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Searching for the Family of


(m #1) Rachel


(m) Eunice

1761? - ?


William Hobson    (m)
1787-1844     children
Obedience Hadley

* Thomas HOBSON
b. 22 Aug 1811
d. 2 Aug 1847 Andrew Co, MO (nearly 36)

(m) Mary


(m) x



Joel Reece      (m)
Sarah Martin

(m) Keziah REECE
b. 1815 NC (?)
d. ?

m. 18 December 1834 in Surrey Co, NC (map)


Phonetically spelled Kiziah, Kesiah, Riziah, etc., Keziah REECE was born, according to Jerry F. Richmond's research, to Joel and Sarah (MARTIN) REECE about 1813. The Andrew County Missouri 1850 census says she was 35 (thus born in 1815).

The "History of Missouri, Andrew and DeKalb County" (1888) included a biography of J. S. Reece, whose father Alvis Reece was born on January 26, 1810 in Yadkin County, NC to Joel Reece. So Alvis apparently was Keziah Reece Hobson's older brother. Alvis married Mary Hobson Reece (1812-1843), the sister of Keziah's husband, Thomas Hobson (1811-1847). Hobson brother and sister married Reece sister and brother.

Kisiah Reece married Thomas Hobson on 18 December, 1834 in Surrey County NC. They lived in North Carolina through the births of son Hadley J (1836), and daughters Mary Jane (1837), and Sarah Ann (1839). But by the 1846 birth of Margaret E. Hobson, Thomas's family had moved to Missouri (possibly Andrew County).

The first proof of Thomas and his family living in Andrew County, MO came with finding his tombstone. (photo) Thomas died 2 August 1847 just short of his 36th birthday. He was buried in the Union Grove Baptist Cemetery in Empire township of Andrew County, MO. Sarah Ann's future husband, William Henry Wood, went to the Union Grove Baptist Church. Thomas's family may have worshiped there.

The 1850 federal census for Platte township of Andrew County, MO lists 35 year old Kisiah with her four children, son Hadley J (b 1836 NC), and daughters Mary Jane (b 1837 NC), Sarah Ann (b 1839 NC), and Margaret E (b 1846 MO). Susannah Allen (b 1829 IL) was also living with them.

Kizziah Hobson married William SULLANGER in Andrew County on 1 November 1859, per Marriage Records 1856-1870.

Kizziah and William Sullinger were on the 1860 census in Fishing River township of Ray County, MO. Margaret E. Hobson (14-MO) is with them. [Thanks for this information goes to Pat.] Presumably, Hadley Hobson's children Nathein (Nathan) Hobson and Sarah Jane Hobson were living with their mother in Iowa.

Keziah's brother Alvis Reece, a farmer, stayed in Yadkin Co NC, but his son and Keziah's nephew, J. S. Reece, came to Andrew County, MO in early 1858.

In 1867, Kizziah's first husband's land was sold by his heirs. Three people had guardians for this deed transfer. Kizziah was not named on the deed for the sale, and deceased son Hadley was represented by his two children, in this sale.

By the 1870 census, 55 year old Kiziah and 70 year old William had moved back to Andrew County, MO. (Thanks to Jo)

On April 21 1887, William Sullinger died of old age at 3pm in Empire Township of Andrew County. At death, he was 87 years, 2 months, and 18 days, born in NC in 1800. He was a farmer, and he was married.

REECE Family Information

Joel Reece
married Sarah Martin

Kiziah Reece Hobson's parents are thought to have been Joel and Sarah (MARTIN) REECE. Joel was Abraham and Mary (Hough) Reece Sr.'s son. The name "Keziah" was popular at that time, not only with the Reece family, but others as well. Joel had a sister by that name.

If these records are correct, Keziah was born to Joel and Sarah a year or so before Joel died in 1816. Losing a parent at a young age was sadly not uncommon at this time. Keziah's first husband Thomas Hobson would also die young. Did Sarah Martin Reece remarry after 1816?

The only sibling of Keziah I know of was Alvis Reece, born in 1810. Did they have other siblings?

