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Barnstaple Gazetteer

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Clergy, Gentry and Private Residents.

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Adams ~ Young

Trades and Professions.

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Trades and Professions.

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Camp ~ German

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Trades and Professions.

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Ley ~ Rafarel

Trades and Professions.

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Rafarel ~ Young

Information of Public Men and Institutions connected with the town and County.

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Public Officers not Enumerated with Public Establishments.

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  BARNSTAPLE is a market town, borough, and port, in the union, deanery, and archdeaconry to which it gives its name, diocese of Exeter, hundred of Braunton, North Devonshire, for which it is a polling place; 9 miles north-east from Bideford, 11 north-west from South Molton, 40 north-west from Exeter, and 192 miles by road, and 212 by railway from London; at the confluence of the rivers Yeo and Taw, which here expand into a broad estuary, which flowing westward joins the river Torridge about 7 miles below, and falls into the British* Channel at Barnstaple, or Bideford, Bay.

  This place was originally part of the Royal demesne, and was constituted a borough by King Athelstan, who is supposed to have built a castle here, but of which there are now no remains, except a mound near the confluence of the rivers, which is said to have been the site, and which is now planted with trees and shrubs, forming a pleasing promenade. In Domesday Book it states that there were forty burgesses within the borough, and nine without, and that they were exempt from paying taxes, or serving on any expedition, other than at the same time as the men of Exeter and Totnes. The manor was given by William the Conqueror to Judhael de Totnes, who founded a monastery of Cluniac Monks, which existed until the dissolution by Henry VIII. The borough, according to Risdon, was incorporated by Henry I., and its privileges were further extended by King John, whose charter was confirmed in the 17th Edward IV. By a charter of James I. a steward and recorder were added to the corporate body, and the government of the town was vested in a mayor, high steward, recorder, two aldermen, and 22 common councilmen, but by the Municipal Act of 1835 it was divided into two wards, and placed under the management of a mayor, recorder, six aldermen, and 18 common councilmen, with a commission of the peace consisting of 10 magistrates, who hold petty sessions every alternate Thursday. The right of returning two members to Parliament was granted by the charter of 23rd Edward I., and they were elected by the burgesses of the town until the Reform Act of 1832, when the borough was extended, and the adjoining suburbs, including a great portion of Bishops Tawton and Pilton were added thereto.

  This place was a port as early as Edward III., and in after years equipped three ships of war against the Spanish Armada; and several privateers were sent out from here, one of which captured a prize on the Coast of Guinea, "having in her four chests of gold value £12,000," besides other valuables. The port has jurisdiction over that portion of the coast which lies north and north-east from the mouth of the Taw, and includes Ilfracombe, Combe Martin, Lynton, &c., to the borders of Somersetshire. Vessels of two hundred tons can load and unload at the town quays, and those of larger tonnage at Fremington Pill, about three miles down the estuary. The river is also navigable for barges about three miles above the town.

  During the wars between Charles I. and the Parliament this town was strongly attached to the Royal cause, and was garrisoned by Prince Maurice on behalf of the Royalists in September, 1643, but it was taken by the Parliamentarians, and garrisoned by the Earl of Essex in the following July, who held it until September, when it was surrendered to the Royalist General Goring; and when the clubmen of Devon gave in their adhesion to the Parliamentarians in October, 1645, it was under the government of Sir A. Apsley, on behalf of the King. It was blockaded by Sir Thomas Fairfax, in March, 1646, and surrendered to him on the 10th April, after the fall of Exeter.

  The GUILDHALL, in the High Street, is a handsome edifice, which was erected in 1826, in which the county and borough magistrates hold their petty and quarter sessions, and the County Court is held there monthly.

  The BOROUGH GAOL, in the square, was erected in 1828, but plans have been prepared for a more commodious building, to be erected on the quay.

  THE NORTH DEVON HOSPITAL.-The foundation stone of this building was laid in 1825 by Lord Fortescue (grandfather of the present earl), and the Hospital was opened in 1826 for the reception of 20 in-patients, but with the capacity for 40, the original cost of its erection being £2,790. The eastern wing was erected in 1831, and the western wing was completed in 1839, but it was not until 1852 that the whole space thus added was utilised. The Fortescue wing was added in 1863, and many improvements, both internal and external, have been made from time to time, amongst which is a new front porch, called the Fortescue Memorial Porch. The number of beds made up is 100. It is entirely supported by voluntary contributions, and supplies relief to the poor of a very large surrounding district, including not only the northern division of this county, but the western townships of Somerset, and the northern extremity of Cornwall. All the medical officers (except the house surgeon) give their services gratuitously.

  The BARNSTAPLE AND NORTH DEVON DISPENSARY, in Boutport Street, was established on the 14th February, 1832.

  The ASSEMBLY ROOMS, in Boutport Street, were erected in 1800, and are very convenient for balls, concerts, &c.

  The LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTION was established in 1845, principally through the means of W. F. Rock, Esq., of London, who is a native of this town, and who subscribes £100 annually for the admission of 100 members free. It is well supplied with the literature of the day, and the science and art classes are now connected with those at the South Kensington Museum; there are also classes for other branches of education, including languages, shorthand, &c.

  The BRIDGE across the Taw, connecting Barnstaple with Tawstock, is supposed to have been erected about the 12th and 13th centuries; it is a fine structure of 16 arches; its maintenance and repair are well provided for by private bequests and donations held in trust for that purpose.

  An Act of Parliament was obtained in the last session of Parliament for the purpose of making a line of railway from this place to Ilfracombe; it will leave the main line close by Sticklepath Bridge, cross the river near the old bridge, on a sharp curve, reaching the quays just opposite the Custom House, where the Station is proposed to be made (new quays will be built outside the railway for Barnstaple trade); it will then cross at Pottington, passing through Ashford, Braunton, Morthoe, and West Down to Ilfracombe.

  The ANCIENT PARISH CHURCH, dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul, is at present under restoration at the hands of G. G. Scott, Esq., R.A. The building, as originally erected A.D. 1316, consisted of a nave and chancel, to both of which were added north and south aisles about 200 years ago. The capacity of the church was thus greatly increased; and after the erection of galleries, in 1820, 1400 persons could be accommodated without difficulty. Mr. Scott has already taken down the south gallery, and by rebuilding and extending the south wall outwards, has enlarged the area of the church. A handsome organ chamber has been added on the north side. The monuments, which are very handsome, are also of much local interest, showing Barnstaple to have been a town of wealth and commercial importance at a date when Liverpool and Manchester were almost unknown. The steeple is an oaken framework covered with lead, and as is frequently found to be the case with steeples so constructed, is warped by the action of the sun's heat, and bears towards the south. Its condition, however, is perfectly secure. The vicarage, in the incumbency of the Rev. Gilbert Innes Wallas, M.A., is valued at £324 per annum, with residence, and is in the patronage of Lord Wharncliffe.

  HOLY TRINITY is a district Church, situate in the Barbacan, the erection of which was commenced in 1843, but was not completed until 1847, the district having been formed by order in council in 1846. The original church was in the Perpendicular style of the 15th century, but from some defect in its construction it was found necessary to rebuild it with the exception of the tower, which has lately been done on the site of the old one; it was a cruciform edifice, consisting of nave 83 feet long by 41 feet wide, choir 29 feet by 17 feet, with north and south aisles and transept, and tower containing six bells; it now consists of a lofty nave, with clerestory, chancel, and north and south aisles with open timber roof; the seats are open benches, which have been principally constructed out of the old pews, and all the old materials of the former church have been used in rebuilding the new one: the choral stalls in the chancel are principally new, and the floor is paved with Minton's encaustic tiles. A handsome organ chamber has been added on the north side. The pulpit, lectern, and font, which were handsomely carved in Caen stone by Mr. Simon Rowe, of Exeter, are still retained; the pulpit was the gift of Sir Peregrine Acland; the lectern, the gift of John Mackrell, Esq.; the cushion being added by Mrs. Mackrell; and the font was the gift of Dr. Budd. A memorial stained-glass window has been presented by the Rev. C. Haggard, and another has been placed in the east end; the west window is a copy from Merton College, Oxford, to which some stained-glass has been added. The church was re-opened for divine service by the Right Rev. Frederick Lord Bishop of Exeter, on the 12th January, 1870. The living is a perpetual curacy, in the incumbency of the Rev. Christopher Haggard, M.A., valued at £120 per annum, in the patronage of the Rev. John Boyle.

  ST. MARY MAGDALEN'S CHURCH, in Bear street, is a neat plain edifice, which was completed in 1846; it consists of nave and north and south aisles, with tower and spire 115 feet high. The vicarage, in the incumbency of the Rev. Henry John Bull, M.A., is valued at £150 per annum, and is in the alternate patronage of the Crown and the Bishop of Exeter.

  The ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH is a fine edifice in Trinity Street, in the Norman style, and was founded by Sir Bourchier Wrey, Bart., in 1855, to which schools for children of both sexes are attached, with Presbytery for the priest's residence, separating the church from the schools.

  The Baptists, Bible Christians, Brethren, Congregationalists, and Wesleyans have also places of worship here; the Congregational Chapel, in Cross Street, is now being rebuilt on a more extensive scale, to meet the requirements of the increasing congregation.

