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These pictures are the property of those who submitted them and the name that appears with them. E-mail to them any questions about the picture or use there of.
Let me know if you know any other names that would go with these pictures.

Expand your screen for better viewing. I am sorry that the pictures are not sharper. I am not sure what I can do about that. editor

Sheila McLin Endres writes; My great-granddad W. R. McLin (William Richard, called "Dick") is the one with the crutch. He was station agent and telegrapher in Pearl, MO, for the Frisco Line until his death in 1911, but I don't know when he began working for them. (Please let me know if you find out!) All his four sons and two of their wives also worked for railroad lines. My uncle Bill McLin worked for the Frisco, various locations, for about 60 years. He finished up in Springfield MO. Others in photo are identified by Dick's son, Carl, as "Ed and Frank Hyder, Ed Watson, Lon Stroud, Emmett Pike and two of my boyhood Playmates." [email protected]

* * *

Myrna Wells writes: It would be wonderful if someone could tell me what RR this caboose(?) belonged to. I cannot read no's on car. I haven't the slightest who (the two men) are or when it was taken. Probably 1900 to 1920

Fred writes: I think the cars are home to workers and from the rocks, I think it is an approach to a bridge and the two men are working on large bridge timbers. Were these men who worked on the tracks called Gandydancers? Can anyone tell me where that name came from? [email protected]

* * *

Cheryl writes; On the left is Joseph Martin Cameron who married Susan Jan Utter Oct 1907. My CAMERON family has worked on the railroad through the generations. Joe lived in Butterfield, so I expect (this is) the FRISCO. I could use some help in finding the elusive CAMERONS. e-mail Cheryl at:
[email protected]

* * *

Tommy Kircher writes: My great uncle, Thomas Earl CURNUTT is standing in front of locomotive # 374. The picture, I understand was taken in the 1960's in the Frisco Yards in Fort Smith, AR., where he was Yard Master. Prior to this he was a Switchman, and a Brakeman. The other six are unidentified.

* * *

Carlette would like information on her great grandfather L. E. Riggins and a train called the "Henry Ford Special" for the Ford Motor Company between Detroit, Michigan and Memphis, Tennessee. Pictured here is L E Riggins and a train pass for his widow. e-mail Carlette: [email protected]

* * *

Bro. G. F. Kay, Div. 595
Brother George Francis Kay began his railroad career as an apprentaice in 1883 at the age of 15 years. He learned the boilermakers' trade, and later went firing and was promoted to locomotive engineer in 1890. He ran an engine for the Mexican Central Railroad, with which road he remained until August, 1902, when he returned to the United States. On September 19, 1902, he went to work for the St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad and remained with the Frisco until his retirement, August 28.
In February, 1892, he joined Rio Grand Div. 192 of the B. of I. E. transferring to Div. 593, at Chaffee, Mo., in 1902. In 1934 he received the honor badge for 40 years' membership.
Brother Kay was born at St. Louis, Mo., September 23, 1867. He is married, resides at 7353 Gayola Pl., St. Louis, Mo., and has three daughter, all living in St. Louis. --W. J. Buckhanun, S. T., Div. 595
Annette Vogel Lale writes: [email protected] This picture (ABOVE)is of the retirement of George KAY as a Frisco Engineer on Aug. 28, 1937. He is standing thrid from left, along with his wife, Catherine (Schea) Kay along with his 3 daughters, Nell, Grace, Catherine and their spouses. Geroge KAY was my Great Uncle.

This picture (BELOW) is when my Grandfather, John KAY retired from Frisco in May 1944. He moved to Chaffee in 1908 and worked as a Machinist until his retirement. He is standing behind the electric heater they gave him. Beside him on his right is his son, my uncle, Norman John KAY who was also employed by the Frisco. The picture was taken at the roundhouse in Chaffee, MO.

Annette also wrote that she would like to find anything about the death of George KAY or anything about his daughters. There was also another brother, Joe KAY who was also employed on the railroad. He lived and died in Springdale, AR.
Thank you Annette, and thank you also for the following picture with only the title of: "The Brains of the Car Dept". No names.

Any one know their names?

