Joshua and Catherine (Thompson Gough) George Family - and Gough
The Family of
Joshua and Catherine (Thompson Gough) GEORGE

(m) unknown


b. 1730
d. 1796
(m) Jean

b. 17--



b. 31 July 1776 VA
d. 1837 Butler Co OH

b. 17-- ?
d. 1820s Butler Co OH

Joshua George      (m)
b. 1 Feb 1801
d. 1 Feb 1835
? Robert

b. ?
d. ?
(m) Catherine

b. ?
d. ?
b. 1753
d. 1839
(m) unknown



b. 2 Sept 1771
d. 22 Oct 1847

b. 21 Sept 1775
d. 9 Mar 1844

Catherine Thompson Gough
b. 29 July 1801
d. 29 Oct 1862
* Michael Swope of Monroe Co WV was b. 29 Sept 1753 to Joseph Ulrich Swope and possibly Catherine Sullivan Swope and died d. 25 Apr 1839
Recorded as the first white child born in Monroe County, (before 1799 it was Greenbrier Co VA), Michael was reportedly buried in the Swope Cemetery near Lindside, WV. (per Monroe County More on Joseph Ulrich Swope.
Catherine THOMPSON
1801 (Jul 29): Catherine born to David and Mary (Swope) Thompson in VA (Greenbrier Co WV?)
1816?: Thompson's moved to Butler Co OH

Timeline: Catherine Thompson and William Gough
1821 (Feb 18): Catherine married Dr. Coldstream "William" Gough, Butler Co OH
ca 1822: Catherine and William's son, Charles T., born
1822-25: William Gough died
1824: Catherine's Thompson parents moved to Henry Co IN
Joshua GEORGE:
1801 (Feb 1): Joshua born to Reuben (Sr) and Ann George

NOTE: 1st sons were sometimes named after the father's father, so Reuben George Sr.'s unknown father might have been named Joshua GEORGE and unknown mother might have been named Fanny GEORGE, for Joshua's eldest sister. On the other hand, neither the second son (Reuben Jr) nor the 2nd daughter (Jane) were named after Ann Handley George's parents, Archibald and Jean (Henderson) HANDLEY.

1812: Joshua parents and relatives move to Butler Co OH from Greenbrier (now Monroe) Co VA (now WV)

Timeline: Joshua and Catherine GEORGE:
Between 1812 (when Joshua moved with his family to Butler Co OH) and 1819, Catherine Thompson, William Gough, and Joshua George probably all went to school together.
1825 (May 27): Joshua George married Catherine T. Gough , Henry Co IN, with Charles T. Gough who was about 3.
1825 (Nov 7): Martha Jane born Franklin Co IN
1827 (Jul 7): Enoch Jackson born Butler Co OH
1829 (Aug 2): Andrew Thompson born Butler Co OH
1831 (May 4): Reuben Handley born Butler Co OH
1834 (July): epidemic of Asiatic Cholera in Morgan township
1835 (Feb 1): Joshua died, typhoid or 1836?
1835 (Aug 30): David Wilson born Butler Co OH
1836 (Feb 25): Date of Joshua's death on tombstone
1862 (Oct 29): Catherine died, aged 62
GOUGH Family by Kathleen Rogalla,
Kathleen Rogalla writes: Here's what I have on the Gough family. If your information differs from mine, please let me know. This is not written in stone.

Jesse Gough was born ca 1776 in VA. He died in Hamilton Co., IN. He was the son of Francis Gough and Verlinda Peck/Peak. (Note: I have the will of Francis Gough and at least one deed that includes Jesse and Verlinda.)

Jesse Gough married Elizabeth Hensley 09 Aug., 1799 in Fauquier Co., VA. Samuel Hensley was the bondsman. (note: i've seen Elizabeth listed as the daughter of Enoch Hensley, however, that information comes from the marriage bonds in Fauquier where Elizabeth's sister or cousin ??? Dulley Hensley, married Jesse Gough's brother Bailey Gough. Enoch Hensley was the bondsman for Dulley and I believe the record states he was her father.)

Maybe they were sisters and Enoch had died by the time Elizabeth married which was a couple of years after Dulley, and the bondsman was a brother??? Or maybe, Elizabeth and Dulley were cousins and Samuel was the father or brother of Elizabeth.

I cannot find the parents of my William M. Thompson. He was born in 1796 in KY and that is all I know. I thought that the most logical thing to think was that he was connected to David Thompson somehow and maybe he was but I can't find the connection. If you can shed any light on this, I will be forever grateful.

I think that whether Elizabeth Hensley's father was Enoch or Samuel, they were probably descendents of Samuel Hensley and Martha Snell. Samuel was from Stafford Co., VA and it appears that the Samuel who was the bondsman for Elizabeth was from out of the county. I can't find documentation of an Enoch Hensley anywhere although there obviously was one.

Jesse and Elizabeth Hensley Gough's children were:
1. Enoch H. Gough born ca 1799 in KY.
Married Martha Lackey.

2. William Coldstream Gough born ca 1801 in KY or Butler Co., OH.
He married Catherine Thompson, daughter of David Thompson and Mary Swope.