  The GRAMMAR SCHOOL.- This ancient and interesting building, situated in the parish churchyard, formerly a chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary and St. Anne, with the exception of the south entrance porch or tower, was probably erected during the latter part of the thirteenth century, or very early in the fourteenth century. This portion consists of a crypt, or undercroft, having six narrow windows and a western doorway opening into the churchyard; in this crypt are seen the very quaint and interesting oak pillars, braces, and beams supporting the floor of the chapel, which is of the same dimensions as the crypt, viz., 38 feet in length by 18 feet in breadth, having four windows and a south doorway, to which access was probably obtained by a flight of external steps. Of the windows, that of three lights in the east end, and two of two lights each in the north and south walls, are the original, and have been carefully restored; of the west window, which is new, no vestige existed previous to restoration, save the inner arch, the splays having been cut away to admit of the insertion of a wooden casement. The roof is of steep pitch, and before restoration was ceiled with plaster; this has all been removed, the timbers cleaned and repaired, and the roof is restored to its original proportions, as an open cradle roof of the earliest form. On the south side is a piscina of the same date as the remainder of the chapel, the shelf or basin having been destroyed in the last century to admit of the walls being wainscotted. On the exterior the principal features of the restoration are the lowering of the ground around the building, new cross to east gable, a new bell-cote on the ancient masonry base, and repairs to the coping and masonry generally. The bell now hanging in the bell-cote was presented to the school by the Rev. T. Wm. Marshall, vicar of Barnstaple, in 1812, and has an inscription to that effect, but previous to the late restoration lay disused in the porch, owing to the dilapidated and insecure condition of the bell-cote, the upper part of which has been rebuilt in brick. As the base of the turret seems to be of a date coeval with the erection of the older portions of the building, an earlier bell must have existed, which perchance becoming cracked, was recast or replaced by the existing one. The south porch or tower was erected in the fifteenth century, having three windows; in the west side is a doorway with elliptic arched head, having large bold pateræ carved in the hollow mouldings of the jambs and arch. The roof is covered with a lead flat, from which the water is discharged through the ancient gurgoyles, and surrounded by an embattled parapet, the merlons of which are stepped on the south side. It is intended to place new steps to the entrance, and rebuild in stone, with coping of granite, the whole of the existing brick wall around the churchyard, which has been greatly improved by the recent lowering of the surface of the ground. The works were carried out by Messrs. Pulsford and Oatway, under the direction of Messrs. Gould and Son, architects and members of the Exeter Diocesan Architectural Society.

  The BLUE COAT SCHOOLS, in the north walk, were rebuilt by subscription in 1834, and provide for the education and clothing of 50 boys and 30 girls.

  There are National, Infant, Roman Catholic, and Wesleyan schools for children of both sexes.

  There are numerous charitable bequests for the benefit of the poor, and several almshouses, which altogether provide dwellings for 96 poor people.

  The manorial rights are the property of the corporation, having been sold to them in the early part of the present century by Sir John Chichester.

  The market days are on Tuesday and Friday, the latter being the principal one, and four great cattle markets or fairs are held on the Fridays before the 21st March and 21st April, the last Friday in July, and the second Friday in December. The great annual fair, which is much noted in this part of the county, commences on the Wednesday after the 19th September, and lasts three days; it is for horses, cattle, and pleasure.

  The market house is one of the finest in the country, extending from the Guildhall, in High Street, to Boutport Street, and is well and conveniently arranged for all business purposes.

The population of the parish and borough, by the census of 1861, was as follows:-






Bishops Tawton (part of)





Pilton (part of)








Pages 290 - 291

Adams Mr. Samuel, 18, Ebberly place

Alexander Rev. Charles (Particular Baptist), 33, High street.

Annis Mrs. Mary, 9, Salem terrace

Arter Mr. William, 8, Taw Vale parade

Avery Mrs. Alice, Castle street

Atkinson Captain Tom Harris, Vicarage terrace, Vicarage street

Bale Mrs. Sarah, 4, Ebberly terrace

Ballment Mr. Hugh, 7, Ebberly place

Bankes Mrs. Annie, 5, Ebberly place

Beare Mrs., Litchdon

Bencraft Lionel Thomas, Esq., Highfield house

Bencraft Richd. Incledon, Esq., Boutport st

Bertram Rev. Robert A. (Congregational), The Square

Blackmore Mrs. Mary, Vicarage street

Blackwell Mr. Thomas, Gammon's lane

Bright Miss Mary, 4, Portland place, Victoria road

Brindle Rev. Ralph Provost (Roman Catholic), The Presbytery, Trinity street

Buckpitt Mrs. Anne, 62, High street

Budd George, Esq., M.D., F.R.S., Ashleigh

Budd Richard, Esq., M.D., J.P., Boutport street

Budd Robert, Esq., 7, Barbican terrace

Bull Rev. Henry John, M.A., vicar of St. Mary Magdalen, 1, Ebberley place

Carey Rev. Jonathan Pearce (Baptist), Boutport street

Carter Mrs. Sarah, The Square

Chanter John Robt., Esq., Fort Hill house

Charley Mrs. Ann, 1, Lansdowne villa

Clay John Sherard, Esq., High street

Cooke James Wood, Esq., Litchdon

Cooke Michael, Esq., Square terrace

Copner Edwin, Esq., Litchdon terrace

Cotton John Knill, Esq., J.P., Boutport st

Crang Miss Alice, 49, Boutport street

Cullen Miss Emily C., Alma cottage, Barbican road

Curry William, Esq., J.P., Boutport street

Cutcliffe Miss Bridget, Boutport street

Dalling Mr. Thomas, 10, New buildings, Vicarage street

Dicker Mrs. Ann, Newport road

Draper Mr. Edward, Castle street

Elliot Mr. William, 7, Alexandra place

Fernie Andrew, Esq., Boutport street

Ferrieres Miss Selina, Boutport street

Ffinch John Parkinson, Esq., The Square

Fisher Mrs. Sarah, 8, Alexandra place

Fletcher William, Esq., 3, Portland place, Victoria road

Ford Mrs. Elizabeth, Fairfield cottage, Barbican road

Forester Henry, Esq., M.D., 46, High st

Gamble Charles H., Esq., 4, Litchdon ter

Gibbs The Misses, 11, Taw Vale parade

Graham Miss Catherine, 1, Union place

Gribble Mrs. Catherine, Castle street

Gribble Henry, Esq., Pilton abbey

Gribble John Chas., Esq., 2, Ebberly place

Haggard Rev. Christopher, M.A., vicar of Holy Trinity, The Vicarage, Union ter

Hake Mr. Wm., 9, New buildings, Vicarage street

Hancock Mrs. Ann, Bear street

Handford Mr. Thomas, 7, Boutport street

Harding James Nott, Esq., Castle street

Harley Mrs. Elizabeth, 3, Litchdon terrace

Harold Mrs. Ann, 8, Barbican terrace

Harris John Webber, Esq., Fox Vale parade

Harper Joseph, Esq., Bear street

Hiern Charles Henry, Esq., Bear street

Hiern James Gay, Esq., J.P., Castle house, North walk

Hill Mrs. Frances, 3, Union terrace

Hooper Mrs. Elizabeth, Litchdon street

Hockin Charles Francis, Esq., Litchdon ter

Hore Rev. William Strong, M.A., vicar of Shebbear-cum-Sheepwash, 1, Penrose villas, Victoria road

Horner Stephen, Esq., 2, Portland place, Victoria road

Hutton Mrs. Mary C., Barbican house

Jerman Mr. William, Holland street

Johnston Charles, Esq., The Square

Johnston Rev. George, B.D., chaplain to the Gaol, Union Workhouse, and North Devon Infirmary, 6, Barbican terrace

Jollyman Rev. William (Independent), 5, Ebberly terrace

Kenner Rev. Wm. (Bible Christian), 11, New buildings, Vicarage street

Kingson George Edwin, Esq., J.P., 39, Boutport street

Langdon Miss Agnes, 2, Grosvenor terrace

Langdon Mrs. Kitty, 3, Grosvenor terrace

Law Miss Phillis, 2, Litchdon terrace

Law Thomas Hooper, Esq., Litchdon house

Law Thos. Shepherd, Esq., J.P., Riversvale house

Law William, Esq., Bear street

Lock Mrs. Elizabeth, 21, Cross street

Lynch Mr. James, Castle street

Mackrell Mrs. Mary, 4, Union terrace

Mackrell Thomas, Esq., 5, Union terrace

Major Miss Ann, 4, Ebberly place

Marsh Mrs. Ann, 3, Salem terrace

Marshall John Philip Sydenham, Esq., 70, High street

Marshall Mrs. Mary, 70, High street

Marshall Rev. Thomas Ansell, M.A., Boutport street

Metherell Mrs. Ann, Wellclose villa

Mewton Rev. Alfred (Wesleyan), Bear st

Michelmore Miss Rebecca, 1, Grosvenor ter

Mills Mr. Richard, Vicarage street

Milroy John, Esq., Boutport street

Milroy Mrs. Mary, Boutport street

Morrison Robert Paul, Esq., 44, High street

Mortimer Mrs. Mary, 6, Grosvenor terrace

Moule Mr. Wm. J., 10, Taw Vale parade

Nott Miss Mary Ann, Boutport street

Nott Rev. Richard, M.A., Gorwell house

Packer Mr. Arthur, 7, Grosvenor terrace

Palmer Cadwallader Edwards, Esq., Cross street

Parkin Mrs. Ann, 2, Alexandra place

Pengelly Mr. Oliver Veale, 2, Taw Vale parade

Perkins Mr. Aaron James, Trinity street

Perryman Mr. William, 4, Summerland pl

Peters Miss, Bear street

Petter Mrs. Ann, Boutport street

Petter Mr. Henry, Victoria road

Pinkett Edward, Esq., 76, High street

Pitowsky Arnold, Esq., M.O.S., Boutport street

Quick William Hean, Esq., Queen Anne's place, Castle street

Rafarel William Joseph, Esq., Bear street

Rowe Mrs. Sarah, 28, Higher Maudlin st

Rowe Mr. William, 35, Boutport street

Sanders Mr. William, Tooley street

Seldon Mr. Thomas, Zephyr cottage

Sharland Mr. Richard, 2, Union terrace

Sleep Mrs. Elizabeth, 5, Grosvenor terrace

Smith Mrs. Harriet, 4, Alexandra place

Starke Mrs. Alicia, 18, Barbican terrace

Stiff Mrs. Charlotte, Litchdon

Stout Miss Helen H., 1, Richmond terrace

Tatham Mrs. Frances, 6, Ebberley place

Thorne John Arnold, Esq., Cross street

Thorne Mrs. Mary, Boutport street

Thorne William, Esq., The Square

Toller John Henry, Esq., High street

Toller William Henry, Esq., Boutport st

Tucker Tom John Pitts, Esq., Square ter

Vellacott Mr. William, Castle street

Wallis Rev. Gilbert Innes, M.A., vicar of Barnstaple, The Vicarage

Wescombe Mr. Thomas, 4, Bear street

Whitefield Mrs. Frances, 107, Boutport st

Whitmarsh Rev. William T. (Baptist), 1, Union terrace

Williams Mrs. Anne, 24, Bear street

Willis John, Esq., Litchdon

Wills Mrs. Betty, 4, Richmond terrace

Wills John, Esq., Hawley house

Woolacott Mrs. Jane, Cross street

Wreford Mrs. Frances W., 16, Ebberly pl

Yeo Miss Elizabeth, 3, Richmond terrace

Yeo Miss Mary Ann, 2, Salem terrace

Young Miss Charlotte, 12, Barbican terrace




[h. signifies private residence.]