Below is the perfect example of what I want to post on this page. It is truely, Human before the Iron. After all, where would the Frisco have been with out the common man.
This pictrue is from Annette Vogel Lale also and she says her Grandfather John KAY in sitting at the front of the side of the engine.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Richard ([email protected]) sent this and the following two picutes and writes:

This picture of ROBERT BIVENS was made in the FRISCO Yards in Tulsa OK in the 40's I think. He was my g-uncle. Most time he was a brakeman on the FRISCO and "Katy" line earlier.
Richard continues to write; Below is HUGH CARL STRICKLER, 2nd from left, picture taken mid 30's Tulsa RR Yards. Hugh was a "Hosler" then Round house Forman. Hugh and Robert Bivens were brothers-in-law. Robert was brother to my grandmother, (Ollie Blvens.) Hugh married his sister Minnie Blvens.
Hugh Carl Strickler began his career with the Frisco as a Section Hand about 1912, then a Coal Tender at Fayetteville AR. then transferred to St. Louis where he served as a Brown Hoist Engineer. He and his wife Minnie moved to Sapulpa where he served as a Hostler and Fireman. There he was named assistant night Roundhouse Foreman in Sapulpa. At the beinning of WW-1 he was deferred and named Night General Foreman. (Later) the shops were moved to West Tulsa OK. He was Roundhouse Forman at the time of his death, January 3, 1952.

This picture has HUGH CARL STRICKLER standing 3rd from left, Tulsa RR Yards mid 30's.

Richard also writes that he may have some newspaper or magazine articles on the Fayetteville - St. Paul - Pettigrew branch of the FRISCO. "My g-grandfather Bivens donated right-of-way at Brashears Switch".

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

These photos are the property of Phyllis Thomasson Beger.

Her grandfather CHARLES A CROCKETT is the Engineer at the controls of engine 3609 THAYER, MO.
Charles died in 1918 and the photo was taken about 1910, 1912.
Phyllis's father was Engineer CREEL THOMASSON, also of THAYER, MO.

Photo at the left is a close up of the photo of the train below. Others in the photo are not identified.

This picture below, also from Phyllis Thomasson Beger, E-MAILhas four men identified as HOWARD HOMES, BILL MARTIN, E E STONE, and B C STANLEY, who later became Yard Master at Thayer, MO.
(Editors note: I was unable to get any facial features to show in this photo.)

Phyllis Thomasson Beger later sent the piciture below and wrote she didn't know when or why it was taken, but suspect that it might have been when Bill Martin was about to retire. "My father, Creel Thomasson, worked with Bill Martin for quite a while."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Duane E. Lamers (e-mail: [email protected]) writes:

Attached is the photo of ALBERT ROTH (23 Nov 1881 - 18 Dec 1950, married to Ella ___) in front of Engine 76. I do not know where the photo was taken, but I do know that the couple lived at Puxico for much of their lives although I am sure Al started with the railroad at Cape Girardeau since this is where he was born and where his family lived. Al joined the railroad before his older brother GEORGE ROTH did. George is my wife's maternal grandfather. EDWARD ROTH was the father of George and Al, and he also worked in his earlier years for the Frisco Railroad, likely around the 1880s and on. In later years he worked in Cape in lumber mills.

I am interested in information about Al Roth, including the family name of his wife. Information is also welcome about Edward Roth, of whom we know very little.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Melanie Greenberg [email protected] sent the picture and writes:
I have several relatives who worked for the railroad out of Springfield, MO. My great-grandfather, JESSIE L CLAY (pictured at the controls) was a stationary engineer in the roundhouse.

ROBERT J McGILVRY started with FRISCO in 1903 and worked up from fireman to engineer on freight trains, to engineer on passenger trains. Robert lived to be 102. His son Robert J. Jr. also became an engineer with FRISCO.

Robert J.�s brother JOHN WILLIS McGILVRYwas an engineer and another brother GEORGE BREBNER McGILVRY worked for the FRISCO as well.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

NEXT, Sheron Berry sends this post card pictute from the WILLOW SPRINGS, MO CENTENNIAL 1869 - 1969

Sharon writes that the train crew information on the back of the 1903 post card reads: Crew, left to right: C. R. HOLLOWAY, JESS CABBY, HENRY WATSON, IKE CROMWELL, WILEY WHITE, FRED WALL, C. E. BALDRIDGE, BUD HOLLAND, GEO. DRYMAN.
"My great grandfather is Wiley White. He was born in 1872 and died in 1937. She would like to learn more about her great grandfather and any way to get more information from railroad records. Sharon's e-mail: [email protected]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

DAVID JORDAN [email protected] writes; "my grandfather ROBERT C. JORDAN, fifth from right, working on the Frisco RR somewhere around Pacific Missouri between 1898 and 1905

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Last, but not least, my favorite photo.....

Fred Writes; (that's me) These wonderful pictures of my wife's mother were found after her passing in 1989 at the age of 89. What fun we would have had with her getting the full story behind these pictures. She was maybe 20 here, and would marry at age 25. Her husband A. L. Yates would go to work for the Frisco about 1945.
Nelli is the one in back and I THINK the lady in front may have been her friend Zona Olivar. Has anyone a ZONA OLIVAR in their line? [email protected]

* * *

Here are the men who loaded cotton. This photo was found among the papers from the old FRISCO RECORDS BUILDING. It was only titled,

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