Elizabeth Baker, a dancer with the Phyllis Dixey Dancers 1953
 Roger Vaughan Personal Collection - Elizabeth Baker (list 172)
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Elizabeth Baker
Elizabeth Baker - Dancer

Elizabeth Baker

Phyllia Dixey Poster at York 3rd August 1953

Elizabeth Baker amd Eric Williams

York 1953 as one of Phyllis Dixey's Dancers

Elizabeth Baker and Eric Williams

Elizabeth Baker dancing Elizabeth Baker dancing

Elizabeth Baker

Outside during rehearsals

Elizabeth Baker Dancing

Elizabeth Baker

I was recently given a large number of photographs by a friend of the late Elizabeth Baker, they represent some of her early life. If you are related to Elizabeth, and interested in the photos let me know.

She was one of the original Phyllis Dixey dancers and I understand that she danced in support, when Phyllis Dixey did the peek-a-boo tableaux.
Elizabeth continued as a dancer and later taught at a dancing school.

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