Pages 291 - 292

 Abbott Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, Tooley st

Ackland Thomas, butcher, Churchyard

Ackland William, cooper, Joy street

Adams Samuel and George, tanners and curriers, Bear street

Alexander Chas., watchmaker, 33 High st

Algar Thomas, "Ship" inn, Strand

Allen Theophilus, painter and glazier, 16, High street

ALLIN SAMUEL AND JOHN, general drapers and silk mercers, 104, High street

Ames Daniel, shoemaker, Vicarage street

Ashby William, teadealer and family grocer, High street

Arnold Edmund J., printer, bookseller, and stationer, 95, High street

Arnold Henry, French polisher, Silver st

Arnoll William Henry, baker, 77 High st

Ashe Mrs. Eliza, dressmaker, Strand

Ashton John, blacksmith, Bear street

Ashton Richard, general accountant, and secretary to the Gas Company, 43, High street

Atkins David, lodginghouse-keeper, East Sowden farm

ATKINS ROBERT, "Exeter" inn, Litchdon street. (See advertisement)

Avery Thomas H. W., shopkeeper, Litchdon street

BAKER GEORGE, auctioneer, valuer, land and house agent, rent and debt collector, emigration agent, cabinet maker, and funeral furnisher, 2, Joy street; and at South street, Great Torrington; and Fore street, Hartland

Baker Henry, baker, 2, Boutport street

Baker James, sugar boiler, 90, Boutport st

Baker John, maltster and corn dealer, "Mermaid" inn, High street

BAKER JOHN, Jun., miller and baker, Town mills, 1, Boutport street

Baker Richard, travelling draper and tea- dealer, 15, Boutport street

Baker Thos., shreiff's officer, 6, Ebberly ter

BALE SAMUEL, nursery, seedsman, and florist, 40, High street (open on Fridays), and at Westacott Nurseries, Landkey. (See advertisement)

Bale William, bellhanger, Holland street

Baltus Henry, saddler, High street

Bament Richard, master mariner, Vicarage street

Bartlett John, coal merchant, Quay

Bartlett Stephen, coal merchant, Boutport street

Barrow George, brushmaker, Trinity street

Barry John, superintendent registrar, 1, Ebberly terrace

Bater Alfd., grocer and tobacconist, Strand

Batstone William, blacksmith, Green lane

Bayly Robert, dairyman, Gaydon street

Beer George, dairyman, Queen street

Bennett Isaac, butcher, New Market street

Bencraft Lionel Thomas, solicitor, registrar of the County Court, and town clerk, Quay

Bencraft Richard Incledon, solicitor, commissioner in chancery, and borough coroner, Boutport street

Bently Mrs. Elizabeth, coal merchant, Castle street

Berry Thomas and Son, basketmakers, 20, Cross street

Besley Henry, banker's clerk, Castle street

Bevan William P., cooper, Hardaway head

Bilham James (firm of Fry and Bilham); h. 5, Alexandra place

Bird John, wine and spirit merchant, Boutport street

Blackmore Charles, shoemaker, Boutport st

Blackmore Mrs. Elizabeth, shoemaker, New Market street

Blackmore Joseph, haircutter and shoemaker, 73, Boutport street

Blackmore William, boot and shoemaker, 92, High street

Blake William, wheelwright, Queen street

Blanchard Thomas, superintendent of borough police, inspector of nuisances and common lodging-houses, 2, Alma terrace

Blight Mrs. Charity, "Golden Lion Tap" The Square

BOATFIELD ROBERT, corn, seed, and manure merchant, and agent for all kinds of agricultural implements, Tooley street

Bond William Henry, grocer, Vicarage st

Boott Miss Elizabeth S., dressmaker, 87, Boutport street

BOWDEN GEORGE, grocer and provision dealer, 52, High street, and Market gate

Bowden William, plasterer, Queen street

Bowden William, gardener, Barbican

BOYLE WILLIAM, butcher, 34 Boutport street

Brabham Miss Emma, Trinity schoolmistress, Trinity street

Bradford John, solicitor's clerk, 17, Alexandra place

Brady James, woodturner and saw mill proprietor, London and South-Western Railway yard; h. 4, Barbican terrace

Brannan John, grocer and baker, 51 Boutport street

Brannan Thomas, potter, North walk, and Litchdon street

BREWER JAMES NORTHCOTTE, tailor, woollen draper, and gentleman's outfitter, 7, Cross street

Brewer William Henry, banker's clerk, The Square

Brewer William John, veterinary surgeon, Litchdon street

Bridgman Miss Eliza, dressmaker, The Square

Bridgman John, collector of local rates, secretary to the North Devon Infirmary and to the North Devon Building and Investment Society, 131 Boutport st

Bridgman Richard, boot and shoemaker, 88, High street

Britton Alfred John, "Barnstaple" inn, Trinity street

Britton George, second-hand clothes dealer, Vicarage street

Britton Humphrey (firm of William Britton and Sons); h. 2, Richmond terrace

Britton William Bouchier, house decorator, 25, High street

Britton William and Sons, photographers, 40 High street

Britton Wm., jun., photographer, High Cross

Bromham James Fraser, solicitor, 40, High street

Brown George, land agent and surveyor, 78, High street

Brown Humphrey, "Farmers" inn, Holland street

Brown Thos., builder, 3, Higher Maudlin st

Brown William, draper and outfitter, 106, High street, and at Exeter

Bull William, railway engineer, Sticklepath road

Bullen Robert, butcher, 26, Butchers' row

Buckingham Miss Ann, shopkeeper, Litchdon street

Budd Richard, M.D., Boutport street

Burgess Edwin, "Rolle Arms" inn, and joiner, Bear street

Burnett William, gasfitter, Diamond street

Bushell William, carpenter, 15, Trinity st

Buzzacott Miss Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Princess street


Pages 293 - 294

Camp Mrs., butcher, 14 and 15, Butchers' row; h. Reform street

Cann Thomas, eatinghouse-keeper, 83, Boutport street

Carter Miss Ann, grocer, Joy street

CARTER GILES, ironmonger, plumber, coppersmith, and tinman, 22, Joy street. (See advertisement)

Cawsey John, secondhand clothes dealer, Queen street

Chalk Michael, hat manufacturer, 52, Boutport street

Chamings Thos., butcher, 1, Butchers' row

Channon John, grocer and tallow chandler, 6, High street

Chanter and Ffinch, solicitors and commissioners in chancery, The Square

Chanter John Roberts (firm of Chanter and Ffinch), deputy marshal to the Court of Admiralty for the ports of Barnstaple, Bideford, and Ilfracombe, The Square

Chanter Misses Mary Ann and Bessie, fancy drapers, 33, Boutport street

Chapman Robert C., minister to the Brethren, 6, New Buildings, Vicarage st

Chapman William, storekeeper at Railway Station, 10, Alexandra place

Chapple James, beer retailer and mason, Trinity street

Chapple John, tinman, New Market street

Chapple Robert W., baker, Litchdon street

Chapple Thomas, boot and shoemaker, Silver street

Chapple William, plumber and tinman, 4, Joy street

Charley George, lodginghouse-keeper, 1, Barbican terrace

China William, shoemaker, Union street

Ching Samuel, master mariner, Castle st

Clarke Charles Snow, painter, 27, Boutport street

Clarke John S., painter, 98, High street

Clarke William, wheelwright, Bear street

Clay and Harding, solicitors, Tooley street

Clay John Sherard, solicitor, commissioner in chancery, perpetual commissioner for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women, clerk to the county and borough magistrates and to the deputy-lieutenants for Barnstaple sub-division, Tooley street

Clement John, butcher, 17 and 18, Butchers' row; h. Bear street

Clement William, butcher, 3, Butchers' row; h. 6, Grosvener street

Clement William, lodginghouse-keeper, West Sowden farm

Clifford Thomas, butcher, 27 and 28, Butchers' row; h. Brickyard

Cock John, builder, Reform street

Cole Elijah, "Albert" inn, Diamond street

Collord James, staymaker, 44, Boutport street

Comer James, carpenter, Queen street

Cook Robert James, wholesale and family grocer, 78, High street, and 5, Queen st

Cooke James Wood, house surgeon at North Devon Infirmary, Litchdon

Cooke John, boot and shoemaker, 78, Boutport street

Cooke Michael, surgeon, Square terrace

Cooke William, "Barley Mow" inn, Boutport street

Connabeer Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, Vicarage street

Co-operative Society (Limited), grocers and provision dealers, Joy street - Frederick Hennings, manager

Copp Henry, butcher, 13, Butcher's row; h. Boutport street

Copp William John, painter, Bear street

Cornish Mrs. Maria Ann, printer and bookseller, 27, High street

Cottey Wm., eatinghouse-keeper, Strand

Cotton J. K. and Son, wine merchants, 2, Cross street

Cotton Richard William (firm of J. K. Cotton and Son); h. Bear street

Cowell Lewis, mason, Trinity street

Crang John, mail contractor, Bear street

CRANG RICHARD, saddler, collar and harness maker, 3, Bear street. (See advertisement)

Crassweller Charles, china and glass dealer, and hardwareman, 29 and 79, High street

Crook Richard and Son, cabinet makers and upholsterers, 50, Boutport street

Crosse Robert Jennings, solicitor, Boutport street, and at South Molton, (attendance on Fridays)

