First Americans - A Description of New Netherlands

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"A Pedigree Partly Indian, Partly Batavian"

    First Americans

These pages are in tribute to America's original people, tradition, and culture.

1. What American culture did Cornelius Jansen Van Texel fall in love with when he landed in America? What were the people like who gave their daughter in marriage to a newly arrived immigrant? Adriaen Van Der Donck's observations* allow us a glimpse of American beliefs and customs that existed for thousands of years but are unfortunately skipped over by our American educational system today. Enjoy!

Appearance Food Clothing Housing Marriages Courting
Death Feasts Origins Languages Money Character
Medicines Farming Hunting Social Classes Military Laws
Religion Afterlife God Creation

*A Description of New Netherlands, Adriaen Van Der Donck, 1648.

2. Read the heroic story of American Daniel Nimham and the Wappingers--carrying on a long American tradition of leaders riding first into battle. European-American tradition has unfortunately replaced that once proud American tradition. John Van Tassel testifies in favor of Daniel Nimham and his quest to claim his ancestral homeland.


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