Reverend John M. Blackstone


1781 - 1859


Reverend John M. Blackstone was born on January 16, 1781, in Natural Bridge Station, Virginia to James (Pope) Blackstone and Winifred Zachrey. (1) Pope Blackstone was born in approximately 1748 and was killed in the American Revolution in about 1780. (2)  Reverend Blackstone married Catherine Harvey (b. March 8, 1872) on April 11, 1799, in Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia. (1)

The Bond for John M. Blackstone's marriage to Catherine Harvey
signed by Argyle Blackstone for 200 pounds of sterling (3)

The following information was copied from "The Baptist Messenger," dated May, 1887, and was written by his grandson, Zephaniah Fowler:

"Elder John M. Blackstone was born in Virginia in 1780 [sic] on what was called Old Christmas Day. Of several children, he was the youngest. He never saw his father, who fell in battle near the close of the Revolutionary War. From what this writer has heard him say, he was a rude little boy. His mother could not manage him very well, so she bonded him out to a relative. As he was considered a leader in mischief among the boys, he received many a hard cuff and knock for his unruly conduct. He never attended school but about three weeks in his entire life. By some means unknown to this writer, after growing up, he went to St. Augustine, Florida, and afterwards to Brunswick, Ga., and for a time was in the military service at St. Mary's. The next account we have of him, he was in Augusta, Ga., where he became acquainted with and married Catherine Harvey, about the year 1799. At that time, he was received into the church among the Baptists. Soon after he joined the church, his mind became weighted with preaching."

Reverend Blackstone was Crawford's first senator and he held the honor nine successive terms.  He also assisted in organizing Crawford County and locating the county site that became Knoxville. The first first inferior court ever held in the county was also organized by Reverend Blackstone.  He also helped to organize the following churches:  Mt. Paran, Salem, Mt. Carmel, Providence, Abilene, Union, and Old Pisgah (now known as Calvary). He was responsible for helping to organize the Echeconnee Association, of the Primitive Baptist Church and served as the first moderator for the association at Mt. Paran in 1825.  In 1925, Salem Church, Salem Church Rd., Crawford County, Georgia, erected a monument in memory of Elder Blackstone and his wife.  They are buried in unmarked graves in the Mt. Paran Cemetery. (3)

Rev. Blackstone Monument

The Blackstone Plot

Salem Primitive Church, Crawford County, Georgia

John and Catherine had the following children: (1)

Eliza Blackstone (b. August 3, 1800; d. December 18, 1803, at age 3 years).

Icy J. Blackstone (b. June 13, 1802; d. after 1860).

James Harvey (b. October 19, 1805; d. April 5, 1808, at age 2 years).

Thomas Walker Blackstone (b. January 5, 1808; d. April 19, 1808, at 3 months).

Gazaway Davis Blackstone (b. September 14, 1809; d. October 18, 1812, at 3 years).

Sarah Porter Blackstone (b. February 20, 1812; d. November 12, 1876).

Martha Bine Blackstone (b. September 28, 1814; d. aft. 1856).

Commodore Anson Blackstone (b. May 10, 1817; d. September 23, 1905, at age 88 years) married Nancy Candler (b. December 4, 1819; d. January 27, 1902, at age 84 years) on June 20, 1839, in Chambers County, Alabama.

Catherine Hale Blackstone (b. January 24, 1820)

Louiza Marien Blackstone (b. July 31, 1825; d. July 13, 1877)


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