Harry Lynn Hopewell

Harry Lynn Hopewell
December 19, 1937-March 28, 2006

Harry Lynn Hopewell, Jr. was born and raised in Portsmouth, Virginia. He was the son of Harry Lynn Hopewell, Sr. and Charlotte Ross Mathews. His late father was co-founder of the Circle Restaurant, a Portsmouth institution.  He married Carolyn Jean Lawrence, daughter of Frank Dudley Lawrence, Jr., (son of Portsmouth banker and baseball team owner, Frank D.  Lawrence) and Charlotte Ernestine Crawford. He was a graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School in Portsmouth, Virginia.

Harry spent many years researching his family history. At his website you can see all of his research which includes many old pictures made in Portsmouth. It is a colossal website, so be prepared to spend a lot of time browsing if you visit it.

Sadly, Lynn Hopewell passed away on March 28, 2006. Through his hard work, he leaves a beautiful legacy for anyone who grew up in the Portsmouth area.

Lynn's Homepage can be reached by using this link. http://hopewell.org/

He was related to the Barclay's, who owned the Barclay Plantation property that Cradock was built on, through his Manning-Matthews line. He mentions many of the Barclay's who were buried in the cemetery nestled in the woods between Lee Hall Apartments and the old Cradock High School. Many children raised in Cradock remember seeing these headstones as they played all around them. To read about who was buried in the "Barclay Family Cemetery" on "Paridise (sic) Creek" use this link. Barclay Family of what is now Cradock and Ancestors