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The Thomas and Keziah (REECE) HOBSON Family
The Family of
Thomas (1811-1847) and Keziah (REECE) HOBSON


(m #1) Rachel


(m) Eunice

1761? - ?


William Hobson    (m)
1787-1844     children
Obedience Hadley

* Thomas HOBSON
b. 22 Aug 1811
d. 2 Aug 1847 Andrew Co, MO (nearly 36)

(m) Mary


(m) x



Joel Reece      (m)
Sarah Martin

(m) Keziah REECE
b. 2 May 1815 NC
d. 16 March 1883 MO; buried with 2nd husband Wm Sullenger, Flag Springs Baptist Cemetery

m. 18 December 1834 in Surrey Co, NC (map)

William and Obedience's children: * Stephen H. * Thomas * John B. * Mary * Joshua * Abram * Eunice * Bedie * Rachel
William and Dorothy's children: * William Henry * Lucinda * son * Elizabeth * Dorothy Ann * James J. * Martha Jane

The Family of Thomas HOBSON and Keziah REECE HOBSON SULLANGER

According to Jay Hobson's book, The Hobson Family Lineage, Thomas Hobson's father William Hobson was born to Stephen Hobson II on April 18, 1787 (or Nov 18, 1787) in Surry County, NC, and lived as an adult along Deep Creek. On November 16, 1808, William married Obedience "Biddie" Hadley, daugher of Thomas and Eunice (Jones) Hadley. Eighteen year old Biddie was born on July 14, 1790 in Surry County, NC. She and William would have 9 children (listed below). Jerry F. Richmond's research largely agrees except for a few differences in a date and a county.

Born on August 22, 1811, Thomas HOBSON, future husband of Keziah REECE HOBSON SULLINGER, was William and Beddi's second child. Kisiah Reece and Thomas Hobson married on 18 December, 1834 in Surrey County NC. They lived in North Carolina through the births of son Hadley J (1836), and daughters Mary Jane (1837), and Sarah Ann (1839). In his early 30s, Thomas and his family joined a group of HOBSON friends and relatives leaving North Carolina in the 1840s to go west. By the 1846 birth of Margaret E. Hobson, Thomas's family had moved to Missouri. Other Hobson family members traveled on to California, like George HOBSON's and Hadley HOBSON's families in 1847, the year Thomas died.

The first proof of Thomas and his family living in Andrew County, MO came with finding his tombstone. (photos below) Thomas HOBSON died 2 August 1847 just short of his 36th birthday. He was buried in the Union Grove Baptist Cemetery in Empire township of Andrew County, MO. Sarah Ann's future husband, William Henry Wood, went to the Union Grove Baptist Church. Thomas's family may have worshiped there.

Andrew County MO had a large number of HOBSON families, many of whom had been born in North Carolina and apparently, from where their children were born, went directly to Missouri. Other Hobson families were from Indiana before coming to Andrew County, MO. Some of Thomas' HOBSON relatives settled in Iowa.

The 1850 federal census for Platte township of Andrew County, MO lists 35 year old Kisiah with her four children, son Hadley J (b 1836 NC), and daughters Mary Jane (b 1837 NC), Sarah Ann (b 1839 NC), and Margaret E (b 1846 MO). Susannah Allen (b 1829 IL) was also living with them.

Kizziah Hobson married William SULLANGER (Sullenger, Sullinger) in Andrew County on 1 November 1859, per Marriage Records 1856-1870. Her son Hadley Hobson had married and moved to Iowa by the time his first child was born in 1859.

Kizziah and William Sullinger were on the 1860 census in Fishing River township of Ray County, MO. He was born in 1800 in NC. Margaret E. Hobson 14 born Mo is with them, but not Nathein (Nathan) Hobson or Sarah Jane Hobson. [Thanks for this information goes to Pat.] In 1867, Kizziah's first husband's land was sold by his heirs. Three people had guardians for this deed transfer, including Nathein and Sarah Jane HOBSON. Neither Kizziah nor Hadley were named in this sale.

By the 1870 census, 55 year old Kiziah and 70 year old William had moved back to Andrew County, MO. (Thanks to Jo)

Photos from Flag Springs Baptist Cemetery tombstones by the Cemeteries of Andrew County, Missouri photo project.

