was located just outside of Cedar Hil and his other house was on Main street, where main forked.

People would come by and ask his advice on matters, he always took the time to help them, telling them what he thouight they should do. She said she remembered people coming by his house at all times of the day or evening hours. He never turned them away. Jo said that he chewed tobacco, didn't smoke cigarettes. Granddaddy said that when Lillie (Jo's Mother) spanked Lillie Jo, she was trying to show her "Authority". When Jo was a little girl, Robert Taylor HARDING who was a Nurseryman in Springfield, TN (Carpenter & Narcissa's son) would come to John Henry & Joe HARDING's (father and son) houses and bring apple trees, fruit trees, etc. They would buy them from Robert. John H is son from Carpenter's first marriage to Ann Vorhees HARDING.

After his retirement, Granddaddy would sit out on the front porch and watch for Jo to come home from school each day. He saw it as his responsibility. One day, the teacher kept her after school for some reason. Granddaddy, getting concerned since he'd seen the other kids leave school, began walking toward the school. As the teacher looked out the window, she must have seen Granddaddy approaching. Jo says the teacher turned to her and said, "You may leave now". Jo says she can only guess that the teacher didn't want to have to deal with Granddaddy. :)

I'll add more as time allows.

Joe D and Lillie [LEMMONS] HARDING hsehold: Joe was elected as Constable in Cedar Hill for over 60 years. As this site grows I'll include some family stories as I receive them. Lillie had dark red hair wore fixed up. She was 5'4" tall. My Aunt and Father both remember visiting Uncle Joe and Aunt Lillie's farm. They truly enjoyed it, and as my Aunt said, they could have stayed there forever. They enjoyed all of the excitement of a farm including the animals and Aunt Lillie's Good Cooking! Auntie said that was the best Breakfast she's ever had. What a nice tribute, that someone enjoyed your hospitality so much, enough so to remember it over 50 years later.
Jo tells me of a trip that Joe D & Lillie L and she made to Madisonville, KY & then Indiana to visit some of the family. Madisonville, KY would have been Richard & Lizzie HARDING's house. Then they saw her Aunt Carrie Davis (JHH's sister) aka Caroline [HARDING] DAVIS, wife of Dr. Joseph H. DAVIS, who delivered many of JHH's & Ida's kids. While there, Jo says she remembers going to a park and sliding & she loved it. When it was time to leave, Carrie tried to get them to stay or let Jo stay with her for a while. She wore the long, old fashioned dresses, dark in color or black. Carrie had white hair which was put up since it was very long. She was a nice looking lady and they had a nice home. Ella Dietz housekeeper & companion to Aunt Carrie after Doc died. Apparently the woman (maid) did finally marry. When Aunt Carrie died, it's rumored that she gave her house and all property to Ella, since Carrie had no children. She lived in Sycamore Indiana. I have an affadavit that Dr Davis presented to aid in Carpenter HARDINGs Civil War Pension. I will scan that and include it here & on the Records Page as well eventually.
More on JHH or "GrandDaddy": Jo said that she was very young & wanted to learn how to shoot a gun. She told GrandDaddy and he sat down on the front porch. Next he had her rest the gun on his shoulder. He then taught her how to site the gun and told her to shoot. He told her that he'd buy all of the shells that she wanted to shoot. :) .
My note: Funny thing is my Father did the same thing with me when I was a little girl in the Texas desert.
Jo said Grandaddy bought her a registered collie when she was 3. She named it Laddie. It or they walked to Granddaddy's house every night. Hwy 41 came through Cedar Hill, and people dropped of cats, and she'd pick them up. At one time she owned 13 black, with a total of 17 cats.
Uncle John Henry HARDING Jr b 1890 (son of John Henry HARDING Sr b 1847-- I will refer to this John Henry as Uncle John Henry or Uncle JH for clarity sake) was a telegrapher in Texas. One of the HARDING brothers was a telegrapher in TN. Uncle John Henry's hands would shake when he sat idle at the kitchen table. I was told that the family thought it was since he was telegrapher. I surmize that would be natural seeing how he worked the telegraph lines for years.

From what I know, he owned an 18,000 acre ranch in the Del Rio, Texas area. I have since learned that the what is now known as "The HARDING Ranch Inc." was actually from his wife's family, Lizzie [JONES] HARDING and had been called "The JONES Ranch" in prior years. It is said that Lizzie inherited 2/3rds of the ranch with the other 1/3rd going to her brother. John Henry & Lizzie bought out the brothers' share, making it the "Harding Ranch". It is currently numbered at 20,000 acres and has been transformed from a working ranch to a number of deer leases or camps. When John Henry & Lizzie were alive, they raised sheep and goats. With the drought situation that Texas has been suffering for years, the ranch had to undergo changes to survive.

I found Living HARDING, Thomas E Hardings widow. She said that yes, Thomas E was a veterarian in San Antonio. She said that Thomas E (family all called him "Thomas E") was cremated and his ashes rest on one of the mountains on the ranch. She'll take a photo of the mountain where he rests and I'll include that in the tombstone page. I will continue to find out more information from her and include it here if any is available. Thomas was married 3 times in his lifetime having a total of 3 children, 2 with the first wife, 1 with the 2nd, and none with the 3rd which is my source. All children survived and there is only 1 girl grand child who is a descendant aged at 13 (Mar 02).

John M (my grandpa) rode the rails in the early 1920's after a major argument with his father, Sam, and stayed with Uncle John for a while. He said he never had such a good time in all of his life. I am hoping to find some of the Thomas E Harding family online, please write, I'd love to talk to you! :)

More to come :)

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