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  Cevn Vibert.

MES and SCADA Consultant Manager for Automation Systems and
Industrial Information System Solutions for World Class Companies.

Living in UK and working in the South of England for Silchester Control Systems Ltd.

See my Trackman Solutions Site here >

  My CV in MSWord , pdf
Cevn Vibert short resume, pdf
Cevn Vibert picture

Manufacturing Execution Systems / SCADA / Industrial Information / Control / Web / Networks / Rockwell / Wonderware / Siemens / GE Fanuc / etc.

The name Vibert has been traced back to 1655 for anyone who is interested in Ancestry or Genealogy. Family Roots doc , pdf

I am always interested in Vibert links possibly via Cornwall, UK.   See a Vibert family name Website

My brother Ronan Vibert is doing very well as an actor.  Fan Site 1Fan Site 3 , Fan Site 2, and many more

My mother Dilys Jackson is an artist and sculptrice    Dilys' place:- The Studio/

My father David Vibert is an artist David's place

My personal email cevn@vibert.co.uk
My website  http://www.vibert.co.uk/



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