Stewart Family Cemetery
Polk Township, Washington County, Indiana

Stewart Cemetery, July 2003......a sign was added in 2005

A pioneer cemetery located near Salem in Washington County, Indiana, also known as Sodom Cemetery or Stewart Cemetery (Ref: page 68, Polk Twp. Cemeteries), the cemetery is located in NE 1/4, Section 3, T1N, R5E. (11.5 miles from the Courthouse).
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Johnny Collins clearing brush at ATSG

Jehu & Letilla Stewart's markers

Johnny uncovering Laban's slab

James & Adeline Dismore's markers

David Kent Coy, Johnny & Linda Collins

Graves of Laban, Catherine & Cynthia

The Stewart Cemetery is known to the Stewart family as "Aunt Tillie Stewart's Graveyard."
There is evidence of at least two-hundred and fifty (250) graves in the cemetery, the majority unmarked.
The following is a listing of burials at ATSG, compiled November 2003 by Victoria Klein, descendant of Silas Stewart
Burials for individuals listed in italics are not confirmed burials, but from Stewart family tradition.
Click on the link to see Linda Collins' photograph of the marker.

Harriet M. Allen
confirmed 2004!
d/o Riley Sanford Allen
& Catherine Stewart
b. 2 Sep 1866 d. 2 Apr 1869 Harriet's marker was found broken in three pieces. It was reassembled and repaired by Linda and Johnny Stewart.
Wm A.   b. d. [Allen?]
infant Combs d/o W.N. & M.E. Combs b. Jan. 8, 185? d. Jan. 8, 185?  
Adeline (Stewart) Dismore w/o James Dismore;
d/o Jehu Stewart & Littilla Dudley
b. 14 Feb 1840 d. 11 Jul 1912  
James Dismore h/o Adeline Stewart b. 28 Aug 1845 d. 1 Feb 1914 Private, 144 Regiment, Co. B, 144 Ind. Volunteer Infantry
Mary L. Dismore d/o James Stewart
& Adeline Dismore
b. 20 Dec 1876 d. 17 Jul 1906  
W.H.   b. d.  
Stephen Houel   b. (aged 80 years) d. 17 Jun 1864 AKA Stephen Howell
Mary [Houel] w/o S. Houel b. (aged 79 years) d. 13 Jun 1864 AKA Mary Howell
Rev. James consort of Delilah Howell b. Jun 26, 18?? d. ??  
John Laughorn s/o Elisha Laughorn
& Lucinda
b. 1837 d. 18 Mar 1862 Pvt 50th Regiment, Co. A, Ind. Volunteer Infantry
Elizabeth (Stewart) McCoskey w/o Joseph M. McCoskey;
d/o Jehu Stewart & Littilla Dudley
b. 11 Mar 1820 d. 12 May 1889  
Purliniia   b. d. [Allen?]
Alice A. Russell d/o Hillery Russell
& Angeline Stewart
b. Sep 1859 d. 1 Oct 1859  
Angeline (Stewart) Russell w/o Hillery Russell;
d/o Jehu Stewart & Littilla Dudley
b. 1832 d. 3 mar 1861  
Azriah F. Stewart s/o Whitson H. Stewart
& Hannah Russell
b. Feb. 9, 1861 d. Aug. 14, 1861  
Catherine (Williams) Stewart 1st w/o Laban Stewart b. 9 Oct 1807 d. 15 Jan 1837 It is believed that this inscription reads 'Catherine Stewart / wife of Laban Stewart / born October 4, 1807 / died January 15, 1837'  
Cynthia (McKaskill) Stewart 2nd w/o Laban Stewart b. 1812 d. 1871  
Hannah (Russell) Stewart w/o Whitson Stewart b. Sep 8, 1825 d. Feb. 14, 1892  
Harriet Noriah Stewart d/o Elisha R. Stewart
& Sallie A. Ashabrannar
b. 2 Nov 1863 d. 4 Feb 1864  
infant Stewart d/o Whitson Stewart
& Hannah Russell
b. 6 Feb 1858 d. 7 Feb 1858  
Jehu Stewart h/o Littilla Dudley b. Aug. 24, 1794 d.May 29, 1859  
Laban Stewart s/o Silas Stewart b. 2 Apr 1801 d. 18?? in 1971 this inscription was viewed and read "Laban Stewart / 1804-1866 / made by Elisha and Eli Stewart / His sons"  
Littilla (Dudley) Stewart w/o Jehu Stewart;
d/o Ransom Dudley & Rhoda
b. 9 mar 1801 d. 27 Aug 1890  
Louis Stewart s/o Jehu Stewart
& Littilla Dudley
b. 13 Mar 1838 d. 27 Jan 1852  
Mary Jane Stewart d/o Lloyd Pinkney Stewart
& Elizabeth Leonard
b. Jan. 22, 1852 d. May 4, 1855  
Nancy Stewart d/o Jehu Stewart
& Littilla Dudley
b. 30 Sep 1830 d. 26 mar 1892  
Silas Stewart s/o William Stewart b. ca 1775 d. ?? researcher: Vicki Klein
Whitson H. Stewart s/o Laban Stewart
& Catherine Williams
b. Sep. 28, 1827 d. Jun. 7, 1892  
William S. Stewart s/o Whitson Stewart
& Hannah Russell
b. 29 Jan 1862 d. 5 Jul 1897 died after being struck by lightning while working in fields
Willis A. Stewart s/o Jehu Stewart
& Littilla Dudley
b. ca 1837 d.  

Project Information

Project Coordinator: Johnny & Linda Collins
Treasurer: David Kent Coy
Location: From the Courthouse, go south on South Main St. go 0.5 miles to the intersection of SR 60, turn left, go 1.3 miles to the intersection of SR 160, turn left, go 7.5 miles to the intersection of Conway Church Road, turn right, go 0.7 miles to t he intersection of Mt. Zion Road (formerly Sodom Road), turn left, go 1.5 miles to a residence on the right, at the base of a hill, before a stream, turn right into driveway. Sodom Cemetery is located approximately 200 yards west of the house, in the woods. Ask at the residence.
History:  Originally part of the farm of Jehu Stewart, the land was officially dedicated to cemetery use in May 1859 when Letilla Dudley Stewart buried her husband, Jehu, on the property. It does appear that there were some burials made there prior to that date, and since then a number of family and associations of the Stewart family of Washington County have been buried in this cemetery. The property had been neglected for a number of years.
First Known Burial: 1837
Last Known Burial: 1914(?)
Project Status:
  • Brush cleared and trees cut back Summer 2003.
  • Road cut and gravel laid 2004.
  • PLANNED: 40' easement around property.
  • PLANNED: Enclose cemetery with a chain link fence.
  • PLANNED: Catalog and record burials.
  • PLANNED: Arrange for continuing maintenance.
Plat Map/Record:  

If you are interested in donating supplies, outdoor power equipment or money to help with this
family cemetery restoration project, contact: Linda Collins

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