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was headquartered on Chase Street in North Springfield, MO. north of the tracks. Best known for its initials FTC, it grew from 1937 start up to the largest railroad owned trucking company. It served the same states, cities, towns, as its owner, the ST. LOUIS-SAN FRANCISCO RAILWAY (FRISCO).

This service came to an end December 1958 when motor truck carriers through the American Trucking Association, partitioned the U S Court (case number 3580133) and it was determined the railroad did not have Interstate rights for their motor trucks just because its rails were there. It did have Intrastate rights in Missouri, so all trucks were pulled back in 1959 to serve only the state of Missouri.

I took these pictures in 1951 at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri where I learned to drive truck and passenger bus.
If you have informtion about the FTC or have pictures relating to FTC employees or its equipment, please share them with us. I will post them here and you will get the credit.


This picture is looking north from the FTC dock. The Fort Leonard Wood Frisco Transportation Office is the next building. To the right is the rail yard and the water tank to service the locomotives. The single track ran from Newburg, MO but only transported freight. Troops during the 1950s & 60s disimbarked at Newburg and were bused to the Fort on FTC busses. In the picture below you can see the front of a FTC bus.

The two tandem axle trailers on the left were used to transport fresh fruits and vegetables twice weekly from Federal Cold Storage, Kansas City Missouri. They had bunkers with fans blowing over dry ice to keep the produce from spoiling in hot weather. The single axle is an LTL dry freight trailer.