Scott Simpson's Virginia Genealogy
Scott Simpson's
Virginia Genealogy

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Welcome! These pages contain information about my genealogy, links to genealogy resources on the Web (mostly for Virginia research), and information about me.

My Ancestors

My ancestors were in Virginia for many, many generations -- mostly in the counties of Shenandoah, Rockingham, Augusta, Albemarle, Nelson, Fluvanna, Madison, Orange, Spotsylvania, Page, Culpeper, Middlesex, and Isle of Wight, and surrounding areas. Before Virginia, they were in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Germany, England, Ireland, Wales, and other places.
dogwood My Genealogical Data dogwood
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Last updated November 22, 2016

cardinal Unlike many researchers, I do not post information for which I do not have sources. Other peoples' gedcoms, WorldConnect, published genealogies, and similar collections are not "sources" in this sense. References to my sources appear at the bottom of most of the pages in my data.
dogwood Please see "My Plea for More Citation of Primary Sources"
cardinal Surnames of direct ancestors in my data (mostly or entirely in Virginia, unless otherwise noted; names with more than five persons are bolded):

Bailey, Bartlet (MA), Bell, Blakey, Bowls, Breeden/Breeding, Brooks (CT and MA), Burgher, Clem, Clements, Dadisman/Datesman, Daniel, Dollins/Dollens, Durham, Eddins/Eddings, Estes, Field, Fox (CT), Garber, Gay, Gaylard (CT and Somerset, England), George, Golding, Goodall (VA and CT), Goslee/Goslin (CT), Graves, Grayson, Harrison, Henderson, Heyer/Heier (PA), Hollister (CT), Humphrey, Hyatt, Ireland, Jackson, Jarrell, Jenkins, Johnson, Kirby, Kirtley, Lamb, Lillard, Marshall, Martin, May, Mayes, McCloud, McDaniel, Miller, Patton, Rife, Roberts, Roudabush (VA, MD, and PA), Seal, Shackleford, Simpson, Sims, Smith (VA and CT), Sorrell, Suddarth, Taylor, Thacker, Tomlin/Tomblin, Toms, Treat (CT and Somerset, England), Wade, Walter, Weakley, Whitzel, Willoughby, Witt, and Yancey

dogwood Links to pedigree charts starting with each of my grandparents
dogwood More of my surnames are listed here
cardinal Recent changes to my data --
dogwood "NEW" ANCESTORS! John McDANIEL and Elizabeth CRAWFORD, who were married in Rockingham County, Virginia, in 1786; and Elizabeth's father, Martin CRAWFORD
dogwood "NEW" ANCESTORS! William TOMBLIN of Albemarle County, Virginia, and his wife, Susanna, who died in Albemarle County about 1832
cardinal Notes on specific connections
dogwood DANIEL of Caroline, Spotsylvania, Orange, and Madison County, Virginia, 1745?-1852
dogwood SIMPSON and NAYLOR of Stafford, King George, Spotsylvania, Orange, Culpeper, and Madison County, Virginia, 1735-1776+
dogwood MARTIN and HENDERSON of Albemarle County and Nelson County, Virginia, 1775-1825
cardinal Photographs
dogwood Some of my ancestors (and others) - surnames included: ESTES, KIRBY, MARTIN, MAY, McCLOUD, McDANIEL, RIFE, SEAL, SIMPSON, TAYLOR, TOMLIN, WADE, WILLOUGHBY (all from Virginia)
dogwood Can you help us identify these people? Probable relatives of Meredith KNIGHTING (1809-1889) and Malinda Jane McDANIEL KNIGHTING (1819-1912)
cardinal More about my ancestors

Tools, Resources, and Analyses

cardinal My favorite Web resources for genealogy research
dogwood Includes basic tools, primary sources, secondary sources, and discussion sites
cardinal "Are You a Genealogist, or Just a Collector of Genealogy?" - My Plea for More Citation of Primary Sources
dogwood Please read this if you favor accuracy in genealogy!
cardinal Conflicts between my research and the book Lost Trails and Forgotten People: The Story of Jones Mountain, by Tom Floyd
dogwood Surnames included: BREEDEN, McDANIEL, and GOODALL in Page, Rockingham, and Madison Counties, Virginia
cardinal My transcriptions of wills, litigation documents, and other primary-source materials
dogwood Also includes numerous additional surnames from Albemarle County, Virginia, 1779
dogwood Also includes several surnames from Erie County, Ohio, 1900-1905
cardinal The Several William BELLs of Eighteenth-Century Virginia
dogwood Abstracts and transcriptions of primary sources regarding the many persons by this name who lived in Virginia during the 1700s

More About My Ancestors

cardinal Some additional surnames (Va. counties and other locations): ACUFF (Madison), CALLOWAY (Orange, Madison), COLE (Isle of Wight, Va., and Essex, England), CHURCHILL (Middlesex), CRAWFORD (Rockingham), DUMAS (Hanover and Louisa), HUBBARD (Spotsylvania), JAMES (Augusta or Albemarle), METZ (Pennsylvania), MULLINS (Albemarle), PEMBERTON (Orange), and RICKSTACKER (Pennsylvania)
dogwood Other researchers have told me that I connect to these surnames, but I do not (yet) have sources for these connections; therefore, these lines are not included in my genealogical data
dogwood If you connect to any of these surnames in the locations indicated, please let me know!
cardinal My most puzzling genealogy puzzles (if you have information on any of these, please e-mail me!!) --
dogwood Is the John SIMPSON who died in Culpeper County, Va., in 1776 (father of William, James, Alexander, John, Elenor, Elisabeth, Mary, Anne, and Jane) the same John SIMPSON who married Elizabeth NAYLOR in Stafford County in 1735? Some say yes; but, in my humble opinion, it hasn't been proven! Further details about this puzzle are on a separate page.
dogwood Is David W. WADE of Albemarle County, Virginia (c.1800-1868), the father of Samuel WADE of the same county (c.1827-1863)? Several facts suggest this connection: David Wade married Louisa TOMS in May 1827, and Samuel was born about 1827; other than David Wade's marriage in 1827, only one other published marriage in Albemarle County and Nelson County was early enough to be that of Samuel's parents, and the groom in that other marriage left Virginia (with his family) when Samuel was only two years old; Samuel's household is listed immediately before David's household in the 1850 census; and the bondsman for Samuel's marriage to Spicie TOMS in 1849 was also the bondsman for the marriage of one of David's daughters. Samuel died before David (while serving in the Civil War), and neither Samuel nor his children are mentioned in David's will. (See Samuel's page in my gedcom for the sources of these facts. David's page is here.)

About Me (includes information about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

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