Kezziah Reece Hobson Sullenger

William Sullenger

to the memory of their parents

REECE Information

Thomas HOBSON and his Siblings - from some on-line records plus more research
Full siblings: * Stephen H. * John B. * Mary * Joshua * Abram * Eunice * Bedie * Rachel
Half-siblings: * William Henry * Lucinda * son * Elizabeth * Dorothy Ann * James J. * Martha Jane

Stephen Hadley Hobson 1810-1880

Stephen Hadley Hobson
b. 2 March 1810 Surry Co NC
d. 1880 (Andrew Co MO?)
m. Mary Clingman during February 1832 (Surry Co NC?)
b. ca 1814-15 SC
The 1850 federal census of Andrew Co MO, 460-443 lists Stephen and Mary with 5 children:
    Elizabeth A. (17 NC)
    Mitchell (16 NC)
    John (14 NC)
    Charles (11 NC)
    and Joseph (9 NC).

William Hobson (21 NC) was living with them, but would have been born about 1829, when Stephen would have been 19 years old, before he is said to have married Mary.

Elizabeth A. married William A. Price in Andrew Co MO on June 14, 1860. The 1860 census lists him as a 44 year old man, born about 1816 in NY, with 6 children. At 26, Elizabeth had become step-mother to Almyra 17-MO, Lucretia 15-MO, daughter M. A. 13-MO, William C. 11-MO, James W. 9-MO, and Edward 4-MO.

Elizabeth's father, Stephen H. Hobson, died in 1880.

Thomas Hobson 1811-1847

Thomas Hobson
b. 28 August 1811 Surry Co NC
d. 2 August 1847 Andrew Co MO
m. Kiziah Reece 18 December 1834
b. 1815 NC
d. unknown
Hadley Hobson
(info)(no photo)

Mary Jane Hobson George
(more info)

Sarah "Ann" Hobson Wood
(husband info)(no photo)

Margaret E. Hobson Magee George
(more info).

Other heirs: Hadley's children, Nathein (Nathan) and Sarah Jane Hobson
1811: Thomas Hobson was born 22 August 1811 in North Carolina, Surry County. His future wife, Keziah Reece was born around 1813-1815 in North Carolina. Her first name is spelled phonetically (and differently) on different documents.

1834: Thomas married Kisiah Reece on 18 December, 1834 in Surrey County NC. The Hobson-Reece Bible calls her "Riziah". They stayed in North Carolina through the births of son Hadley J (1836), and daughters Mary Jane (1837), and Sarah Ann (1839). But by the 1846 birth of Margaret E. Hobson, Thomas's family was living in Missouri (possibly Andrew County).

1847: Thomas and his family were living in Andrew County, MO. Thomas died 2 August 1847 just short of his 36th birthday. He was buried in the Union Grove Baptist Cemetery (tombstone photos, below) in Empire township of Andrew County, MO. Sarah Ann's future husband, William Henry Wood, went to the Union Grove Baptist Church. Thomas's family may have worshiped there.

1850: For the federal census, Kisiah Hobson was listed at 618-610 with her four children, Hadley J (b 1836 NC), Mary Jane (b September 12, 1837 NC), Sarah Ann (b November 8, 1839 NC), and Margaret E (b 1846 MO) plus Susannah Allen (b 1829 IL). They were living in Platte township of Andrew County MO.

1853: Mary Jane Hobson (1837-1916) married Reuben Andrew George (1832-1902) in Andrew County, MO. Reuben Andrew's family also lived in Platte township of Andrew County.

1855: Sixteen year old Sarah "Ann" Hobson married William H. Wood on December 27.

1857: Sarah "Ann" died several months after giving birth to Fallis Jones Wood on January 11 1857. Fallis died on March 14 1857, and Sarah Ann died October 5 1857 in Rockport, MO while she was still 17. (per William Henry Wood and Family.)

1859: Kizziah Hobson married William SULLANGER (Sullenger?) in Andrew County on 1 November 1859, per Marriage Records 1856-1870.

