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These pictures are the property of those who submitted them and the name that appears with them. E-mail to them any questions about the picture or use there of.
Let me know if you know any other names that would go with these pictures.

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Stephanie Hunt sent this and the next close up photo of the 1915 FRISCO LIBERTY TRAIN

STEPHANIE HUNT writes that her Grandfather LAURENCE STEVENS was an engineer with the Frisco and lived in Birmingham, Alabama. She writes: "I don't know exactly how long he worked for the railroad but I think it was about 30 plus years." Stephanie would like to find more information on her grandfather.

Below is a close up of her grandfather Engineer LAURENCE STEVENS with Fireman SANDERS . (given name not known)

I like these photos. Notice the train crew is looking at one photographer and the dignitaries are lined up for another photographer. (editor)

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BARBIE HEINEN writes: "This is a picture of a men's quartet which was called the Frisco Roundhouse Group. My grandfather, EDWARD ALLEN GILLESPIE, is back left. He married my grandmother, MINNIE MAY DURHAM, in 1908. The story goes that they met in Kansas City while he was working at the Frisco Roundhouse there. We have no records to confirm his employment for Frisco, etc.--just the story and the picture. We assume the other members of the Quartet may be men who worked with him at the Roundhouse and wanted to post this picture in case anyone might recognize any of them". E-MAIL

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JO ANN STANLEY writes: "The man standing on the train is my paternal grandfather WILLIAM THOMAS MARTIN. He was known by the name WILL MARTIN. From what I am told his run was from Thayer, MO to Memphis, TN. He started with the railroad in Jonesboro, AR and transferred to Thayer, Mo. He retired in 1954 and moved back to Arkansas. I would like to correspond with anyone that is a descendant of someone that worked with my grandfather or has information about him. Please feel free to give my name and email address to anyone that has a connection to the Frisco line in the Thayer area".
Thanks, Jo Ann Stanley E-MAIL



DAVID STEINBERG (E-Mail) writes about the above picture of a "Car Repair (rip track) gang in front of the shop in Newburg MO. My grandfather, JOHN JACOB "J.J. or JAKE" BROWN is the short fellow, fourth from the right, second row. He went out on strike in 1920, was one of those replaced, and later became City Marshall of Newburg for several years. Photo has no date, but was probably close to 1920." Good picture, David. Anyone know names of Jake's co-workers??


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Jim Reddick> (E-Mail) sent this photo of a picture hanging on his wall of his grandfather LAWRENCE REDDICK and the old ball park that was in Springfield.
Jim writes that the picture "was given to me when my grandfather died in 1964. Yes it was taken at the old ball park on Boonville. (Springfield, MO)) I do not have the names but the game was between the Foreman of the North shop and the New shop. My grandfather Lawrence Reddick (Snipe) is the third person to the right of the banner they are holding. He was a boilermaker foreman and retired with 50 years of service. I retired June of this year (2004) at 55 with 38 years of service on the Frisco-BN-BNSF Railroads.


FRED CASTLE (E-MAIL) writes that the picture above, I inherited from my grandmother. Her husband ISH McKNIGHT (standing above the X) worked for the Frisco in Springfield and later hired on at the Tulsa Cosden Oil Refinery (later Mid Continent, Sunray and Sun, Inc.) in Tulsa. From recent genealogy research, their was a Walter McKnight who also worked out of Springfield as a conductor.