Cummings William, lodginghouse-keeper, 53 Boutport street

Cure John, tailor, Lower Maudlin street

Cutcliffe John, eatinghouse-keeper, 60, High street

Curtis John, boot and shoemaker, 3, High street

Curtis Thomas, builder, Bear street

Curtis William, pharmaceutical chemist and druggist, Bridge house, The Square

Curtis William, mason, 30, Gaydon street

Dalling Mrs. Henrietta, hairdresser, 63, Boutport street

Dalling John, lodginghouse-keeper, 3, Ebberly terrace

Dalling Thomas, master mariner, High st

Dalling Willm., coal merchant, Rolle's quay

Darch Thomas, tinplate-worker, 30, Boutport street

Dark Edmund, "White Lion" inn, and currier, Silver street

Darke Mrs. Matilda, day school, Hardaway head

Dart Mrs. Mary, ginger-beer maker, Newport road

Dart Samuel, butcher, 2A, Butchers' row

Davey Miss Sarah Jane, day school, Bear street


DAVIE JAMES HEADOW, wholesale maker of saddlery, harness, horse clothing, &c., 58, Boutport street, and 1, The Square

Davies John, cattle dealer, 18, Alexandra place

Davies William, grocer, 30, High street

Dawe Samuel, outfitter, 13, High street

Delve Edward, wheelwright, Green lane

DENDLE JOHN, timber merchant, builder, and contractor, Newport road

Dennis Mrs. Elizabeth, eatinghouse-keeper, 61, High street

Dibble John, shoemaker, Newport road

Doble Stephen, commercial traveller, 2, Barbican terrace

Dominick John, fish dealer, Boutport street

Dominick John, chimneysweeper, Green ln

DORNAT AND HAZELL, ærated water and cordial manufacturers, Tooley street. (See advertisement)

Dowdell George, greengrocer, Silver street

Down William, blacksmith, Bear street

Down William, timber dealer, Azes lane

Dudgeon Charles, collector of Inland Revenue, 2, Lansdowne villas

Dunstone Miss Caroline, ladies' boarding and day school, Castle street

Dunstone Joseph John, gentlemen's boarding and day school, Boutport street

Dyer John, butcher, 8 and 9, Butchers' row

Dymond Joshua, blacking maker, Lower Maudlin street

Easton John, "Three Tuns" inn, High st

Ebsworthy Thomas, carpenter, Union street

Eddy Nicholas, bootmaker, Bear street

EDGER AND CO., tea dealers and family grocers, 26, High street. (See advertisement)

Edwards John, professor of music, 3, Taw Vale parade

Elliott Mrs. Ellen, day school, Silver street

Elson Mrs. Thirza, haircutter and toy dealer, 20, Joy street

Essery Henry, carpenter, "Poltimore Arms" inn, Boutport street

Evans Joshua David (firm of Vellacott and Evans); h. 21, High street

Farleigh John, grocer, 22, High street

FARLEIGH RICHARD AND CO., wholesale grocers, candle manufacturers, and agents for W. and A. Gilbey's wines and spirits, 6, Cross street, and at Appledore and Ilfracombe

Fernie Andrew, surgeon, Boutport street

Fisher John Morris, maltster and corn merchant, Boutport street

FISHER WILLIAM, upholsterer, furniture broker, spring mattress manufacturer, and undertaker, Trinity street

FITZE HENRY C., "Royal and Fortescue" family and commercial hotel and posting house, Boutport street. (See advertisement inside first cover)

Fleming Edwin, painter, 45 Boutport st

Fleming Miss Sarah, dressmaker, 55, Boutport street

Ford Charles, watchmaker, 89, High street

Ford Samuel, tailor, and Trinity parish clerk, Litchdon street

Forester Henry, M.D., 46, High street

Fowle Henry Samuel, baker, Trinity street

French George, baker, Litchdon street

Fry and Bilham, drapers, 14 and 15, Joy street

Fry William, shopkeeper, Lower Maudlin street

Furse Mrs. Charlotte, greengrocer, Holland street

Gabriel Abraham, corn dealer, Trinity st

Gabriel Wm., keeper of borough lock-up, The Square

Gale George, gunmaker, 6, Joy street

Gale John Romilly, assistant examining officer of Customs, Alma terrace

Galliford Henry, joiner, Trinity street

Galliford William, butcher, 20 and 21, Butchers' row

Gamble Chas. Hanlen, surgeon, 4, Litchdon terrace

Gammon William and Son, builders, Lower Maudlin street

Gammon Wm. (firm of Wm. Gammon and Son), pawnbroker, Lower Maudlin street

Gardiner Mrs. Ann, laundress, 4, Higher Maudlin street

Gardiner Philip, shopkeeper, Vicarage st

Garland John, "Curriers' Arms" inn, Vicarage street

Garland Thomas, builder, Union street

Garland Wm., "Rising Sun" inn, and mason, Boutport street

Gartland James, drill instructor, Vicarage street

Gay Philip, travelling draper and tea-dealer, 92, High street

Gaydon George T., grocer and corn dealer, 85 and 86, Boutport street

Gaydon John, commercial traveller, 14, Alexandra place

Gaydon John, watchmaker, 99, High street

GAYDON WILLIAM S., coffee and dining-room proprietor, Joy street

Gayton Thomas, saddler, collar and harness maker, portmanteau, leather and carpet bag, and waterproof coat and legging manufacturer, and agent to the Royal Fire and Briton Life Insurance companies, The Square and Maiden street

Gayton Wm. H., cabinet maker, 25, Joy st

Geen Miss Elizabeth, day school, Hardaway Head

Geen Jas., plumber and tinman, Vicarage st

Geen John, "Bell" inn, Quay

Geen Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 18, Joy street

German Miss Elizabeth, "Commercial" inn, Boutport street

German Wm., National schoolmaster, 6, Higher Maudlin street




Pages 295 - 296

Gibbings Wm., coach builder, Bear street; h. Vicarage lawn

Gibbs Miss Elizabeth, iron and coal merchant, Strand; h. The Square

Gibbs Mrs. Mary, lodginghouse-keeper, The Square

Giddy Wm., umbrella repairer, Boutport st

Gilbert Miss Ann, shopkeeper, Rackfield passage, Boutport street

Gill William, coal dealer, 1, Gaydon street

Gliddon Henry, billiard room proprietor, Cross street

Gliddon John. "Royal Exchange," Joy st

Glyde S. and Son, china and glass dealers, 101, High street

Gordon John, farmer, Frankmarsh farm

GOSS SAMUEL, artificial manure merchant, 32, Boutport street, opposite the hotels

GOSS SAMUEL, wholesale and retail pharmaceutical chemist and druggist, 1, High street

Goss Wm., cabinet maker, Boutport street

Gould James, shopkeeper, Queen street

Gould John, auctioneer, and agent for Garton and Russell's ales, 23, Joy street

Gould Miss Phœbe Ann, pawnbroker, 23, Joy street

Gould Richard Davie (firm of Gould and Son), borough surveyor, The Square; h. Boutport street

GOULD AND SON, architects and surveyors, The Square; h. Boutport st

GOULD WILLIAM, slate merchant and statuary mason, Brunswick wharf

Grainger Richard, Inland Revenue officer, 16, Alexander place

Greek John L., tallow chandler, 20, High st

Greenslade Mrs. Ellen, eatinghouse-keeper, New Market street

Greenwood William, "London" inn, Litchdon street

Gregory Wm. W., draper, 87, High street; h. 6, Taw Vale parade

Grenney James, cutler, Wells street

Gribble Charles, tailor, Trinity street

Gribble Henry (firm of Marshalls and Gribble); h. Pilton abbey

Gribble John Charles, solicitor, commissioner in chancery, and perpetual commissioner for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women, Castle street, and at Ilfracombe

Griffin James, teadealer, 19, High street

Guenster Charles, professor of languages, 12, Alexandra place

Guppy Thomas W. M. W., manager of the National Provincial Bank of England, Cross street

HAMES JOHN, dispensing chemist and druggist, 97, Boutport st. (See advt.)

Hancock Charles, butcher, 1A, Butchers' row; h. Boutport street

Hancock Edwin E., hairdresser, 11, High street

Hancock James, boot and shoemaker, 48, High street

Hancock Justinian, tailor, 45, High street

Hancock Wm., coachbuilder, 1, Litchdon ter

Hapgood Robert, tailor, Silver street

Harding James Nott, solicitor, and clerk to the Combmartin Turnpike Trustees, Tooley street

Harding Philip, master mariner, 11, Barbican terrace

Harper George, tea dealer, Azes lane

Harper Joseph, surgeon, Bear street

Harper Robt., smith, stove grate, wrought and cast-iron railing, and gate manufacturer, North walk

Harris James, seedsman, 24, Joy street

Harris John, farmer, Stoneyard farm

Harris Joseph, "Locomotive" inn, Holland street

Harris Saml., stationer, and printer and publisher of the Barnstaple Messenger, 51, High street

HARRIS WM. THOMAS, tailor and draper, Holland street

Hartnoll John, lodginghouse-keeper, 1, Castle street

Hartnoll John, parish clerk, 65, High street

Hartnoll and Son, builders, 65, High street

HAYMAN AND SON, proprietors and publishers of the North Devon Journal, 96, High street. (See advertisement)

Hayman John Gould (firm of Hayman and Son); h. 5, Barbican terrace

Heard Robert, secretary to the Water Company, 38, Boutport street

Hearn Wm., wine and spirit merchant, 92½, High street; h. Castle street

HEARSON THOMAS, printer, bookseller, and stationer, 90, High street

Hearson Wm. Henry, toy and fancy repository, 108, High street

Heather Charles, stationmaster, Sticklepath road

Hedden William, grocer, 89, Boutport street

Hedgeland Henry, huckster, Queen street

Henson Misses Sarah and Annie, milliners, 6A, High street

Hewish John, "Angel" inn, and veterinary surgeon, Quay

Hill Benjamin, watchmaker, Joy street

Hill John, bookkeeper, Trinity street

Hill Joseph, shopkeeper, Wells street

Hill Samuel, builder, cabinet maker, and upholsterer, Bear street

Hill William, cabinet maker, Silver street

Hills William, outfitter, 93, High street

Hinde Mrs. Mary Ann, "Golden Fleece" inn, Tooley street

Hockin Chas. Francis, solicitor, Castle st; h. Litchdon terrace, and at Ilfracombe

