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Pictures of other RR employees AFTER RECEIVING the many family photos of FRISCO employees that made up the Railway, I want now to include pictures sent to me of employees of other railroads. If you have an old photo of a family member on the job, no matter what Railroad, I would like to have a copy of it and post it here. It dose not have to be a family member, or know the names of all the people in the photo.

GRACIE writes (e-mail) I believe the man in the middle (first picture) is my grandfather, ALEXANDER SELLERS. I would like to know if there are any more descendants from my Sellers line that I don't know about. This family was involved with the railroad for nearly 50 years. There is suppose to be an article about "RR being a way of life for some families" and we think my grandfather was interviewed for that because his four sons worked with him. Just can't find it now. Was somewhere on the web.

Gracie writes that the (second) picture has Raton, NM written on it.

Do you have a picture to fill this next space?

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