1867: On July 12, 1867, Keziah's children were named in a deed concerning their father's land. Uncle Stephen H. Hobson was the guardian of Margaret E. Hobson, who would have been about 21. Besides Mary Jane Hobson George, two other heirs were listed in the deed. They were Nathein (Nathan) Hobson and Sarah Jane Hobson, and their guardian was Thomas Davis. They were Kizzah's son Hadley and his wife Rebecca Ann Davis Hobson's children. Thomas Davis, (1813 Surry Co NC - 1876 Glenwood, Mills Co, IA) was Rebecca Ann's father. [source: Samantha Jacob's post,]

Hadley J. Hobson
Per Samantha Jacobs at, Hadley J. was born on Feb 2, 1836 in Andrew Co MO and died of measles while serving with Co 13 Reg 299 Iowa Troups. Hadley married Rebecca Ann Davis, who had been born on June 21, 1841 in Terra Haute, IN. Rebecca was the daughter of Thomas Davis (1813 NC - 1876 IA) and Elizabeth Hobson Davis (1820 NC - 1908 MO). Thomas and Elizabeth Davis left Andrew Co MO after June 1855 and before May 1858. (Elizabeth had returned to Andrew Co by 1908.) The date Hadley moved to Mills Co IA is not yet known, but he and Rebecca had 2 children there:
Sarah Jane Hobson Boedeker b. Jul 16 1859 in Mills Co IA and d. Nov 28 1894 - 3 children, Murray NE
Nathan Lincoln Hobson b. 15 Mar 1862 in Mills Co IA and d. 1936 in Macedonia, IA - 4 children, Glenwood IA

John B. Hobson ca 1812 - ?

No information currently known.
Mary Hobson REECE 1812 - 1843
Mary Hobson married Alvis Reece on November 17, 1831. (Bible record) According to the "History of Missouri, Andrew and DeKalb County" (1888) biography of J. S. Reece, Alvis was born on January 26, 1810 in Yadkin County, NC to Joel Reece of English lineage. Alvis, a farmer, stayed in Yadkin Co NC, but his son J. S. Reece came to Andrew County, MO in early 1858. Mary Hobson Reece was born in 1812 and died in 1843. Besides J. S., the couple had 2 sons older than J. S. but who had died by 1888.

J. S., a member of the Missionary Baptist Church, was a farmer, first renting land and later owning 240 acres in Platte Township of Andrew Co MO.

In 1861 as a resident of Andrew County, J. S. enlisted with Company A of Colonel Kimble's Regiment of Missouri Cavalry. He was discharged after 6 months because of poor health.

J. S. Reece married Martha Allen on October 2, 1862. They had 2 sons, S. F. and J. B.. While the boys were still very young, Martha Allen Reece died on January 20, 1868. J. S. Reece married Mrs. Rhoda (Vestal) Holcombe on February 1, 1870, and they had two sons, Frederick and Oscar and two daughters, Maud and Nettie. Rhoda already had a daughter, Jurusiah Holcombe from her first marriage.
Was Alves F. REECE who married Huldah M. MACKIE on November 15, 1859 in Andrew County, MO, any relation to J. S. Reece? Alves F. REECE died April 3, 1882 at the age of 44 (born on or about December 31, 1837) and was buried in the Daily Cemetery. Was Hulda any relation to Mary's brother-in-law Simon MACKIE?

Joshua Hobson 1816-1834
Joshua was born on October 30 1816 in Surry County, NC. He died as a 17 year old on June 30 1834 in Surry Co NC. He was buried with the family in Yadkin Co NC. (Jay Hobson)
Abram Hobson 1818-1837
1818-1837: Abram was born on September 16 1818 in Surry Co, NC. Just after turning 19, Abram Hobson died on September 21 1837, in NC. For some reason, he was buried in Surry Co, NC. (Jay Hobson)
Eunice Hobson MACKEY 1820-1853
Eunice was born on July 14 1820 in NC. She married Simon Martin Mackey (Mackie) on December 17 1840. Simon and Eunice were listed in the 1850 Federal Census for Andrew County MO #946-926
Simon Mackey was 30, born in NC (1820) [Simon McKEE in 1860]
Eunice was 28, born in NC (1822)
Columbus was 7, born in NC (1843) [Christopher in the 1860 census]
Melinda was 6, born in MO (1844) (see some 1860 speculation)
Bridget A. was 4, born in MO (1846) [Ann in the 1860 census]
William was 2, born in MO (1848) [still William in 1860 census]
Margaret was 10 months old, born in 1849 [still Margaret in 1860 census]
Note that Eunice Hobson Mackey - so the rest of the Hobson's? - were in Missouri by 1844 when her daugher Melinda was born. (1850 census)

Eunice died October 28 1853 in Andrew Co MO (aged 33y 4m 14d) and was buried at Union Grove Cemetery as was her brother, Thomas. (see Tombstone, below) Note that this Eunice is not Eunice Hobson, buried in Hobson Cemetery.