HODGE CYRUS B., tailor, hatter, and outfitter, 73, High street

HOLLOWAY JAMES, upholsterer, cabinet maker, and furniture broker, Litchdon street. (See advertisement)

Hooper Thomas, shoemaker, Quay

Horne Miss Mary Jane, milliner, depôt of the Religious Tract Society, 74½, High st

Horne William, builder, 9, Alexandra place

Hortop and Petter, drapers and milliners, 39, High street

How Alfred, timber, corn, and coal merchant, artificial manure manufacturer, and steam saw-mill proprietor, Rolle's quay

Howard Wm. Henry, baker, 129, Boutport street

Howell Robert, commercial traveller, 3, Barbican terrace

Huet Miss Emma Jane, professor of music, High street

Hunt Harry P., watchmaker, 14, High st

Hunt Wm. and George, ironmongers, 36, High street

Hunter Thos., photographer and machinist, New Market street

Hussel William, jun., butcher, 5 and 6, Butchers' row

Hutchings John, woolstapler and fellmonger, 26, Bear street

HUTCHINGS WILLIAM, corn, seed, and flour merchant, 27 Bear street

Huxtable The Misses Elizbth. and Susan, fancy repository, 76, High street

Huxtable Wm., solicitor's clerk, Vicarage terrace, Vicarage street

Ireland Philip, carter, 13, Gaydon street

Irwin Mrs. Joanna, "North Molton" inn, Bear street

Isaac Wm., butcher, 16, Butchers' row; h. 14, Higher Maudlin street

Jackson John, drawing master, Litchdon st

James Robert, marine store dealer and greengrocer, Queen street

Janes William, working manager of Gas Works, Barbican road

Jarman John C., baker, Queen street

Jarman William, mason, Queen street

Jarvis Henry, "North Country" inn, Boutport street

Jeffery Frederick, "King's Arms" commercial and agricultural hotel, High st

Jervis Miss Margaret C., milliner, 68, High street

Jervis Wm., tailor, 68, High street

JOCE THOMAS, ale and porter merchant, and agent for the City of Glasgow Life and the Scottish Commercial Fire Insurance Companies, 54 and 56, Boutport street. (See advertisement)

Johnston Charles, surgeon, The Square

Joint Thos., sugar boiler and game dealer, Boutport street

Joint Wm., provision dealer, 37, High st

Jolliffe Orlando, shoemaker, Silver street

Jones Miss Anne, milliner, 54, Boutport street

JONES JOHN B., printer, proprietor and publisher of the Barnstaple Times, Boutport street. (See advertisement)

JONES JOHN AND CO., proprietors and publishers of the North Devon Advertiser, and general printers, Boutport st. (See advertisement)

Jones John, silversmith, Boutport street

Jones Mrs. Maria, secondhand clothes dealer, Paternoster row

Jones Miss Mary B., beer retailer, Princes street

Jones Nicholas, cabinet maker, Newington street

Jones Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth, refreshment rooms, Quay

Jones Wm., Marine store dealer, Trinity st

Jones Wm., shoemaker, Holland street

Jones William L., dyer, 55, High street

Judd John and Son, grocers and provision dealers, 11, Joy street

Kershaw Miss Elizabeth, National schoolmistress, North walk

Kiell John P., ironmonger, 103, High street

King Thomas, "Shipwrights' Arms" inn, The Square

Kingdon Miss Ann, furrier, 49, High street

Kingdon Jas., "Salutation" inn, Castle st

Kingdon Richard, "Lamb" inn, Boutport st

Knill John Inch, newspaper editor, 1, Vicarage terrace, Vicarage street

Knill Mrs. Mary, laundress, Alma place, Barbican road

Knill Samuel Inch, banker's clerk, Vicarage Lawn cottage, Vicarage street

Knill Wm., clerk to the Burial Board, and librarian to the Literary and Scientific Institution, 42, High street

Labbett Richard, "Bear" inn, Green lane

Lake Charles, tinman and plumber, 88, Boutport street

Lake Mrs. Judith, "Red Lion" inn, Quay

Lancey Richd., ironmonger, 17, High street

Laramy Miss Matilda, dressmaker, Cross st

Latham Richard, "Travellers'" inn, Belle meadow, Silver street

Lauder Alexander, architect and surveyor, 47, High street

Lavercombe Charles, dairyman, 15, Higher Maudlin street

Law Thomas Hooper, solicitor, commissioner in chancery, and clerk to the Barnstaple Turnpike Trustees, Litchdon street

Law Thomas Shephard, surgeon, Riversvale; h. Litchdown

Lawday Edward, baker and confectioner, 16, Joy street

Leaker Philip, boot top manufacturer, Litchdon street

Lee Thomas, haulier, Vicarage street

Lewis Charles, fly proprietor, North walk

Lewis George, painter and glazier, 74, Boutport street

Lewis John, mason, Azes lane

Lewis Samuel, baker and shopkeeper, Trinity street

Lewis and Sons, furniture dealers, Silver st




Pages 297 - 298

LEY JOHN, carver, gilder, printseller, and picture dealer, 2 and 3, Strand, and 1, Maiden street. (See advertisement)

Lile Alfred, railway clerk, Vicarage street

Linscott George, "Royal and Fortescue" tap, Wells street

List Wm. and Son, paper manufacturers, Quay

LOCK CHARLES, family grocer, and agent for the "Standard Measure" Wine Company, 28, Boutport street

Lock Charles, joiner, Litchdon street

Lock Henry, "Railway" inn, Boutport st

Lock John, "Town Arms" inn, Newmarket street

Lock John, dairyman, Litchdon street

Lock Thomas, land agent, 88, High street

Lock Wm. and Son, boot and shoemakers, 100, High street

London Biscuit Stores, 38, High street - George Fenner, manager

London and Devon Biscuit Co. (Limited), biscuit manufacturers, Quay - Charles Luccop, manager. Registered office - Falcon court, 32, Fleet street, London

Luccop Charles, manager to the London and Devon Biscuit Company (Limited), Gammon's Lane

Maldram Charles, shopkeeper, Holland st

Maldram James, shopkeeper, Vicarage st

Maldram James and Charles, woolstaplers, New buildings, Vicarage street

Mallett William, grocer and provision dealer, 5, High street

Mallett William, florist and seedsman, Trinity street

Manaton Robert, secondhand clothes dealer, Vicarage street

Manley Mrs. Betsy, lodginghouse-keeper, 17, Ebberly lawn

Manley Miss Mary Ann, sewing machine agent, and dealer in embroidery and fancy work, 84, High street

Manning and Son, auctioneers, wine and spirit merchants, provision and game dealers, Joy street

Manning and Son, butchers and auctioneers, 74, High street

March John, licensed hawker, 22, Higher Maudlin street

Marsh Mrs. Ann, "Golden Lion" family and commercial hotel and posting house, Boutport street

Marsh Sydney Northcote, wine and spirit merchant, 8, Cross street; h. 6, Alexandra place

Marshall John Boyle, seed merchant, Bear street

Marshall Thomas, master mariner, Holland street

Marshall Rev. Thomas Ansell, M.A., head master of Grammar School, Boutport st

MARSHALL AND GRIBBLE, bankers, Barnstaple Old Bank, High street

Martin Edward, auctioneer, appraiser, land agent and farmer, Bear street

MARTIN JAMES, cabinet maker, general house furnisher, carpet warehouseman, and dealer in musical instruments, 4, Cross street

Martin Mrs. Susannah, lodginghouse-keeper, Litchdon street

Mason Thomas, Inland Revenue officer, 13, Alexandra place

Matthews Edward, butcher and cattle dealer, 29 and 30, Butchers' row; h. 47, Boutport street

Maunder Samuel G., Weslyan schoolmaster, Reform street

May Mrs. Mary, Blue Coat schoolmistress, North walk

May Thomas and Son, grocers, provision merchants, and candle manufacturers, 71, High street

Miller Brothers, lace manufacturers, Derby lace factory, and at Nottingham

Milroy Miss Julia, ladies' day school, Boutport street

Milroy Alexander, travelling draper and teadealer, 40, Boutport street

Milton John, shopkeeper, Vicarage street

Mogridge John, cowkeeper, Trinity street

MOON JAMES, ironmonger, agricultural implement manufacturer, general smith, plumber, and tinplate-worker, 76, High street; and pawnbroker, Paige's lane, and at King street, South Molton. (See advertisement)

Moore Henry, bootmaker, 80, Boutport st

Moore Henry, outfitter, 8 and 9, High st

Morris Edward Elliott, grocer, 84, High st

MORRISON ROBERT PAUL, surgeon dentist, 44, High street

Moule Robert, butcher, 7, Butchers' row

Mullings William, marine store dealer, 34, Higher Maudlin street

MURCH THOMAS, ironmonger, lock, gun, and general smith, and musical instrument tuner, regulator, and repairer, 12, Bear street

Muxworthy William, "Beehive" inn, Green lane

Muxworthy William, governer of the Union Workhouse, Alexandra place

NANCEKIVELL JAMES, coachbuilder, Wells street. (See advertisement)

NATIONAL PROVINCIAL BANK OF ENGLAND (branch of), High cross - Thos. W. M. W. Guppy, manager

Newcombe Mrs. Elizabeth, sugar confectioner, 17, Joy street

NICKLIN OLIVER, pianoforte and musicseller and tuner, The Square, and at Bideford. (See advertisement)

Nicholls William, bootmaker, 33, Boutport street

Nickolls Arthur, licensed hawker, 91, Boutport street

Norman John, carpenter, Queen street


Norman Robert, wine and spirit merchant, Boutport street

NOSWORTHY JOSEPH COUMBE, chemist, operating and mechanical dentist, 94, High street. (See advertisement)

Northcote Charles Edward, surveyor, land agent, secretary to the Farmers' Club, borough treasurer, agent to the Atlas Fire and Life, and to the Norfolk Farmers' and General Assurance Company (limited), Boutport street

