What Type of Old Photograph - Victorian and Edwardian Photographs

First Steps: What Type of Old Photograph do You Have

Is it made of paper and cardboard? Then it can be:

(1) A Carte-de-visite
(2) A Cabinet Card
(3) A Photo Postcard
(4) A Non-Standard Studio Portrait.
(5) An Amateur Photograph.

Is it made of metal? Then it can be:

(1) A Tin-type or Ferrotype
(2) A Daguerreotype in a case

Is the photograph on glass? Then it can be:

(1) An Ambrotype in a case
(2) A Glass-plate Negative

Are the photographs in an album?

(1) A 19th century bible type, with leather or cloth covers and thick gold-edged pages with cut-outs or a 20th century book type with coloured pages with photos stuck in, or with photo corners.


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