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Bill Handley's HANDLEY Family Album

photos by William B. Handley (Click on photo to enlarge)
Willliam Handley (1720)
son: John Handley is buried at Green Hill cemetery in Union, WV
grandson: Samuel Handley is buried at the Handley Cemetery
on Sleepy Hollow Golf Course in Teays, WV.
Mary Harrison HANDLEY, 1745 - 1829, wife of Major John HANDLEY who fought in two wars, the American Revolution and the War of 1812, though some question the War of 1812 service. The hostilities began in 1810 in that war, but the war was declared in 1812, officially.

The older stone (both sides, above) I believe is the original marker for Mary HARRISON HANDLEY. It was created from a rock that was chiseled on the side (possibly because it flaked off when they tried to cut on the face of it) and after studying it for several hours, it seems to be "Mary Handley". The other side I can't make out.

Mary Handley
Mary Handley,
consort of James Handley
Beniah W Handley,
1887 - 1982