Nutt Anthony, edge-toolmaker, Bear street

OATWAY CHARLES, builder, contractor, undertaker, and letter of furnished apartments, Bear street. (See advertisement)

Oatway George, shoemaker, 31, Gaydon st

Oatway Mrs. Mary, baker and shopkeeper, 28, Gaydon street

Oatway Robert, tailor, Wells street

Oliver Mrs. Betsy, blacksmith and shopkeeper, Queen street

Oliver and Sons, builders and contractors, Cross street

Oliver William C. (firm of Oliver and Sons), architect and surveyor, Cross st

Ovey George, shoemaker, Union street

Palmer Cadwallader Edwards, solicitor, notary public, commissioner in Chancery, clerk to the commissioners of land, assessed, and property taxes, for the divisions of Braunton, Shirwell, and Fremington, and registrar to the archdeaconry of Barnstaple, Cross street

Palmer Francis W., saddler and harness maker, 34, High street

Parish Richard, carrier, Trinity street

Parker John, Inland Revenue clerk, 15, Alexandra place

Parker John, postmaster, Cross street

Parker John, shoemaker and greengrocer, Boutport street

Parkin Geo., butcher, 19, Butchers' row; h. Queen street

Parkin John, horsebreaker, 2, Parkman's court, Boutport street

Parkin Wm., hairdresser, 57, Boutport st

Parks James, wine and spirit merchant, 72, High street

Parminter John, "Braunton" inn, and mason, High street

PARTRIDGE JAMES, chemist and druggist, "Apothecaries' Hall," 75, High street

Paskey Miss, dressmaker, Vicarage terrace, Vicarage street

Passmore Mrs. Ann, laundress, Litchdon st

Pavey Samuel, chimneysweeper, Myrtle place, Queen street

Payne Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, 67, High st

Peake Edward, draper, 19, Joy street

Peake Henry, draper, 6, Joy street

Pearse George Blake, shipbroker, general commission and emigration agent, Quay; h. Silver street

Pearce Mrs. Martha, general draper, 45, Boutport street

Pedlar Thos., sugar confectioner, Vicarage street

PELLING JOHN, French and English milliner, "London House," 91, High st

Pengelly John, watch and clockmaker, 7, High street

Perkin Jas., mason, 32, Higher Maudlin st

Perkin Samuel, shoemaker, 35, Higher Maudlin street

Petter Edward, commercial traveller, Victoria road

Petter Edwin, maltster, corn, seed, hop, and manure merchant, Boutport street, and at Pilton

PETTLE HENRY, coach builder, The Square

Pettle Miss Lucy, ladies' day school, The Square

Phillips Geo., butcher, 30, Boutport street

Phillips James, tailor, Holland street

Phillips Mrs. Jane, shopkeeper, Trinity st

Phillips Mrs. Susan, shopkeeper, Vicarage st

Phillips William, painter, Bear street

Pickford and Co., general railway carriers, and town Carmen, 28, Joy street

Pike Mrs. Susan, "Green Dragon" inn, Boutport street

Pile William Webber, tailor, 79, Boutport st

Pitowsky Arnold, M.O.S., surgeon dentist, Boutport street

Pocock Samuel, grocer, 97, High street

Pope Charles, outfitter, "Devon Clothing Company," 31, High street; and at Totnes and Newton Abbot

Powning Thos. And Co., dyers, 66, High st

PRATT EDWARD, pharmaceutical chemist, High Cross; seed merchant, and oil and colourman, 1, Cross street

Price Mrs. Martha, watchmaker and tobacconist, 18, High street

Prideaux Richard Hill, basketmaker, 61, High street

Prideaux Wm., tailor, 53, High street

Pridham and Son, coach proprietors, and agents for the London and South-Western Railway Company, Joy street; and at Bideford and Ilfracombe

Prust Joseph, ship agent, Castle street

Pugsley Charles, carrier, Litchdon street

PULSFORD JOHN, builder, stone and marble mason, and general contractor, Cemetery Stone and Marble Works, Ebberly terrace, Bear street. (See advertisement)

Purchase John, poulterer, Litchdon street

Quick Mrs. Elizabeth, grocer, 102, High st

QUICK WM. HEAN, nurseryman, florist, seed and manure merchant, and cattle food manufacturer: Office, 3, Cross street. (See advertisement)

Radford John, cowkeeper, Hardaway Head

Rafarel Henry, collector to the Gas Company, 3, Summerland place


Pages 299 - 301

Rafarel William Claude, manager to the Gas Company, Bear street

RATCLIFFE J. AND COMPANY, tea dealers, grocers, and wine and spirit merchants, 41, High street

RAWLE, GAMMON, AND CO., timber merchants, Rolle's Quay

Rawle Samuel, "Rolle's Quay" inn, Rolle's Quay

Reid Thomas Gracie, "Admiral Vernon" inn, Maiden street

Rice John, shopkeeper, Litchdon street

Rice John H., blacksmith, Vicarage street

Rice Joshua S., machinist, 81, Boutport st

Richards Mrs. Elizabeth, beer retailer, Bear street

Richards Miss Mary Ann, milliner, Tooley street

Richards Mrs. Mary Ann, shopkeeper, Bear street

Richards Willm., "White Hart," Joy street

Ridd William, shoemaker, Castle street

ROBERTSON AND DAMON, wholesale and retail drapers, Ludgate house, High street

Robins The Misses Harriet and Mary, dressmakers and milliners, Cross street

Rottenberry George, outfitter, High Cross

Rowe James, gunsmith, 69, High street

Rowe Richard, farmer, Trinity street

Rowe William, baker, 105, High street

"ROYAL AND FORTESCUE" family and commercial hotel and posting house, Boutport street - Henry C. Fitze, proprietor. (See advertisement inside first cover)

Rudall John and Edward, grocers, 92, Boutport street

Rudall William M., accountant, Higher Maudlin street

Rude John, currier, Higher Maudlin street

Sanders Mrs. Ann, grocer, Queen street

Sanders John, tanner, Boutport street

SANDERS JOHN H., wool dealer, Pilton bridge

Sanders Mrs. Mary Ann, butcher, 22 and 23, Butchers' row; h. 29, Gaydon street

Sanders Samuel, carpenter, Holland street

Sanders Samuel, jun., fellmonger, Pilton bridge

Sanders William, brushmaker, Strand; h. Boutport street

Sanders William, painter, Holland street

Sanders William, watchmaker, 2, High st

Satterley Charles H., Bluecoat schoolmaster, North walk

Saunders Miss Joanna, Honiton lace dealer, and register office for servants, 127, Boutport street

Searle Samuel and Co., printers and booksellers, 15, High street

Seldon Edwin, "Globe" inn, Queen street

Seldon George Henry, grocer, 47, Boutport street

Seldon John, dairyman, Paige lane

Seldon John, family grocer and Italian warehouseman, 21, Joy street

Seldon and Manning, postmasters, coach and carriage proprietors, livery stable-keepers, and agents for Pickford and Co., 28, Joy street

Seldon Mrs. Maria, "Horse and Groom" inn, Boutport street

Seldon Robert, "Carpenters' Arms" inn, Vicarage street

Seldon Robert Frederick, butcher, 25, Butchers' row, and provision dealer, Vicarage street

Seldon Thomas, maltster, 9 Barbican ter

Seldon Thomas Prescott, maltster and spirit merchant, 108, Boutport street

Sellick John, refreshment rooms, 59, Boutport street

Sellick Joseph, watchmaker, Holland street; h. Quay

Sexon John, butcher, 4, Butchers' row

Scamp John, blacksmith, Lower Maudlin street

Shaddick Philip, ropemaker, Gaydon street

Shapland and Baker, dressmakers, 51, High street

SHAPLAND CHRISTOPHER, "Temperance" hotel, 69, High street

Shapland John Griffiths, grocer, Trinity st

Shore John, dairyman, 26, Boutport street

Short Samuel, watchmaker, jeweller, silversmith, and agent for the United Kingdom Temperance and General Life and Fire Insurance Company, 4, High street

Skinner Robert, dairyman, Barbican road

Slocombe Mrs. Mary Ann, "Swan" inn, Holland street

Sloley John, draper, 9 and 10, Joy street

Sloman George, baker and confectioner, 27, Joy street

Smallridge Samuel, poulterer, 87, Boutport street

SMYTH WILLIAM, linen and woollen draper, 81 and 82, High street. (See advertisement)

SMYTH ZACHARIAH, coachbuilder, auctioneer, district manager for the Great Britain Mutual Life Insurance Society and for the Queen's Building Society, agent for Miller and Johnson's manures, for the Liverpool and London and Globe Fire, and for the Britannia Fire Insurance Companies, North walk, and Tooley street

SNELL MICHAEL, importer of foreign wines and spirits, agents for Bass's, Allsopps', and Uffculme East India pale and other ales, and Guiness's Dublin stout, dealer in cigars, and agent for the Commercial Union, Eagle, and Imperial Fire and Life, the Railway Passengers', and the London and General Plate Glass Assurance Companies, Boutport street. (See advertisement)

Snook Francis, painter, Queen street

Snow Charles, "Golden Anchor" inn, Castle street

Snow Mrs. Elizabeth, staymaker, 64, Boutport street

Snow George, coal dealer, Trinity street

Southwood Miss Jane, upholstress, Litchdon street

Sowden Mrs. Prudence, milliner, 65, High street

Squire David, general smith, Diamond st

Squire Humphrey, painter, Diamond street

Squire Wm., shopkeeper, New Market st

Stapleton Josiah, lodginghouse-keeper, Quay

Stevens The Misses E. and M., milliners, The Square

Stevens James, "White Horse" inn, Boutport street

Stevens Robert, marine store dealer, Queen street

Stevens Samuel, tailor, Holland street

STEWARD WILLIAM, "George and Shakspeare" hotel, Boutport street. (See advertisement)

Stewart John and David, travelling drapers and teadealers, 36, Boutport street

Stone Edward, carter, Trinity street

Stone William, beer retailer, Holland street

Stoyle James, "Stafford Arms" inn, and mason, Trinity street

Stribling Mrs. Eliza Jane, dressmaker, The Square

Stribling Joseph, pilot, Holland street

Stribling Thomas, boot and shoemaker, The Square

Stribling William, upholsterer, 50, High st

STUMP SAMUEL, "Ilfracombe" commercial inn and posting house, High street. (See advertisement)

Summerfield Mrs. Elizabeth, lessee of Public Baths, Quay

Summers Thomas, baker, Belle Meadow, Silver street

Symmons John, tailor and ropemaker, Bear street

Symons Charles, timber and coal merchant, and steam saw-mill proprietor, Mallet's row, Queen street

Symons Mrs. Ellen, dressmaker, Holland st

Symons Richard, beer retailer, Hardaway Head

Symons Robert Spicer, grocer, Bear street

SYMONS AND SON, auctioneers, valuers, house agents, upholsterers, and undertakers, 32, Boutport st. (See advt.)