Thomas Hobson's sister Mary Hobson married Alvis Reece.
Sources: The "History of Missouri, Andrew and DeKalb County" (1888) biography of J. S. Reece and the Hobson and Reece Bible
Thomas Hobson's half-sister Martha Jane Hobson married Abraham Hunter Reece. They moved to Iowa in the later 1860s.

REECEs in Andrew County, Missouri
For a time in Andrew County MO with Keziah, other Reece (and Reese) families included:

Early Andrew Co MO Marriages
Alves F. REECE married Huldah M. MACKIE on November 15, 1859
(Jeffrey Hobson confirms that this was Alves Franklin REECE and Hulda Melvina - not Melinda - MACKIE)
* Huldah's husband is not the Alvis Reece who married Mary Hobson in 1831, but being from NC, may be related. (See the biography of Alvis REECE, son of Joel REECE)
* Alves F. Reece does not appear in the 1850 Andrew Co MO census, however Simon Mackey and his family do.
* In the 1860 census, what if Alves F. Reece at #488 was the 22 year old Franklin REECE listed with his 16 year old wife Melvina, living next door to Simon McKEE #487? It is possible that she was Hulda M. MACKIE, with the M. standing either for Melvina, per the 1860 census, or for Melinda in the 1850 census when she was 6 years old, living with her parents and siblings. Likewise, Alves F. might have preferred to be called by his middle name, which could have been Franklin. In 1860, the young couple was living next door to Simon McKEE (apparantly spelled MACKIE in the 1850 Andrew Co MO census). This could explain why 6 year old Melinda MACKEY doesn't appear with her family as a 16 year old in the 1860 census, but is now the 16 year old wife of (Alves) Franklin REECE.
* A. F. REECE was buried in Daily Cemetery (see below) after dying on April 3, 1882 at the age of 44. Apparently, this A. F. was born on or about December 31, 1837. This is the same cemetery where Simon MACKIE was buried. No one named Huldah, Melinda, or Melvina was buried there.
John S. REECE married Martha L. ALLEN on October 2, 1862. In the "History of Missouri, Andrew and DeKalb County" (1888), John's biography was listed as J. S. Reece, born in Yadkin County, NC on August 10, 1838. By 1888, he was the youngest and only surviving son of Alvis (born on January 26, 1810 in Yadkin County, NC) and Mary Hobson Reece (born in 1812 - Yadkin Co NC, and died in 1843). Alvis was the son of Joel Reece of English lineage, probably making Alvis a brother of Keziah Reece Hobson Sullinger.
Nancy REESE married William CAMPBELL of Nodaway County, MO, August 7, 1855
Sarah Jane REECE married William WILSON on March 25, 1860
William A. REECE married Obedience A. HOBSON on July 7, 1853
William R. REECE married Catherine A. DERIT on February 27, 1863

1850 CensusKesiah (Reece) Hobson 1850 census #618-601, 35-NC, with children and Suzannah Allen.

Caleb and Sarah REECE 1850 census #649, 34-VA and 24-IN,
    plus Joshua born in VA, but no date given.
Daniel and Sally REECE 1850 census #334, 59-NC and 49-NC,
    plus William 19-NC, Daniel A. 14-NC, and Ilania 22-NC.
Mark and Valinta REECE 1850 census #277, 29-NC and 28-NC,
    plus Sarah J. 6-MO and Daniel W. 2-MO,
    plus Lion REECE 26-NC, Mary REECE 20-NC, and James REECE 22-NC.
1860 Census
Mark and Valenta REECE 1860 census #191, 38-NC and 38-NC,
    plus Daniel 12-MO, Mary 9-MO, Joel 4-IA.,
    plus Edward TIPPUT 22-IN was living with the family.
Daniel REESE 1860 census #188, 61-NC,
    plus Lovina REESE 39-KY and Sarah J. DEWIRE, 16-IN.
Franklin and Melvina REECE 1860 census #488, 22-NC and 16-MO
William REESE 1860 census #222. 26-OH, living with Andrew B. JACKSON 27-KY.
William and Ann REECE 1860 census #484, 27-NC and 25-IN,
    plus Mary 4-MO and Louisa 1-MO.
    plus Jno REECE 21-NC
    plus Joseph HOLLADAY 20-MO
    plus Ellen BROWN 16-IN living next door to Daniel VESTAL who she married the next year.

