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Usually I scan my photos at their true size, or a little larger, these I have made much larger, to show the detail that is still possible. Some white spots have been removed. Actually they still look good at twice the size shown here!

Victorian lady c.1888
Victorian lady c.1887

Victorian lady of about 1888/9 showing the shape of her tightly laced corset, perhaps green or purple.
(PL51-37) Photographed by Arthur Winter, 36 Fishergate, & 6 Lune St. Preston.

Victorian lady of about 1887/8 corset shape and central panel, two-tone outfit.
(PL51-23) Photographed by W. Luff, St. Albans. The sitter is Mrs Sarah Banks (was Miss Sarah Walker) Possible wedding photo.

Victorian lady of about 1872/3, added hair, hair net, starburst hair-pin, minature-painting brooch, corset, jet beads, ear-rings pendants, bustle and fringes, bows on arms, dress may be in green, possible 21st birthday photo.
(PL51-9) Photographed by A. Clarke, Bangor, North Wales.

Victorian lady of about 1872/3, added hair, corset, bows on arms and three-tiered skirt, large cross, fob chain may have held keys, ear-ring pendants, possible 18th birthday photo.
(PL51-18) Photographed by P.Hudson, 18 Paragon Street, Hull.

Victorian lady of about 1872/3 Victorian lady of about 1872/3

Victorian lady of about 1868/9, geometric design dress, corset, possible small bustle, hair in a chignon style with hairband, a locket or watch,
(PL51-36) Photograph by Window & Bridge, 63A Baker St. London.

Victorian lady of about 1863/4, watered silk skirt, crinoline, wide buckle belt, key chain, bolero top, neck brooch, bonnett, ears covered by hair, wedding ring,
(PL51-8) Photographed by H. Burrows, Liverpool and 21 Islington. (Very kind regards Nov 21st 67 but date given? not taken.)
The sitter is Miss E.Tootill afterwards Mrs Middleton.

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