Symons Wm., chemist and druggist, 26, Joy street

Tamlyn Philip, corn dealer, Diamond street

Tamplyn William, ship agent, Bear street

Taylor Richard, butcher, 24, Butchers' row; h. 7, Grosvenor street

Thomas Mrs. Grace, lodginghouse-keeper, Litchdon street

Thomas Mrs. Mary Ann, shopkeeper, Vicarage street

Thorne David, "Nag's Head" inn, New Market street

Thorne Henry King, sub-distributor of stamps, high bailiff of the County Court, and clerk to the Improvement Commissioners, Cross street

Thorne John Arnold, solicitor, Cross street

Thorne Thos. G., brick and tile manufacturer, Barbican; h. Boutport street

Thornby John, confectioner and post horse letter, 66 and 67, Boutport street

Toller and Son, solicitors, Boutport street

Toller John Henry (firm of Toller and Son), solicitor, commissioner in chancery, perpetual commissioner for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women, deputy-coroner for the Barnstaple district, and Clerk of the Peace for the borough, Boutport street

Toller Wm. Henry (firm of Toller and Son), manager of the Devon and Exeter Savings Bank, Boutport street

Treganowan Henry, photographer, 12, High street

TREMEER JOHN J., dispensing chemist and druggist, and baking powder manufacturer, 65, Boutport street

Trestain john, earthenware dealer, 7, Joy street

Trewin Wm., governor of Borough Gaol, The Square

Tripe Francis W., draper, 32, High street

Tucker John, farmer, Maidenford

Tucker John Sanger M., dyer, Litchdon st

Tucker Miss Mary, lodginghouse-keeper, 7, Ebberly terrace

Tucker Tom John Pitts, solicitor, commissioner in chancery, and perpetual commissioner for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women, The Square

Turner John Coham, acting secretary and dispenser to the Barnstaple and North Devon Dispensary, Boutport street

TURNER MRS., wardrobe dealer, 1, Queen street. (See advertisement)

Vagg William, cooper, Boutport street

VELLACOTT AND EVANS, linen and woollen drapers, silk mercers, carpet warehousemen, and funeral furnishers, 21, High street. (See advertisement)

Vellacott Humphrey (firm of Vellacott and Evans); h. 2, Ebberly terrace

Venning Thomas, "Ebberly Arms" inn, Bear street

Vicary Geo. Hy., fishmonger, "Star," Quay

Vickery George Andrew, shopkeeper, Vicarage street

Vickery Richard, currier, Cross street

Wadham Mrs. Eliza, dessmaker, Litchdon street

Wadham Thos., grocer and bootmaker, Litchdon street

Wadsworth Hirad, supervisor of Inland Revenue, 1, Summerland place

Wainwright Thos., gentlemen's boarding and day school, Ebberly Lawn Academy

Waldon George, musical instrument dealer and repairer, Trinity street

WARD JAMES, lock and gunsmith, cutler, and bellhanger, 32, Joy street

Watts Henry, butcher, 12, Butchers' row

Watts Wm., carpenter, 5, Higher Maudlin st

Webb Edward, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, for Barnstaple district, Bear street

Webber James, cabinet maker, 127, Boutport street

Webber James Ambrose, tailor, 5, Cross st

Webber The Misses T. and E., dressmakers, 127, Boutport street

Webster Chas, haircutter, Strand & Queen st

Welch Wm., cutler and chimneysweeper, Queen street

WEST OF ENGLAND AND SOUTH WALES DISTRICT BANK (branch of ), The Square - Henry Dene, manager

Westacott John, blacksmith, Green lane

Westacott John, coachmaker and secondhand clothes dealer, Queen street

Westacott Miss Sally, milliner, High street

Westacott and Sons, shipbuilders, Bridge wharf; h. 4, Taw Vale parade

Whetton William, fish dealer, Cross street

White George, outfitter, 105, Boutport st

White Richard, collector of Customs, receiver of wreck, superintendent of Mercantile Marine, and registrar of Royal Naval Reserve, Quay

WHITMARSH REV. WM. T., gentlemen's boarding and day school, Union Terrace Academy. (See advertisement)

WHITMARSH MRS. W. T., ladies' school, Union Terrace Academy. (See advertisement)

WICKHAM AND MAXWELL, wine and spirit merchants, 60 Boutport st. (See advt. Facing History of Barnstaple)

Wilkins John, lodginghouse-keeper, Bear st

WILLSHIRE CHARLES S., iron and brassfounder and wholesale ironmonger, Barnstaple foundry, Newport road; h. 1, Potland place, Victoria road

WILLIAMS HENRY REDMORE, wholesale and retail furnishing and general ironmonger, 10, High st. (See advt.)

Williams John, wood turner, Quay

Wills William, draper, 109, High street

Winter William, brushmaker, Strand

Wivell Mrs. Mary Ann, lodginghouse-keeper, Quay house, Castle street

WIVELL WM., ale and porter brewer, and coal merchant, Barnstaple Brewery, Taw Vale parade; h. Litchdon street. (See advertisement)

Wood Andrew Page, printer, bookseller, and stationer, 107, High street

Woodman Samuel, emigration agent, Boutport street

Woolacott The Misses Henrietta and Eliza C., refreshment rooms, Railway Station; h. High street

Wright John, shopkeeper, Wells street

YEO DENNIS AND COMPANY, wine and spirit merchants and wholesale and retail grocers, Quay

Yeo Henry, "White Lion" inn, and corn merchant, Castle street

Yeo James, tailor, Boutport street

Youatt James, shopkeeper, 15, Gaydon st

Youings James, mason and sexton, New Market street

Youings James John, plumber, tinman, and gasfitter, 54, High street

Youings William, stonemason, Bear street, and grocer, 54, High street

Young Charles, "Bristol" inn, Litchdon st

YOUNG JOHN D., iron and brass founder, plumber and wholesale ironmonger, Silver street; h. 9, Taw Vale parade











Letters from London, and all parts ... ... ... ...

North Mail and Exeter ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

London, and all parts (Day Mail) ... ... ... ... ...

On Sundays, one delivery only, at ... ... ... ...

7 0 a.m.

12 40 p.m.

 6 15 p.m.

 7 0 a.m.

7 30 a.m.

 12 40p.m.

  6 15 p.m.

  7 30 a.m.












London, and all parts (Night Mail)...

7 20 p.m.

7 45 p.m

6 50 p.m.

7 20 p.m.

Ditto Sundays ... ... ...

7 15 p.m.

7 40 p.m.

London, and places beyond (Day Mail)

7 0 a.m.

8 30 p.m. on previous evening.

Ireland, Scotland, North Wales, North of England, Midland Counties, Bath, places on the Bristol, Exeter, & South Western Lines, Channel Islands, &c.

2 10 p.m.

2 20 p.m.

1 50 p.m

2 10 p.m.

Lynton, and other places under Barnstaple

5 45 a.m.

8 30 p.m. on previous evening.

Ilfracombe and Braunton

5 20 p.m.

5 0 p.m.

Bideford and Torrington

11 45 a.m.

11 30 a.m.

11 45 a.m.

Bideford, Appledore, Instow, Fremington, and Ilfracombe ... ...

9 0 p.m.

8 30 p.m.


POSTAL TELEGRAPH OFFICE - James Royle, clerk in charge.

The office is open for general business from 7.0 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. On Sundays from 7.0 to 8.0 a.m., and from 9.0 to 10.0 a.m.

Money Orders granted and paid, and Savings Bank and Annuity business transacted from 9.0 a.m. to 5.0 p.m. On Saturdays until 7.0 p.m.

NEWPORT sub-office, at Mr. Harper's, is cleared at 8.0 a.m., 1.0 p.m., and 5.50 p.m.

PILTON sub-office, at Mr. Gribble's, cleared at 1.10 p.m. and 6.35 p.m.

PILLAR BOX, Bridge, cleared at 1.30 p.m. and 6.5 p.m. On Sundays at 9.45 a.m. only.

PILLAR BOX, corner of Bear street, Boutport street, cleared at 1.30 p.m. and 6.35 p.m. On Sundays at 9.45 a.m. only.

 Members of Parliament.

Thomas Cave, Esq., 66, Lancaster gate, Hyde Park, London

Charles Henry Williams, Esq., Pilton house, Barnstaple

County Magistrates usually attending Petty Sessions.

Rev. James Arthur

Sir Arthur Chichester, Bart.

Sir Alexander Palmer Bruce Chichester, Bart.

Charles Chichester, Esq.

William Curry, Esq.

Thomas John Dennis, Esq.

J. Marsh Dunn, Esq.

Colonel Harding

James Gay Hiern, Esq.

George Edward Kingson, Esq.

Thomas S. Law, Esq.

Rev. Henry Bourchier Wrey, M.A.

Charles Henry Webber, Esq.

Charles Henry Williams, Esq., M.P.

Clerk - John Sherard Clay

 Petty sessions are held at the Guildhall every alternate Wednesday, at 12 noon


Borough Magistrates.

Rd. Budd, Esq., M.D.


T.W.M.W. Guppy Esq.

Robert Budd Esq.


 G. E. Kingson, Esq.

J. K. Cotton Esq.


John M. Miller, Esq.

