Professor Johannes Texelius and Family, (1568-1746)

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The Rotterdam Professor Johannes Texelius and His Family

 by H.H. Van Dam.

From:   Monthly of the Genealogical and Heraldic Society: "The Lion of The Netherlands," No. 4, XLIV Year, April 1926.

By doing some research in the family papers owned by a member of the Rotterdam family van Overzee, I found some information about the above mentioned professor, which I thought important enough to be recorded.  I added some information from baptismal and marriage records and some other information that was in my possession.

I.   Jan Jan Texel (According to other information Jan Jacobse van Texel) - born 1568, died 29 July 1636, was married to Claasic Cornelisd. Muys (whose portrait is still in possession of the Overzee family).  Born 1571, died 1 August, 1636.

    According to tradition, this couple was hanged by a murderer in Oudewater from their doorpost and were cut down in time and revived, there is some doubt about the date of this story and it might pertain to an older generation.

     From this marriage:

1.  Neeltje Jans Texel, born 1597, died 10 July, 1625.

2.  Annetje Jans Texel, born 1600, died 26 August, 1627.

3.  Jan Jans Texel, died 12 September, 1627.

4.  Pieter Jans Texel, died 20 September, 1636.

5.  Jacob Jans Texel, born 1602, medical doctor and surgeon, died 13 April, 1637.

6.  Gerritje  (Also known as Grietje) Jans Texel, born 1603, died 23 September 1650.

7.  Dirk Texel (follows below).

II.  Dirk Texel, born 3 February 1605, called himself according to the customs of his day:  Theodorus Texelius, registered as a student in Leiden 18 July 1624 "Theodorus Texelius Veteraquinas, 19 years old also member of the College of Theological Students," born in Oudewater 3 February, 1605, clergyman, appointed to the Holy Services in Os on 7 July, 1633 and also in Schoonrewoerd on 22 January, 1637, died 23 August, 1652, was married on 18 June, 1634 to Ariaentie Pieters van der Zijde, born 5 May, 1603, died 12 September, 1693.

From this marriage:

1.  Reijntje Texelius (also known as Rijmpje), born 8 March 1635, died Rotterdam, buried 5/12 July, 1716, was married to Leendert Reedo (Rheeda).

2.  Johannes Texelius, see IIIA.

3.  Pieter Texelius, see IIIB.

4.  Clasina Texelius, born 15 February 1643, was married to Johannes Pot.

5.  Magtilda Texelius, born 24 October, 1645, died Rotterdam 26 February 1719.


A.  Doctor of Theology Johannes Texelius, born in Schoonrewoerd 27 November, 1637, student in Franeker in May 1656 and acquired his Bachelor's degree November 29, 1660, his Master's degree on Ascension Day 1661, appointed to Holy Services in Capelle aan den IJssel 4 March, 1663, transferred to Rotterdam 29 December, 1667, appointed there 5th February 1668, Curator of the Erasmiaensche school there in 1680, Professor of Greek linguistics and Elocution there in 1687 until 3rd July, 1706, when he was appointed Professor of Holy Theology.  He was a deputy of the Synod of South Holland five times.  On 20 November, 1707 he dedicated the beautiful new pulpit in the St. Laurens Church (Rotterdam) and became Professor Emeritus on October 8, 1721.  Some of his poems became well known.  D. van Hoogstraten dedicated a poem to him on the occasion of the painting of his portrait.

Here is shown by van der Werf's art, oh dear Fatherland,

The noble features of our oldest Clergyman,

Who takes care of his flock on the silver stream of the Rotte,

And through his life is a mirror of example to the pious.

He handed out lessons full of instruction to the youth.

This peace-loving heart breathes nothing but love and peace.

The power of his virtue will last longer than all art

As long as the Maas River will stream through this rich mercantile city

    This portrait, pained by P. van der Werf, has been in the Boymans Museum in Rotterdam since 1860.  It was donated by Mr. J. van Overzee, a descendant of Johannes Texelius.  Of this portrait, pained in 1718, there is a copper gravure done by P. van Gunst.  There appears to be a second portrait of him painted by J. Buys and engraved by Renier Vinkeles.  I also found the following poem:

"To  a portrait of Dr. Johannes Texelius, oldest professor of Holy Theology and Linguistics, Servant of Jesus Christ in the city of Rotterdam."

This is Texel, oldest Helmsman and beacon of the Saviour's Harbor,

This very soft spokesman, and when in the pressures of rough seas.

Through them with calms and love he brings us into Heavens harbor

And guards for Rotte and Maas, who can take freely of his gifts

                 Dirk de Veth.