Simon is listed in the 1860 Andrew Co Census as Simon McKEE, aged 41 (born 1819) NC, which agrees with the Daily Cemetery information below. He had remarried, to a wife named Sarah (36-KY), but I wasn't able to find the record in Andrew Co. Columbus was now called Christopher, 18-NC. Melinda who would have been 16, wasn't listed in the census with her family. But I think she was Melvina REECE, 16-NC, living with her 22 year old husband, Franklin REECE next door to Simon McKEE, her step-mother, and siblings. Bridget A. was now called Ann, 14-MO. William 12-MO and Margaret 10-MO are next in the census, followed by Thomas 4-MO, George 3-MO, and Mary 1-MO. Elizabeth 12-MO and Josephine PANCE (could this be REECE?) were living with Simon and Sarah.

Franklin "Alvis" REECE died in 1882 and was buried in the Daily Cemetery. His wife Huldah "Melvina" REECE and their son Charles were on the 1900 census in Valentine, Cherry Co., NE, along with a widowed son-in-law Howard Lockwood. Charles, his family, and Hulda were still there for the 1910 census.

The 1860 census showed Simon lived next door to the Jno. VESTAL's who lived next door to Thomas (b 1796 NC) and Rebecca HOBSON. Their daughter, Jemimia D. HOBSON VESTAL, had died June 22 1859 (born Jan 6 1840), and their son-in-law, Daniel VESTAL was living with them, along with his 3 year old son, Thomas H. VESTAL, b Jan 6 1857 - d Dec 22 1881. Daniel married Ellen BROWN on March 7 1861. Ellen, b Jan 22 1844 - d Apr 13 1862, died only a year after marrying Daniel. From cemetery records, it seems that Daniel married a third time, perhaps to Sarah BENNETT, per Marriage Records that said David VESTAL and Sarah married about the 24th of March 1863. Daniel and Sarah had at least one son, Francis M. VESTAL, b Dec 23, 1867 - d Mar 21 1868. These 5 VESTAL people were buried in the Hobson Cemetery, Andrew County, MO, as were Thomas and Rebecca HOBSON's daughter, Eunice HOBSON. Note that this Eunice is not Eunice Hobson Mackie, buried in Union Grove Cemetery.

Next door to Thomas HOBSON (b 1796 NC) was William REECE (b 1833 NC) and family. Stephens DAVIS from NC lived next door to him. Franklin REECE (22, NC) and his young wife Melvina (16, MO) were Simon's other next door neighbors. Nearby was William McKEE (39, NC) with his wife and children.

Rev. Simon MACKIE was buried in Andrew County's Daily Cemetery. He died June 24, 1893 - 74 yrs 4 mo 13 days.
Sarah MACKIE, wife of S. M. MACKIE d Apr 24, 1900 - 76 yrs(?) 8 mo 4 days, Daily Cemetery
Blanchie MACKIE, 1 mo 6 days dau of F. M. and M. E. MACKIE died Dec 23, 1887, Daily Cemetery

Obedience "Bedie" Hobson DAVIS 1822-?
Bedy (Obedience) was born December 24 1822 in NC. She married Ruel (Rose) Davis on September 9 1841. (Bible)
Rachel Hobson 1824-1843
Rachel was born on December 3 1824 in Yadkinville, Surry Co, NC. Rachel was only three when her mother Biddie died on June 8, 1828 in Surry County, NC. She was buried in Yadkin County, NC. As an 18 year old, she died on July 20 1843 in Surry Co, NC, and was buried there. (Jay Hobson)

Thomas's half brothers and sisters, by his step-mother Dorothy B. Wilson Hobson:

With 9 children from later teens to a three year old, William remarried just over 6 months after his first wife died. His second wife, Dorothy B. Wilson was born January 8 1802 NC (per Hobson). Dorothy and William had 7 children, listed below. When his youngest child was almost 15 months old, William Hobson died September 17, 1844 in Surry County, NC. He was buried in the Deep Creek Friends Church Cemetery, in Yadkin County, NC.