Reece's who were buried in Andrew Co MO:

A. F. REECE, d. Apr 3, 1882 - 44 yr, 4 mo, 3 days, Daily Cemetery [where Simon MACKIE was buried.]
Sarah A. (HOBSON) REECE, dau of Wm. A. and Obedience REECE, d 20 Mar 1867 - 1 yr 8 mo 16 da, Hobson Cemetery
Martha L. REECE, wife of John REECE, b Dec 28, 1838 - d Jan 20, 1869, Union Cemetery
Lewis A. REECE, infant son of J. S. and M. L. REECE, d May 24, 1863 (10 days), Union Cemetery
Sarah L. REECE, daughter of Joel M. REECE, b Sep 16, 1859 - d May 12, 1874, Union Cemetery
(infant daughter) REECE, dau of M. L. and J. REECE, Union Cemetery
Cora Bell REECE, wife of Joseph REECE, 1879-1915, Coffman Cemetery
Flora Bell REECE, dau of J. R. and C. B. REECE, 1914-1914, Coffman Cemetery
Joseph R. REECE, 1866-1936, Coffman Cemetery
Nellie F. REECE, wife of J. R. REECE, d Jan 27, 1900 - 26 yrs,6 mo,2 da Coffman Cemetery
Vernie Maude REECE, dau of T.A. and R.B. REECE, d Jul 25, 1890 - 6 mo,5 days, Coffman Cemetery
Sarah A. REECE, b 1839 - d 1923, Gravel Wall Cemetery
Wm. C. REECE, b Feb 11, 1885 - d Dec 17, 1911, Gravel Wall Cemetery
Wm. Chasteen REECE, son of , d Nov 8, 1899 - 25 yr 11 mo, Gravel Wall Cemetery

Abraham REECE
with thanks to Rick Albright, Dudley Anderson, Doris Phelps, and Durk Prusok
Miss Mattie Reece's Hobson and Reece Bible Records
    These Bible records have some obvious typographical date errors,
such as stating that William Hobson was born April 18, 1878
and died 34 years before he was born.
Jay Hobson's information suggests the 1878 should read 1787.

Abraham Reece Sr.
1750- 6 Nov 1822
(m) Mary Hough (Huff)
ca 1754-1830
Jesse Simeon
abt 1777-1864
abt 1775-1852
abt 1777-1855

Durk Prusok writes:
"I'm descended from Abraham Reece through his son Daniel. This information is tentative and I have not been able to verify it is correct.

"Solomon Reece married Sarah Boone and they had at least one son, Abraham b. 1750. Abraham married Mary Hough about 1770 in Surry Co, NC. Mary was the daughter of Daniel (David) Hough and Mary Worley Hough. -- snip --

"Daniel married Rachel Hadley on 3 Dec 1795 in Surry Co. Rachel was the daughter of Thomas Hadley and Eunice Jones Hadley. Rachel was born 22 Dec 1777 and died 27 May 1857. I believe they were married in Booneville.

"Daniel and Rachel's children were: Mary Louisa, Lucinda, Eunice, Joshua, "River" John, Thomas Hadley, Joel

"Joel married Nancy Greenwood in 1824 in Booneville. They had a daughter, Tennessee, born 17 Feb 1830 died 4 Nov 1892. She married Benjamin Mackie (Mackey) and they had a son Simon who is gg-grandfather on my mothers side."

Dudley Anderson posted the following information with a request for help from other Reece researchers, and gave me permission to reprint it here. "I am particularly interested in Daniel Reece (1773 - 1822), husband of Rachel Hadley (1777 - 1857). He is buried at Deep Creek Friends Church, Yadkin County, NC, and she at Boonville Baptist Church Cemetery, Boonville, NC. My direct ancestor is their son Joel Reece, born about 1801. Daniel's parents were Abraham Reece (1750 - 1822) and Mary Hough (Abt. 1754 - abt 1830). Mary is also buried at Deep Creek Friends Church, Yadkin County, NC. Thank you in advance for any information that you may have relating to these people."