Henry Dene, Esq.


 T. L. Willshire, Esq.

John Morris Fisher, Esq.


Wm. Young, Esq.

Clerk - John Sherard Clay

Petty sessions are held at the Guildhall every alternate Thursday, at 12 noon


Hon. Mark Rolle, High Steward

William Thorne, Esq., Mayor

Charles Jerome Murch, Esq., Recorder


Robert Budd


 Charles S. Willshire

E. P. Cadwallader


 Michael Cooke

John May Miller


 T. W. M. W. Guppy


Henry Gribble


William Thorne

B. Manning


William Hills

Robert Gregory


James Martin

John Channon


Richard Farleigh

C. H. Gamble


Charles Craswaller

John Dendle


John Inch Knill

James Harris


Samuel Glyde

Thomas May


John Dennis Young

John Seldon


John R. Chanter

Coroner - Richard Incledon Bencraft

Town Clerk - Lionel Thomas Bencraft

Clerk of the Peace - John Henry Toller

Borough Treasurer and Inspector of Weights and Measures - Charles E. Northcote

Borough Surveyor - Richard David Gould

Harbour Master and Water Bailiff - Henry Hearson

Sergeants at Mace - William Chanter and John Hopkins

Beadles - Wm. Gabriel and Alfred Bater

Town Crier - Alfred Bater

Searchers of the Market - Superintendent Thomas Blanchard and Sergeant G. Songhurst

Lessee of the Market, Richard Hancock

Lessee of the Quay, Charles Snow

Inspector of Common Lodging Houses, Supt. Blanchard


Marshalls and Gribble, Barnstaple Old Bank, High street (draw on Dimsdale, Fowler, and Co., London)

National Provincial Bank of England (branch of) High Cross (draw on Head Office, Bishopsgate street, London) - Thomas William Matthew Wilks Guppy, manager

West of England and South Wales District Bank (branch of) the Square (draw on Glyn, Mills and Co., London) - Henry Dene, manager

Devon and Exeter Savings Bank (branch of) Boutport street. William Henry Toller, manager. Open on Tuesdays from 10 to 3; Fridays from 10 to 4; and Saturdays from 6 to 8 p.m.


Assembly Rooms, Boutport street

Baths and Washhouses, Quay - Miss Elizbth. Summerfield, lessee

Borough Gaol, the Square - William Trewin, governor; Mrs. Elizabeth W. Trewin, matron; Rev. George Johnston, B.D., chaplain; Michael Cooke, surgeon

Borough Lock-up, the Square - Wm. Gabriel, keeper

Burial Board, Office, High street - William Knill, clerk

Cemetery, Goodleigh road - William Green, lodge keeper; James Youings, sexton

Christian Knowledge Society's Depôt, 107, High street - Andrew Page Wood, depository

County Court, Guild Hall, Office, Quay place - Serjeant Petersdorff, judge. Lionel Thomas Bencraft, registrar; Henry King Thorne, high bailiff. The district comprises the following places:- Ashford, Arlington, Atherington, Barnstaple, Berrynarbor, Bittadon, Bishops Tawton, Braunton, Bratton Fleming, Brendon, Challacombe, Combmartin, Countisbury, East Down, Fremington, Goodleigh, Georgeham, Heanton Punchardon, Highbray, Ilfracombe, Kentisbury, Landkey, Loxhore, Lynton, Marwood, Martinhoe, Morthoe, Newton Tracey, Parracombe, Pilton, Shirwell, Stoke Rivers, Swimbridge, Tawstock, Trentishoe, and West Down

County Police Station (A division), Tooley Street - Captain Henry Hone Hilliker, superintendent

Custom House, Quay - Rd. White, collector; John Romilly Gale, assistant examining officer

Dispensary, Boutport street - John Coham Turner, acting secretary and dispenser

Farmers' Club, Boutport street - Charles E. Northcote, secretary

Freehold Land Society, 6, Cross street - Richard Farleigh, secretary; Richard Davie Gould, architect

Gas Company's Office, 43, High street - Richard Ashton, secretary; William Claude Rafarel, manager; Henry Rafarel, collector

Island Revenue Office, 35, High street; Charles ; Dudgeon, collector; Hirad Wadsworth, supervisor - Thos. Mason and Richard Granger, officers

Literary and Scientific Institution - William Knill, librarian; W. H. Toller, honorary secretary

Music Hall, Boutport street - John Andrews and William Tamplyn, lessees

North Devon Infirmary, Litchdon - Richard Budd, M.D., physician; James W. Cooke, house surgeon; Miss E. Williams, matron; Rev. G. Johnston, B.D., chaplain; John Bridgman, secretary

Police Station, Guildhall - Thos. Blanchard, superintendent

Religious Tract Society's Depôt, 74½, High st. - Miss Mary Jane Horne, depositary

Stamp Office, Cross street - Henry K. Thorne, sub-distributor

Surveyor of Taxes Office, 35, High street - George Harrison, surveyor

Union Workhouse, Alexandra place - Wm. Muxworthy, master; Mrs. Ann Muxworthy, matron; Rev. George Johnston, B.D., chaplain; Michael Cooke, surgeon; James Langdon, clerk to the Guardians; Henry Thomas, schoolmaster; Miss M. Curtis, schoolmistress

Waterworks Company's Office, Quay- Robt. Heard, secretary



Pages 304 - 305


Assistant Overseer - John Bridgman

Clerk to the Land, Assessed, and Property Tax Commissioners for Braunton, Shirwell, and Fremington - Cadwallader Edwards Palmer

Clerk to the Improvement Commissioners - Henry King Thorne

County Coroner - Richd. Bremridge

Deputy Coroner - John Henry Toller

Registrar for the Archdeaconry of Barnstaple - Cadwallader Edwards Palmer

Relieving Officer - John Gaydon

Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - Edward Webb

Superintendent Registrar - John Barry

Sheriff's Officer - Charles Edwd. Northcote



St. Peter and St. Paul Parish, High street - Rev. Gilbert Innes Wallas, M.A., vicar

Holy Trinity, Barbican - Rev. Christopher Haggard, M.A., incumbent

St. Mary Magdalen, Bear street - Rev. Henry John Bull, M.A., vicar

St. John the Baptist, Newport - Rev. Joseph Gifford, M.A., vicar


Baptist, Boutport street - Rev. Jonathan P. Carey, minister

Baptist (Particular), Vicarage street - Rev. Charles Alexander, minister

Bible Christian, Reform street - Rev. Wm. Kenner, minister

Brethren, Bear st - R. C. Chapman, minister

Congregational, Cross street - Rev. Robert A. Bertram, minister

Roman Catholic, Trinity street - Very Rev. Ralph Provost Brindle, priest

Weslyan, Boutport street - Rev. Alfred Mewton, Rev. James Walter, ministers


Grammar - Rev. Thomas Ansell Marshall, M.A., head master

Bluecoat, North walk - Charles H. Satterley, master; Mrs. Mary May, mistress

Brethren's, Grosvenor street - Miss Priscilla Squire, mistress

Holy Trinity (National), Trinity street - Miss Emma Brabham, mistress

St,. Mary Magdalen (National), Lower Maudlin street - Wm. German, master

St. Mary Magdalen (Infants'), Reform street - Miss Elizth. Holloway, mistress

National, North walk - Miss Elizabeth Kershaw, mistress

Roman Catholic (St. Mary's) - Miss Catherine Mary Keeler, mistress

Weslyan, Reform street - Samuel G. Maunder, master; Miss Rebecca Barnett, infants' mistress


"North Devon Journal," published every Thursday (with a daily sheet) - John Gould Hayman and Son, 96, High street, proprietors and publishers. (See advertisement)

"Barnstaple Times," published every Tuesday - John B. Jones, Boutport Street, proprietor and publisher. (See advt.)

"North Devon Advertiser," published every Friday - John Jones and Co., Boutport street, proprietors and publishers. (See advertisement)

"Barnstaple Messenger," - Samuel Harris, 51, High street, proprietor and publisher


North Devon Railway Station, Sticklepath road- Charles Heather, stationmaster and goods manager


To Ilfracombe, from Pridham and Son's office, Joy street, daily, at 9 a.m., 10 a.m., 12 noon (via Braunton), 4.30 p.m., and 5 p.m. in summer; and 9 a.m., 10.15 a.m., 4.30 p.m., and 5.30 p.m. in winter; leaving Ilfracombe at 5.45 a.m., 9.15 a.m., 9.30 a.m. (via Braunton), 12.50 p.m., and 5 p.m. in summer, and 9.30 a.m. and 5 p.m. in winter

To Lynton daily at 4.30 p.m., leaving Lynton 9 a.m. in summer, and 3 p.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays; leaving Lynton at 8 a.m. in winter


London and South Western Railway Co., Joy street - Pridham and Son, agents

Pickford and Co., Joy Street - Seldon and Manning, agents

Sutton and Co.'s Parcels Office, 26, Boutport street - G. Shore, agent


Appledore - Richard Parish, from Lion Tap, Square, daily

Bideford - Richard Parish, from Lion Tap, daily

Bratton Fleming - Parkin, from White Horse, Boutport street, Tuesday and Friday

Braunton - Gammon, from Braunton Inn, daily, at 5 p.m.

Combmartin - James Turner, Bell Inn, Quay, 4.p.m., Tues and Fri. Willis, from King's Arms, High street, Tues and Fri

Dolton - Beale, from Bell Inn, Sat, at 12

Hatherleigh - Bowman, from Shipwrights' Arms, Square, Mon

Ilfracombe - Charles Pugsley, from his house, Litchdon street, daily

Instow - Richard Parish, from Lion Tap, daily, at 12

Lynton - Crang, Bear street, daily

Plymouth - Bowman, from Shipwrights' Arms, Square, Mon

South Molton - Gould, from Bell Inn, Quay, at 4 p.m. daily

Stratton - Guest, from Bell Inn, Quay, Fri, at 4 p.m.

Tiverton - Manning, from Bell Inn, Quay, Fri, at 4 p.m.

Transcript Notes.

* This should probably read 'Bristol Channel' and not 'British Channel'





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