So then Dorothy was widowed with six children, aged 15 to 1 years old, and about 6 surviving step-children, aged 34 to 22. Susan Ludwig in a Surry Co NC query said that Dorothy married John Adams after William died, and they moved to Iowa. Dorothy and John Adams were buried in a Quaker cemetery, Honey Creek Cemetery, in Hardin Co IA (central Iowa). Honey Creek Cemetery records show that Dorothy B. Adams was 74 years and 7 months old when she died in Aug 8 1876. John Adams isn't listed in these records, but several Hobson's and Reece's are buried there, including Keziah Reece Hobson's apparent uncle Levi Reece, 1777-1860, son of Abraham & Mary Huff-Reece. The Honey Creek Church was one of several Friends Churches in Hardin County, and included surnames including Hadley, Hobson, and Reece.

William Henry Hobson ca 1829

1829? (Born after the December 23 1828 marriage of his parents.)
Lucinda Hobson 1831-1851
Lucinda was born on May 6 1831 in NC. Sometime around her 20th year, she died in 1851, in MO. (Jay Hobson)
(son) 1833-1833 (NC)
The name of this son is unknown, but he was born on August 26 1833, in NC and died a few days later on September 4 1833, in NC. (Jay Hobson)
Elizabeth Hobson CASE 1834-? (CO)
Elizabeth was born on September 19 1834 in NC. She married a Mr. CASE. It doesn't seem likely that if she married she died when she was 10 years old (Case), b 19 Sep 1834, N. C., d 1844, Colo. (Bible)
Dorothy Ann Hobson RAMSEY 1837-1918 (CO)
Dorothy Ann was born on June 23 1837 in NC. She married a Mr. Ramsey. She died in Colorado in 1918 when she was about 71 years old. (Bible)
James J. Hobson 1840-? MO
James J. was born on July 4 1840 in NC and died in Missouri. (Bible)
Martha Jane Hobson REECE 1843-1927? (IA)
Martha Jane Hobson (Reece), b 21 Apr 1843, d 27 Nov 1827, Iowa. Martha Jane was born on April 21 1843. She married Abraham Hunter Reece, son of Abraham Reece Jr. (1775-1852), on October 7 1860. (The Yadkin Co census for 1860 is on-line, but I haven't located the Abraham Reece Jr family yet.) In the late 1860's Martha Jane brought the Hobson - Reece Bible with her to Iowa. During March 1886, two of Abraham and Martha Jane's children, Luther A. Reece and Dorothy A. Reece died and were buried in the Honey Creek Cemetery. Dorothy (listed as a son) was 18 years, 5 months, and 16 days old, dying on March 13 1886. Luther was 3 years, 10 months, and 21 days when he died March 17th. (from Honey Creek Cemetery records) Martha Jane died on November 27 in Iowa, possibly in the year 1927 (not 1827). (Bible) Neither she nor Abraham were listed at Honey Creek Cemetery, just their 2 children.

Some On-Line Sources:
* Surname List, Jerry F. Richmond, Downers Grove, IL
* Jay Hobson's book The Hobson Family Lineage and sample Page 33
* Miss Mattie Reece's Hobson and Reece Bible Records
    These Bible records have some obvious typographical date errors, such as stating that William Hobson was born April 18, 1878 and died 34 years before he was born. Jay Hobson's information suggests the 1878 should read 1787.

Monica Eshelman provided pictures (below) of the tombstone of Thomas Hobson from the Andrew County Missouri Cemetery Tombstone Photo Project. He's buried in Union Grove Baptist Cemetery in Empire Twp., Andrew Co., MO. Monica noted that Thomas's sister, Eunice (died 28 Oct 1853, aged 33y 4m 14d, married to Simon Martin Mackie) is also buried at Union Grove, though not in the old transcription.

Deed for Thomas Hobson's farm land estate (1867)
The name Reuben/Reuban is spelled differently within the document. Nathein Hobson might be spelled Nathan Hobson.

