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The Real Houses of Usher - Introduction

The Real Houses of Usher

 Welcome to the Usher genealogy web site....     

Earliest recorded Usher crime???

(Durham and Newcastle)

Two Newcastle women were arrested after dressing up as men to visit St. Cuthbert's shrine at Durham Cathedral. According to Benedictine rules, women are not allowed to approach the shrine. As punishment, Matilda Burgh and Margaret Usher walk in a procession dressed in men's apparel.

An USHER Witch !!!
Recently on the internet the following reference has been found:

Section 16. 1673 Northumberland.
Anne USHER contains lists of names of witches in covens.

Does anyone know (and admit) to knowing anything more...
What's New 24 Nov 2005
Added information supplied by Ben MacDonald to the Ireland / Galway page, along with a plee for more info.


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