NOTE OF THE FOLLOWING:  during labor unrest of the early 1920s, many of the employee’s  files contained a form letter that required their signature.







(name and date of employee)           



                        In entering the service of ST. Louis San Francisco Railway Company,  it is with the understanding that I am doing so as a new employe and that I  do not belong to any of the following organizations:


                        International Association of Machinists.


                        International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron     

                        Ship Builders and helpers of Americas


                        International Brotherhood of Blacksmiths and Helpers.


                        Amalgamated Sheet Metal Workers International     



                        International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.


                        Brotherhood Railway Carmen of America


                        International Brotherhood of Firemen and Oilers.


                        If already in the service, on date this understanding is signed, I thoroughly understand it is optional on my part to withdraw from membership in any above named organization and remain in service of the Company or retain my membership in above named organization and leave the service of the Company when requested to do so, without protest in whatsoever form.  I also understand that in accepting employment I am to work under the rules and regulations agreed to between the Management and Frisco Association of Metal Craft & Car Department Employes.



(signature of employee)