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Some interesting links to Victorian Photo related sites - if you wish to add to this list please email me.

A large number of carte-de-visite and other photographs
Victorian Photo Site

History Pages and Photographs and Crockford's Clerical Directory
U.K. History and Victorian Photograph Pages

Victorian, Edwardian and 20th Century Photographs and Edwardian Ogden's Actress Cigarette Photocards.
Victorian Photo Site

Victorian Photos- Cabinet Cards - Carte de Visite
Victorian Photo Site

Photograph Postcards, Actresses and 19th century M.P. lists.
Victorian Photo Site

Photographs and 18th and 19th century Prints
Victorian Photo Site

Antique Photographs of Children
Baker-Brady Family Histories
Mills Family Album
Photogrenier - Ancient photos from the attic
Life in a Lens - Matlock Bath
Alfred Seaman & Sons of Chesterfield, Ilkeston & Alfreton
Historical Boy's Clothing
The History of Photography in Edinburgh
Warner Website - 1890s photos of the Isle of Wight
Head's PhotoTouch, Digital restoration of old photos
7000 Stereoviews (for sale)
Sandra Windeatt family Photographs
The Archive of Hills & Saunders, Harrow
Old Clitheroe About finding a photographers old glass plate negatives
Date an old Photo Sort out those photo card back designs and lots of links.
Find A Photographer An interesting and useful page of links to find photographers around the world
Devonshire House Ball 1897 (V & A) wonderful images
Leiden Database LCPD: Leiden 19th-Century Portrait Database A Database of 21094 Dutch Carte de Visite Studio Portraits CdV's (1860-1914)
Index of UK photographers up to 1950
Isle of Wight Index of Photographers
Victorian Images (USA) Rather a long page of pictures but good.
19th Century Italian PhotographsAn Italian website with lots of good CDVs
Polish Photographic Site A Polish site that shows carte de visite (CDVs) and other Polish photos - everyone had CDVs!.
Uniforms of France and other places A French site that specialises in uniforms and carte-de-visites - worth a look!
Corsets and Crinolines Corsets and Crinolines - see the timeline
Recycled Relatives Get your own recycled relatives
Burns Archive - American Villages A good number of American photographs
Roger Vaughan's Archive of Victorian Cartes My Archive of thousands of scanned cartes! both front and back arranged A-Z.
Victorian and Edwardian Photographs Need a day or two to go through all these!
Dead Fred Reunite with your family photos
Our Victorian House in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland.


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