Moreton Genealogy

Moreton Genealogy

Welcome to the website! The names covered within are those of the Moreton Family of Hampshire and any other names such as spouses of the Moreton's and their family's. If you believe you are connected to this family tree then I would love to hear from you. The main villages of Hampshire covered in the tree are, West Tisted, Kilmeston, Ropley, East Tisted, Bishops Waltham, Bishops Sutton, Warnford and surrounding villages.

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Who to Contact for More Information

EmailIf you have any queries regarding this information please email me at [email protected]

Coming Soon

As I do this research in my spare time things can be a bit slow at getting the information online, however i hope to have put some of the photographs we took of the church at West Tisted which we visited at the beginning of April, where many of the memorial stones of the Moreton family can be found.

Melita has transcribed some wills of the family which i also hope to place online soon.


Personal Email

If you are interested in having your own email address specifically for research then please contact me. You don't have to directly connected to the tree, but you have to be researching the Moreton surname to some extent. There is every chance that at some point the trees may connect.

Web Forwarding

Do you have a Moreton family from a different area and the family tree online? You might like to have an address like Contact above details if you are interested.

Special thanks to Geoff Connell, Melita Heaney and Gary Moreton for their information.

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