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Genealogy Lists at Rootsweb

This is an index to all of my Genealogy Lists here at Rootsweb. A few are listed where I don't administer the list, only associated Message Boards. All the pages for the lists I administer are part of the Rootsweb Mail List Web Ring.

Also included is the homepage for the GenChat Webring. Are you new to IRC?

General List Rules. If you have questions about this lndex, Email me.

Other lists: IRC-RW-L, Gen-IRC-L, Images-Online-Help-L, [email protected]
Clan-MacBean-L and Clan-Colquhoun-L.
Valorie's Genealogy Lists

Genealogy pages: Baysingers in Alsace, Cowans in Selkirkshire.

Baysinger, Disney, Goosic, Horine, Kammerer, McBee, Triplett.

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