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Admiral Sir Christopher Cradock

Photo scanned from 1948 Cradock Yearbook

English Cruiser Good Hope Reported Sunk With Rear Admiral Cradock and 900 Men
1914 Atlanta, Ga. Newspaper Report

Virginia Town Honors British Hero
1920 Washington Post Account
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Alexander Park

A short history of the development of Alexander Park later know as Academy Park then Fairwood Homes

Copy of Lease and pictures  while under construction in 1942

Alexander Park 1956 City Directory - original pages scanned

Arlington Ave   Barclay Ave   Belmont Ave   Cavalier Blvd   Cavalier Ct   DeKalb Ave   Dorset Ave  

Elliott Ave   Freedom   Gleep    Gygax  Ave   Independence   Kirby Ave   Langley Blvd   McLean St   Norman St   Quantico

St   S. Rodman   Victory Blvd       

Alexander Park Map

Developed By The Federal Public Housing Authority of the National Housing Agency
November 1942

Map showing every street in Alexander Park at time of development

Camp Hamilton, Fort Monroe, VA

The names of Southern Soldiers and Citizens interred at
Camp Hamilton, near Fort Monroe, Virginia. From The Norfolk Virginian 1865 Newspaper

Cora Mae Fitzgerald 

Cradock High School teacher between 1947 and 1969. Includes her picture, obituary and a brief genealogy.



June 29, 1919 New York Times article.  This article describes the way Cradock came to be, the designs of the houses and much more. Very interesting reading about Cradock. Pictures are too dark to see.

Same article transcribed and suitable for printing for ease in reading.

This is  from a two volume, hard-covered collection of newspaper articles, literary compositions, personal lists, and personal interest items belonging to Mr. and Mrs. James F. Freed who lived at 59 Bainbridge Ave., Cradock, Va. The book is named "The Ship's Bell."

2002 Photos made around Cradock.

1956 Hill Directory. Index to links showing the original pages scanned. These pages list all of Cradock's streets and many other streets throughout Portsmouth. (Click on picture to enlarge.)

1956 Hill Directory (Cradock section transcribed.)

1920 Cradock census transcribed here.

Questions asked at the 1920 census (will describe each column of 1920 census.)

Cradock street index with a link to that part of the transcribed census.

Old newspaper articles that mention Cradock. (Be sure to use scroll bars to see all articles)


Cradock High School

Aerial View of Cradock High School & surrounding area scanned from the 1947 Yearbook

History and Dedication page taken from the 1947 Yearbook.

Cradock High School 1940 Yearbook
Cover Faculty Seniors Juniors Sophomores ,  Freshmen

Cradock High School 1941 Yearbook
Seniors, Juniors,  Sophomores, Freshmen

Cradock High School 1942 Yearbook
Faculty, Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores,

Cradock High School 1943 Yearbook
Faculty, Seniors

Cradock High School 1944 Yearbook
Faculty, Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen

Cradock High School 1945 Yearbook
Faculty, Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores,

Cradock High School 1946 Yearbook
Faculty, Seniors

Cradock High School 1947 Yearbook
Faculty, Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen

