Alvin Earl Evans

May 13, 1939 – April 8, 1999


In sad but loving memory of our dear father and husband, who died April 8, 1999.


Time speeds on, TWENTY TWO  years have passed,

Since death, its gloom, its shadows cast.

Within our home, where all seemed bright,

It came and took a shining light.

We miss that light and ever will,

A vacant place that none can fill.

Down here we mourn, but not in vain,

For up in Heaven we will meet again.


We seem to see in the soft dim light
A face we love the best,

And think of him when the sun’s last ray

Goes down in the far-off West.

We miss you no less as time passes on,

Than we did on the day of your going,

For absence can never close the door of out hearts,

And the lamp of our love is still glowing.

Your heart was the truest in all the wide world,

Your love the best to recall,

For no one on earth could take your place,

You are still the dearest of all.


A wonderful father, husband and aid.

One who was better, God never made.

A wonderful father, so loyal and true,

One in a million – that father was you.

Just in your judgment, always right,

Honest and liberal, always upright.

Loved by your friends and all who you knew,

Our wonderful father – that father was you.


There is a grief that finds no comfort,

There are wounds that can not heal,

And sorrows buried in our hearts,

That never can be revealed.


Daughters and Wife