A New England "Clan" Chowder - Joan Vining McGovern - Cumming, GA

"The breaking waves dash'd high
On a stern and rock-bound coast,
And the woods against a stormy sky
their giant branches toss'd.
And the heavy night hung dark
the hills and waters o'er,
When a band of exiles moor'd their bark
On the wild New England shore.

Felicia Dorothea Hemans, 1808

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A New England 'Clan' Chowder
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Please come in and look around...... You'll find some intriguing people...they are my ancestors and they might be yours too!

This is an ongoing project.. subject to constant change as needed. If you have information on any family or personal stories about them....PLEASE contact me! I welcome your input as I strive to ever improve this site.

A belated THANKS to my paternal grandparents for the research they did and to my husband who is so supportive and has helped, encouraged, and even shared my 'frustrations' and JOY when another challenge was met and progress made. A Special Thanks to those who have set the standard for great genealogical websites. I am also indebted to all the thoughtful people who have sent envelopes sharing family information, the town clerks , librarians, and others who have done look-ups or sent e-mails of encouragement. I hope this site will help you...Please drop me a line and introduce yourself...I am delighted to meet a cousin!
Thank you for visiting and best of luck with your research.

" Our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become!"

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The ancestry report uses 'Ahnentafel' numbering. This means that the numbers for a person's parents will be twice as large as that person's number. For example, if a woman's number is 15, her father will be number 30, and her mother will be 31. Her child will be number 7.