picture train wrecks of the frisco where names are given Editor notes: The following pictures came to me on Aug 23, 2001. I was able to pull up the INTERSTATE COMMERCE Report on this accident and I have encluded a little of what I found with the pictures. The rest of the report, you can read by clicking on Investigation of an accident #1412 and click on search and enter 1412 where it ask for file number.

Annette ([email protected]) wrote;
These pictures were in an autograph album of my Mother's which she gave me when I started working on her families research. Mother is 92 and still living and very active.

On March 29, 1928, two freight trains were de railed on the (FRISCO) near Nash, MO., resulting in the death of two employees, and the injury of one employee." A south bound freight train had a tractor derrick come loose on a flat bed and struck a bridge railing. Inspectors declared the bridge safe, but when the north bound freight train (#4023) came onto the bridge, it collapsed.

Here are names associated with this report near NASH, MO. Dated March 29, 1928 and given ICC investigation number 1412. Only last names and titles were given in the report.

With southbound engine #4023, Conductor MARSH, Engineman LYNCH, Fireman ROBINSON (injured) Employees listed killed as only " Engineman and Head Brakeman"

With engine #4012, Conductor HOLLAND, Head Brakeman BOND, Flagman FEATHERSTONE, Engineman RICE,

Others names: Chief Engineer JONAH, Foreman of Bridges BROOKE. Bridge Engineer MILLER, Car Inspectors MARTIN, SIMPSON, and DETWILER. Track Forman Checker STEIN

Report submitted by W. P. BORLAND, Director of the Bureau of Safety, I. C. C.

Thank you Annette, and I welcome any comments or names of any of the men in the pictures or other information regarding this accident.