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A History of my websites

Demon Website 1999    

Since I started in 1998 I have always struggled with free web space, so as one free site got filled, I started another! You can revisit my efforts thanks to the WAYBACK MACHINE here a snapshot of any website can be obtained. It does take up to a minute for the servers there to draw up the page the first time, but they do have all of the internet, from all time, to pull my page out from!

So these links are perhaps more for me to find lost stuff, but if you are interested ... have a look!

If you like my sites then I suggest you save this page as this storage will last longer than my sites ... I suspect.

each link opens a new page so you can close it and come back here

1999 Demon (Started 1998) 15 MB Space
1999 Tesco RV
2000 Freeserve
2001 Freeserve
2002 Blueyonder 30 MB Space
2002 Blueyonder
2002 Fortunecity 642 Awful adverts
2002 Fsnet
2002 Freeserve
2003 Fortunecity 697
2003 Freeuk O
2003 Tesco PT
2003 Waitrose V
2003 Freeuk C
2003 Freeserve
2004 Freeserve
2004 Waitrose V
2005 Freeserve
2005 Waitrose VP
2005 Fortunecity 642
2005 Tesco RV
2006 Freeuk C
2006 Blueyonder
2006 Fsnet
2006 Freeuk C
2007 Fortunecity 642
2008 Waitrose VP
2009 Tesco PT
2009 Rootsweb
2010 Fortunecity 697
2011 Tesco RV
Latest Page Waitrose VP
Latest Page Waitrose V
Latest Page Freeuk O
Latest Page Freeuk C
Latest Page Freeserve
Last Ever Tesco RV (now deleted by Tesco 2012)
Last Ever Tesco PT (now deleted by Tesco 2012)
Latest Page Fsnet
Latest Page Blueyonder (Main Homepage 2012) 200 MB space

Several of my early sites have gone forever, like 'Madasafish' remember them?

Now 2012, all the pages from all my sites that were worth saving can be found
somewhat improved on my Blueyonder Homepage its been a mammoth task but worth the effort!

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