Cradock High School 1948 Yearbook
Faculty Seniors Juniors Sophomores 

Cradock High School 1949 Yearbook
Faculty Seniors Juniors Freshmen 

Cradock High School 1950 Yearbook

Cradock High School 1951 Yearbook
Seniors Juniors
Sophomores Freshmen

Cradock High School 1952 Yearbook

Cradock High School 1953 Yearbook

Cradock High School 1954 Yearbook
Faculty Seniors
Juniors Sophomores,  Freshmen

Cradock High School 1955 Yearbook
Faculty Seniors
Juniors Sophomores,  Freshmen

Cradock High 1956 Yearbook 
Faculty Seniors
Juniors Sophomores Freshmen

Cradock High School 1957 Yearbook
Faculty Seniors Juniors

Cradock High School 1958 Yearbook
Seniors, Juniors,
Sophomores,  Freshmen

Cradock High School 1959 Yearbook
Seniors, Freshmen

Cradock High School 1960 Yearbook
Faculty Seniors
Juniors Sophomores Freshmen

Cradock High School 1961 Yearbook

Cradock High School 1962 Yearbook
Seniors Juniors
Sophomores Freshmen8th Grade

 Class Reunions

Class of 1952 55th Year Reunion

Class of 1955 50th Year Reunion

Class of 1956 50th Year Reunion

District Deputy Grand Masters

Transcribed from the Norfolk Virginian, December 19, 1865

Greenlawn Memorial Gardens and Mausoleum
Route 58
Chesapeake, VA

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1960 City Street Map Published by Flying A Service/Tidewater Oil. Complete map online Norfolk & Portsmouth

1936 map of Portsmouth & Surrounding area

1940's (early) Gulf Oil State Map
This section covers Portsmouth, Norfolk, Newport News, Suffolk, Va Beach & Elizabeth City, NC but is not a detailed map.

Mid to Late 1940 Street Map
Very detailed

1942 Wagner's map covers Norfolk and Portsmouth

Bird's eye view of Norfolk, Portsmouth, Berkley, Norfolk Co., Va.
This is a link to panoramic views of Portsmouth/Norfolk dated 1873-1891? placed online by The Library of Congress.

North Carolina

Trying to identify the children in the photo of West Lenoir Elementary School, Lenoir, NC, First Grade Class, 1948 - 1949


An Index to some obituaries reported in the Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Va. Beach, Norfolk Co., & Princess Anne Newspapers   Between 1900-1968   (Most from The Virginian Pilot)

A few obituaries transcribed from the Portsmouth Daily Times 1879

Off-site Links - These sites are maintained by other people.

1855 Yellow Fever in Norfolk and Portsmouth, Virginia Compiled by Donna Bluemink

History of Virginia Beach
Formerly Princess Anne County 

Maintained by the Princess Anne County/Va Beach Historical Society

Obituary Daily Times
The Obituary Daily Times is a daily index of published obituaries.

Portsmouth Navy Yard
1860 City of Portsmouth, Virginia Census

A census of all military living on Portsmouth Navy Yard grounds in 1860.


Portsmouth Orphan Asylum

There was an orphanage in the Norfolk County, Westhaven section of Portsmouth. This is a transcribed copy of the children in that orphanage in 1930.

Portsmouth, VA Timeline

Portsmouth events that occurred between 1608 and 1968 with a link to City of Portsmouth, which has updated Portsmouth History timeline, and a link to the Norfolk Naval Shipyard History website.

Postcards - Some Very Old

This is a 5 page collection of postcards. Included are the National Guard Armory on Elm Ave., Norfolk/Portsmouth Ferry Entrances, Trinity Episcopal Church, St. Paul's Catholic Church, Park View Baptist Church, Court Street Baptist Church, Naval Hospital Grounds (1907) and aerial view, Naval Shipyard Entrance (9  O'clock Cannon), Court House, Post Office, Confederate Monument, Downtown Portsmouth Scenes, Army & Navy Union Memorial, Craford Place, Churchland Bridge, Old City Park Entrance Bridge (off of King Street), Norfolk/Portsmouth Bridge Tunnel Entrance, Portside, Portsmouth Country Club, Woodrow Wilson High School & Stadium, King's Daughters Hospital (later name Portsmouth General Hospital), Sunset Manor Motel, Waterview Apts. Strawberry & Potato Field in Portsmouth, Va Beach Fishing Pier, U. S. Coast Guard Station


Williams Court

Transcribed from the 1956 Hill Directory. Lists street name, number and name of head of household.

Williams Court Kindergarten Class 1947/1948
This picture was provided by "Dinky" Jackson. If you were in this class with him, maybe you can help identify these children

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