Vermillera, Vermilya, Vermilye, Vermilyea, Vermilyen and Vermilyer






Compiled by Sandra Vermilyea Todd

In 1998 I published the first Vermilyea genealogy book, since then several updates have been published. New information continues to be added, however several persons are still unaccounted for. (See WHO IS THIS) I would appreciate any additional information to add to this genealogy. No one recorded in the first seven generations is still living, but in a couple cases descendants were listed that are, these names and their information has been blocked (XXXXXXXX).

Use the Reader or Browser search features to locate names in the file. Links are added for persons with photos or documents. * Next to number indicates this person has descendants and continues to the next generation. Blank pages have been inserted to maintain proper printing order of pages.

History of the Vermilya, Vermilye, Vermilyea, Vermilyer Family and Siblings of Johannes Vermelje by Carl P. Vermilyea for the original Vermilyea Genealogy publication

Generations 1-4 Includes the cover page (UPDATED August 13, 2021) Updates in RED

Generation 5 (UPDATED March 4, 2021) Updates in RED

Generation 6 (UPDATED May 20, 2021) Updates in RED

Generation 7 (UPDATED August 1, 2021) Updates in RED

Generation 8 (UPDATED August 1, 2021) Updates in RED

Generation 9 (UPDATED August 1, 2021) Updates in RED

SOURCE CODES (ADDED January 8, 2021) NEW

Updated August 13, 2021

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