Extra Biographies:
JACOB REECE, farmer and stock raiser, P. O. Effingham, was born in North Carolina, Ashe County, October 18, 1825. Is the son of Joel and Fannie Reece, nee Shearer; the former of German descent, the latter of Scotch origin. They removed to Buchanan County, Mo., in 1844, when they engaged at farming and stock raising. Jacob remained at home working on the farm and going to school till 1846, then volunteered in Government service as teamster in the Mexican war, during the latter part of which he was in active service under Col. Doniphan, during which time he never stood back in doing his duty as a soldier obeying the command of his officer or serving his country, after the close of which he returned to his home and resumed his former occupation as stock raiser. He being anxious to develop his business it became necessary for him to emigrate to some country where he could find extensive ranges for grazing, so in September, 1854, he removed to Atchison County, Kas., and settled on the place where he now lives, and was one of the very first settlers in that part of the county. Here he has successfully operated since, and he is now proprietor of 260 acres of good farm, and well stocked, and is also proprietor of forty town lots in the village of Arrington which is noted for its mineral springs, of which Mr. R. was the discoverer of the superior medicinal qualities of the water, although he has been rather reserved in some of the political contests of his county he has stood with undoubted integrity, always giving his money and influence in all public enterprises. He was initiated into the Masonic Order at Atchison in 1863, and was afterwards a charter member of Huron Lodge No. 72, of his own town. He was married in Buchanan County, Mo., in 1848, to Miss Elizabeth A. Allie. They are both members of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, and are the parents of seven children, viz. - William N., Martisha E., the first white child born in Grasshopper Township; Samuel M., John B., Nora R., Annie E. and Wilson A.

WILLIAM REECE, farmer, Section 32, P. O. Effingham, was born in Ashe County, N. C., May 15, 1832. His parents were Joel and Fannie Reece, the former of Dutch descent, the latter of Scotch, her maiden name was Shearer. They removed to Buchanan County, Mo., in 1844, and engaged in farming, being among the early settlers in that section of country. Mr. Reece was married October 30, 1852, to Miss Huldah Allie, who was born in Owen County, Ind., December 8, 1833. During the winter of 1854 he came to Atchison County, Kas., and bought the claim on which he now lives, and in the spring following moved out his family, which now consists of eight children - Riley A., Leanna J., Olive, Permelia A., Melvin D., Eva and Ella, who are twins, and Lone H. Mr. R. owns 192 acres of excellent farm land, a good portion of which is under cultivation. He served ten months as a teamster in the Mexican war. Mr. R. and wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

BARNABAS COHOON, farmer, Section 32, P. O. Effingham, was born in Surry County, N. C., August 25, 1816. Here he was also married in 1838, to Miss Lucy Reece, and followed the occupation of a farmer in that county until 1844. He then removed to Buchanan County, Mo., where he made his home until 1855, at which time he came to Atchison County, Kan., and pre-empted 160 acres of land, and this, with enough since added to it to make 296 acres, composes his present farm. In 1856, he took his family back to their former home in Missouri, on account of the border troubles, but it was really unnecessary, and they returned in a short time. They have a family of eight children - William R., Jacob A. Susanna, Elizabeth J., Nancy C., Mary C., Sarah F., and Thomas A. Mr. Cohoon and wife are of the Methodist persuasion.

A. J. WAY, farmer and stock raiser, Section 21, P. O. Tecumseh. Was born and reared in Knox County, Ill., and came to Nebraska in 1870, and has been actively connected with the present industries here since. In 1867 he was married in Knox County, Ill., to Miss Nancy J. Reece, who was born in Clinton County, Ohio. They have two daughters, Stella and Eva. Mr. Way did service in the Eighty-sixth Illinois, from 1862 to '63, after which he re-enlisted in the One Hundred and Thirty-eighth Volunteer Infantry, and remained in active service till '64; was honorably discharged.

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