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    Victorian and Edwardian Photographs - Roger Vaughan Personal Collection

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Carte-de-Visite - Cabinet Cards - Portrait Postcards
Victorian Photograph Welcome to my site - Victorian and Edwardian Photographs from my own collection of antique photographs - I have many sites, and all of them are accessable from the links on this page. Those not on this site will open in a new window (close it when you want to return here). The photographs are known as Carte-de-visite (CDV): 1859 - 1906 (small ones), Cabinet Card Photographs: 1870s to 1906 (large ones), and early 20th Century Portrait Postcards, see Types of Photograph.

The most useful section is the (Date an Old Photo) for those who are trying to date a family photograph - useful for research into family history.
Galleries of roughly dated Victorian ladies (Ladies Dated by Year) should help those who interested in ladies fashions from 1860 onwards. Do check out the What's New pages as there is far more there than you might think!

I am moving all these pages to my Blueyonder Main Site 2012

All the images on my sites are unique photographs from my own collection and must not be copied, printed, or used in any way without my permission - they are not in the public domain, or available from any other source.


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