3. John Gough born 1803 in Butler or Preble Co., OH.
He married 1. Lucille Railsbach.
      2. Eliza Jane Carpenter.

4. Elizabeth Gough born 1805 in Butler Co., OH.
She married Caleb Frazee.

5. Mary Gough born 1807 in Butler Co., OH.
She married James Houston.

6. Susannah Gough born 1808 in Butler Co., OH (she is my ancestor).
She married 1. Jesse Fall/Fahl
      2. my ggg William M. Thompson

7. Delilah Gough born 1810 in Preble Co., OH.
She married Elisha Fall.

8. Jane Gough born 1813 in Preble Co., OH.
She married James Bishop.

Also see Janice Castleman's Gough Genealogy Notes,
III. Jesse Gough
b. abt 1766; d. 1834 Butler Co KY (sic)

On February 18, 1821, Catherine Thompson married Dr. Coldstream "William" GOUGH in Butler County, OH
Child of William and Catherine Thompson GOUGH:
Charles T. GOUGH
1. Charles F. GOUGH
    b 1822 IN or OH
    d ?
was born in about 1822 (per the Butler Co - Morgan township - OH 1850 census) either in IN, where his THOMPSON grandparents lived, or in OH, per the census. The census index indicates that he was a 28 year old teacher living with Catharine George (his mother) and his 4 half-brothers, Enoch J., Andrew F., Reuben H., and David W. George in 1850.

A Charles GOUGH married Ann Eliza KERN on 5 Jan 1864 in Henry County IN per This is not verified to be the same Charles GOUGH.

Children of Joshua and Catherine Thompson Gough GEORGE:
Martha Jane, Enoch Jackson, Andrew Thompson, Reuben Handley, and David Wilson GEORGE
1. Martha Jane
    b 7 Nov 1825
    Franklin Co IN
    d 1879 (54)
    Butler Co OH
    New London Cem
Martha Jane George BROWN
Martha Jane married John BROWN (born ca 1820) on 4 Jan 1844, probably in Butler County OH. They lived on the farm on the Dry Fork (of the Whitewater River) where John's grandparents, John and Mary BROWN had settled about 1805. This area is now called Shandon, OH. John was a member of the fifth generation from Michael BROWN, born in Ireland and died in PA. John died 6 Aug 1865 near Okeana OH, and was buried in the GEORGE family Cemetery, Dwyer Road. Martha Jane died in 1879 and was buried at New London Cemetery. More information on the BROWN family of Butler County OH, provided by Paul TEETOR, James R. BROWN, and others.
2. Enoch "Jack"
    b 7 Jul 1827
    Butler Co OH
    d 2 Aug 1907 (80)
    Butler Co OH
Enoch Jackson "Jack" GEORGE
Living at his parents and grandparents homestead farm on Dwyer Road outside of Okeana, Jack George apparently took over the farm as the eldest son of his father when his widowed mother died in October of 1862. On 7 August 1851, he had married Margaret Ellen DeArmand of Butler County, and they had 9 children. Politically, one of Jack George's granddaughters said he was a Copperhead during the Civil War.
3. Andrew Thompson
    b 2 Aug 1829
    Butler County OH
    d 23 Feb 1899 (69)
    Knightstown IN
Andrew Thompson GEORGE
Andrew married Rebecca DeArmond in Butler Co OH on 8 April 1852. Her tombstone in the George burial ground says Rebecca died 30 September 1865.
Andrew and Rebecca had several children.
4. Reuben Handley
    b 4 May 1831
    Butler County OH
    d 2 April 1906 (74)
Reuben Handley GEORGE
Reuben married Elizabeth LYLES in Butler County OH on 9 March 1856. The 1880 Census shows them with 8 children.
5. David Wilson
    b 30 Aug 1835
    Butler Co OH
    d 25 Feb 1901 (65)
    Pierce City, Lawrence, MO
David Wilson GEORGE
In Butler County, OH on 20 October 1854, David married Nancy Ann Patterson.

1. The John and Martha Jane (George) BROWN Family
7 children: Joshua, "Martha", Lucinda, Amanda, Florence, Charles and John Randolph BROWN

2. The Enoch "Jack" and Margaret (DeArmond) GEORGE Family
9 children: Jeanette, Weller, Ida, Cary, Opha, Bent, Frank, Fred, and Eva GEORGE

Andrew Thompson and Rebecca DeArmond George
Name & ResidenceBornDied





The Reuben Handley and Elizabeth Lyles George Family
Name & ResidenceBornDied
1. Charles George, New London, Butler Co, OH
1861 OH

2. William George, New London, Butler Co, OH
1865 OH

3. Lewis George, New London, Butler Co, OH
1867 OH

4. Albert George, IN; New London, Butler Co, OH
1869 IN (twin)

5. Mary George, IN; New London, Butler Co, OH
1869 IN (twin)

6. Annie George, IN; New London, Butler Co, OH
1873 IN

7. Edgar George, New London, Butler Co, OH
1875 OH

8. George George, New London, Butler Co, OH
1880 OH

9. ?, New London, Butler Co, OH

The David Wilson and Nancy Ann Patterson George Family
Name & ResidenceBornDied
1. Ralph F. George
11 Nov 1855, IN
1941 (MO?)
2. Ella G. George
6 Feb 1857

3. Laura George
3 Apr 1859
2 Jan 1864 (4 years old)
4. Catherine George
30 May 1861
? Feb 1838
5. Mary Jane "Mollie" George
3 Jan 1865
? IN
6. Newton "Charles" George
19 Jun 1869
25 Mar 1914 KC, MO
7. ? George
before 1900

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