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"A Pedigree Partly Indian, Partly Batavian"

The Van Tassel Family, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and Washington Irving



"The Van Tassels were a prolific race, and their descendants are here by the score.
They are proud of their name and the story is their heirloom."--N.Y. Times, Aug 13, 1882


Having difficulty seperating fact from fiction in the Legend of Sleepy Hollow? Don't feel bad, so have the history experts. But then again, perhaps that was part of the literary genius of the author.
- "I am always at a loss to know how much to believe of my own stories." -Washington Irving

1. Washington Irving's Neighbors - 19 April, 1876 - Edwardsville Intelligencer (Edwardsville, Illinois) -
L. L. Dutcher, in N.Y. Independent

2.  Sleepy Hollow's Legend - Aug 13, 1882 - New York Times

3. Irving's Ichabod Crane. Kinderhook His Home, Not Sleepy Hollow - Harrold Van Santvoord - Feb 26, 1898 - N.Y. Times

4. Irving's Ichabod Crane Again. Kinderhook's Claim Stoutly Denied and That of Sleepy Hollow Asserted
Edgar Mayhew Bacon - Mar 12, 1898 - N. Y. Times

5. Ichabod Crane Once More. Reassertion of the Claims of Kinderhook-Martin Van Buren's Testimony.
Harrold Van Santvoord - Mar 19, 1898 - N.Y. Times

6. Irving's Ichabod Crane. - W. F. - Mar 26, 1898 - N. Y. Times

7. Sleepy Hollow. Daniel Van Tassel Gives the Results of His Investigations of Many Years.
Daniel Van Tassel - May 28, 1898 - N.Y Times


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