Johannes Texelius died in Rotterdam on 31 May, 1726.  A. H. Westerhoven composed the following Elegy:

Here rests the Father of the church at the Maas in common

Honored by rich and poor, loved by great and small;

The love of peace could be seen in his eyes,

A man and father in need for widow and orphan;

A linguist, with brilliant mind and dapper church leader

A generous heart combined with true friendliness

This is what Texelius was for a long series of years

He carried this crown on his blond and gray locks,

And forever will sound:  Happy the one who dies like this

So that although he misses life, he will never be deprived of it.

He married in Capelle aan den IJssel on March 22, 1666 Elisabeth van Pelt, born 4 September, 1645, died Rotterdam 7 June, 1712, daughter of Johannes and Maria de Roy.  (Further information about him can be found in the Rotterdamsch Jaarboekje I (1888) page 50 and 51 and also the Nieuw Biographisch Woordenboek Volume V. page 903.)

From this marriage:

1.  Adriana Texelius, born Capella aan den IJssel 25 January, 1667, died Rotterdam 16 December 1712, married Gerrit van der Sluys, "skipper from Amsterdam."  

2.  Johannes Texelius, born January 12 baptised Rotterdam 15 January 1669, died 6 August 1710.

3.  Maria Texelius, born 9 November 1670, died 15 April 1676.

4.  Elisabeth Texelius, born Rotterdam 8 April, 1673.  (Probably buried in Rotterdam between 2-8 January 1707.)

5.  Johanna Texelius, born Rotterdam 28 October, 1674, died Rotterdam, buried between 28 June and 4 July, 1716.

6.  Maria Texelius, born Rotterdam 17 April 1676, died Rotterdam 21 February, 1759, married Rotterdam 8 May 1709, marriage license 21 April, to Florens Eilbracht, born Rotterdam April 17, baptised 19 April 1676, wine broker, had his residence "on the point." (a street name), son of Casparus and Catharina Costerman, died Rotterdam 21 February, 1759, buried in the Grote Church there.  (Their daughter Elisabeth married in Rotterdam 22 November, 1733 to Pieter van Overzee.

7.  Theodorus Texelius, born Rotterdam 16 February 1679, died Rotterdam 11 May 1684.

8.  Pieter Texelius, born Rotterdam 24 April 1681, died Breda 7 November, 1764, married Rotterdam 17 October 1723, marriage license 3 October, to Agatha Maria de Ruijt, born August 1682, died Gouda 18 April 1764, widow of Master Anthony Moerings, during his life council member and Alderman in the town of Gouda.

9.  Dr. Theodorous Texelius, born Rotterdam 25 or 28 January, 1685, recorded as a student in Leiden 5 May 1703 Theodorous Texelius Roteradamensis."  20 years of age P. Hon. e.," he was appointed in the Holy Services in Ooltjesplaat in 1709, became emeritus 21 March, 1730, he was re-registered in Leiden on 25 October, 1734, "Theodorus Texelius Minister Emeritus from Ooltjens Plaat 46 years of age," died Voorschoten 8 September, 1742 (1746?), married December 1711 to Anna van der Geer.

(There is another "Theodorus Texelius of Rotterdam, 20 years of age P.Hon. e" registered as a student in Leiden 22 September, 1700.  I cannot fit this one into the genealogy."

10.  Ida Texelius, born Rotterdam 2 March 1688, died Rotterdam 2 March 1726, married Rotterdam 7 May, 1713, marriage license 23 April, with Christiaan Havighhorst, born Bremen 18 May, 1677, merchant, died Rotterdam 17 August, 1750.


B.  Dr. Pieter Texelius, born Ouderkerk 30 April, 1640, registered as a student in Leiden 4 July 1662 "Petrus Texelius Ouderkerckanus 22 years of age," he was appointed to the Holy Services of Schipluyden, in 1680 he was appointed in the Briel, he died in Briel 18 March, 1715, was buried on March 24 in St. Catharina's church, married (1st) to Elisabeth Verburg, (2nd) to Ida de With (daughter of Admiral Witte Cornelisz de With and Hildegonda van Gogh) died Briel 10 September, 1715, buried September 15th.

From this marriage:

1.  Theodorus Texelius, born Schipluyden 2 October, 1677, registered as a student in Leiden 10 September, 1692 "Theodorus Texelius, 15 years of age," died in Rotterdam 18 July, 1695.  An elegy was dedicated to him:

This tombstone covers the youthful body

of Theodoor who died much too young

Although a flower may be growing in the mud

Its scent will not be spoiled,

Oh give him everlasting Life,

He was early wise and early to joing God.

As a coat of arms of the Texelius family I have found:  On a red shield a black upside-down anchor, accompanied by two golden lions facing each other, resting with their paws on the anchor.  However, Rietstap gives: on gold a black anchor upside-down, and tow red lions facing each other.



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