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Fred's Selected Files
Karen Provanchie Bakers Page Wickham Descendancy Kneeland Descendancy
Fred E Provoncha (1862-1949) Francois Joesph Durand (1741-1818) Partial Perry Descendancy
Fred L Provoncha (1904-1981) Nick Denesha (1866-1930) Orvis Relatives Page
Paul Provoncha (1823-1906) George L Brown (1866-1932) Sam Johnson (1843-1934)
Francois J Durand (1741-1817) Joseph F Durand (1765-1843) Polly Durand (1793-1880)
Thomas Brown(e) (1605-1688) Louis Dumont (1834-1920+) George W Bailey (1864-1938)
Degory Priest (1579-1621) Phineas Pratt (1590-1680+) Simeon Kneeland (1779-1846)
Edward Winship (1612-1688) Abijah Perry (1742-1819) Josiah Brown (1742-1831)
Harvey Wilcox (1818-1892) Francis Eliot (1615-1677) Joseph Dezalia (1856-1939)
Israel Johnson Sr (1760-1835) Dr Luke Potter (1615-1687) Jonas Weed (1597-1676)
Bernard DeNiger(1627-1700) Laurent Poitras(1589-1650) Pierre Poupart(1653-1699)

Holly's Selected Files
Partial CLADE Descendancy Chart Fenstermacher GEDCOM file Joseph CLADE (1823-1878)
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