This deed made and entered into this 12th day of July in the year of our Lord 1867 by and between Amos F. Owen Sheriff of the County of Andrew and State of Missouri of the first part and Reuben A. George of the County of Andrew and State of Missouri of the second part. Witnesseth
That whereas Reuban A. George and Mary Jane his wife, Margaret E. Hobson by her guardian Stephen H. Hobson, Sarah Jane Hobson, Nathein L. Hobson by their guardian Thomas Davis Ex parte filed their petition in the office of the Clerk of the Curcuit Court within and for Andrew County in the State of Missouri for partition of the following described Real Estate lying and being in the County of Andrew and State of Missouri belonging to the heirs of Thomas Hobson deceased, which said Real Estate is described as follows: The East half of the SouthWest quarter of Section Seventeen (17) and the East half of the NorthWest guarter of Section twenty (20) all in Township Sixty (60) of Range thirty-four (34) Containing one hundred and sixty acres and whereas afterwards to wit at the October term 1866 of said Andrew Circuit Court - said cause coming on for hearing and the Court being then and there satisfied that the above described Real Estate could not be partitioned in kind between said parties in interest ordered and decreed that the same be sold at public auction at the Court House door in the City of Savannah. County and State afore said by the Sheriff of Andrew County - aforesaid upon the following terms to wit For cash in hand and that the proceeds of said sale be divided between said parties in interest: said lands to be advertised and sold as ofther lands are sold, under execution. And whereas the said party of the first part being then the Sheriff of Andrew County in the Sttae of Missouri at the April term of said Andrew Circuit Court for the year 1867 having first given notice of the time, place and terms and conditions of said sale by causing a full description of said property to be advertise in the New Era a newspaper printed and published in Andrwew County, State of Missouri, signed by said Sheriff specifying the time and place, terms and conditions of said sale at least twenty days before said sale, sold at the Court House door in the city of Savannah, Andrew County, and State of Missouri, between the hours of nine o'clock in the forenoon and five o'clock in the afternoon on the ninth day of April A.D. 1867. To the said party of the second part he being the highest and best bidder for said property at the price and sum of one thousand six hundred and eighty dollars.

Now therefore know ye that in consideration of the premises and will as the further consideration of One thousand six hundred and eighty dollars to me in hand paid by the said Reuben A. George party of the second part, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged and by virtue of authority in me vested by law, and in accordance with the statutes in such cases made and provided

I Amos F. Owen Sheriff of Andrew County and State of Missouri do hereby assign, transfer, sell, and convey to the said Reuben A. George party of the second part and to his heirs and assigns foreon all the right title interest claim, estate and property of the said Reuben A. George and Mary Jane his wife, Margaret E. Hobson by her guardian, Stephen H. Hobson, Sarah Jane Hobson and Nathein L. Hobson by their guardian Thomas Davis, of ui and to the above described Real Estate to wit The East half of the SouthWest quarter of Section Seventeen (17) and the Eat-half of the North West quarter of Section twenty (20) all in Township sizty (60) of Range thirty-four (34) so purchased by the said Reuben A. George party of the second part that I ought or could sell by virtue of the foregoing order of said Andrew Circuit Court and notices aforesaid so made and given. To have and to hold the same to the said party of the second part and to his heirs and assigns forever, with all the rights priveleges and appointed (?) acres thereunto belonging. In witness wehreof I, Amos F. Owen Sheriff of the County of Andrew and State of Missouri hereunto set my hand and seal this twelfth day of July A.D. 1867.

Amos F. Owen (seal)
Sheriff of Andrew County Missouri
State of Missouri
Andrew County
On this 22d day of October A.D. 1867, before the Honorable
Judge of the Circuit Court in and for said County - in Court Judicially eithing (?) personally appeared Amos F. Owen Sheriff of said County and whose name is subscribed to the foregoing Deed as a party thereto, and he hereto in open court acknowledged the same to be his official act and deed for the cases therin expressed.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said Court at my office in Savannah this day and year

last foresaid,
Filed November 30th 1867.
William Caldwell Recorder
By W. W. Caldwell Deputy
William Caldwell Clerk
By W.W. Caldwell Deputy

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