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This book has been prepared in order to document history, facts and stories about many Handley, Handly and Hanley descendants. This has also been done in order to allow present and future descendants to review this information.

One thing you will find as you review this book, is that not all information is complete and many stories could be added to the many people listed. It is my thoughts, that a book of this nature will never be complete because some new information could be added every day.

The information that you will find in this book, is what I have collected during the 16 years of research I have done. In addition, you will find on a following page, a list of other researchers who have contributed information for the publication of this book. Also, it should be mentioned of two past researchers who contributed many hours of their lifes to researching the Handleys. These two researchers are Dr. Harry E. Handley and Bertha Lewis Clark. Through my many hours of research, I have found that these two people dedicated a part of their life in researching Handleys.

The book has been divided into three sections. Section 1 containing descendants of brothers John and William. Section 2 contains other lineages that can not be connected to the lineages in Section 1. Although many lineages are in the same area of the country, a definite link can not be made. Section 3 contains the surname index for the entire book.

You will find when reading this book that an indentifying number has been assigned to each person. A brief summary on this identifying number should be made, as the book is organized according to these numbers. First, it should be noted that the book is in left to right numerical order. For example, Ha-11 would appear before Ha-12. Also Ha-113 would appear before Ha-12 because the second numeric digit is a 1 in Ha-113 where the second digit of Ha-12 is a 2. You can trace your ancestrial lineage back by knowing how to read the indentifying number. For example, I will take the number that has been assigned to myself, Ha-128.314.31. The last digit you see is a 1, this tells you that I was the first child of Ha=128.314.3. Therefore telling you that my father was the 3rd child of Ha-128.314 (my grandfather). The digits that have a line under them are an indication to add 10 to the numeric digit. Therefore, my grandfather was the 14th child of Ha-128.31. And to go back another generation, you just remove the last digit and then look for that number in the book, remembering it is in left to right numerical order.

In closing, there are so many people to thank, that they can't all be listed, but want all to know that those of you that have contributed toward this publication, your help was greatly appreciated. Also, I would like to state, that all information in this book is hopefully correct. If you find an arror in your family information, I apologize for this. I have tried to make all information as accurate as possible but you find in this type of researching, errors can be made.

Please enjoy the book and make sure you keep it up-to-date so your grandchildren and others down the line can keep the records of their ancestors and enjoy the stories you write.

/s/ Randall J. Handly
Randall J. Handly


The following are current researchers of the Handley Family name. The lineage they are researching is listed in parenthesis after their name. If you have any additional information or corrections to help these researchers, please contact them at the address shown.
Randall J. Handly  (Ha-1)
R#l Box 256
Ft. Scott, Ks.  66701

Mrs. Lewis E. Andrew  (Ha-1)
103 Northampton Court
Greenwood, SC  29646

Evelyn Black  (Ha-2)
3219 202nd Pl SW
Lynnwood, Wa.  98036

E. W. Bollschweiler  (Mb-5)
12462 Santa Rosalia
Garden Grove, Ca.  92641

Sara Eshelbrenner (Ha-1)
Box 385
Ft. Scott, Ks.  66701

Shirley Flynn  (Ha-2)
1907 Laurel Dr.
Cheyenne, Wy.  82001

Bob Handly  (Ha-2)
6526 Chevy Chase
Dallas, Tx.  75225

Audrey Patterson  (Ma-5)
226 N. Indiana Ave
Griffith, In.  46319

Mrs. Lee A. Rieth  (Ha-2)
1204 S. Fifteenth St.
Goshen, In.  46526

George W. Handley  (Mb-6)
Gallatin, Mo.  64640
Gilbert Norman Handley  (Mb-7)
16120 Azalea Way
Los Gatos, Ca.  95030

Michael R. Gentry  (Ha-2)
140 NE 212 Terr.
Miami, Fl.  33179

Sharon Hill  (Mc-1)
561 Parsons
Chillicothe, Oh.  45601

Mrs. John R. Hanley  (Md-2)
8326 Bound Brook Lane
Alexandria, Va.  22309

Kathryn H. Bzdick  (Mc-9)
58 Doris Ct.
Monroe, Ct.  06468

Dorothy Handley  (Mc-5)
7624 Rosewood Dr.
Stockton, Ca.  95207

Ethel Handley  (Mc-4)
R#2  Box 2
Greenfield, Ia.  50849

Florence Handley  (Mb-1)
168 W. Kingsley
Pomona  Ca.  91768

Robert R. Handley  (Ma-1)
874 Lemon Drive
Camarillo, Ca.  93010

Wallace E. Handley  (Ma-3)
P.0. Box 207
Killen, Al.  35645
Susan Manolakos  (Ma-4)
105 Hillcrest Rd.
Syracuse, NY.  13224

Edie Pafford  (Mb-3)
14414 SW 293 Terr.
Homestead, Fl.  33033

Orrin M. Prince  (Ha-2)
912 Prospect Ave.
Ashland, Ky.  41101

Mary E. Blakeman  (Ma-9)
344 N. Fairway Ave
Decatur, Ill.  62522

Kathy Warner  (Mb-8)
5143 Beechnut
Houston, Tx.  77096

Judith A. Board  (Mc-5)
8109 Holm Oak Way
Citrus Heights, Ca.  95610

Mary Mortimeyer  (Ha-2)
P.0. Box 327
Cameron, Mo.  64429

Ruth Elzey Rawlings  (Mc-l)
107 Mocliff Road
Ephrata, Wa.  98823

Sandra P. Espey  (md-1)
11215 Montebello Ct.
Houston, Tx.  77024

Ruth Donahue  (Md-3)
2332-a Connecticut Lane
Dallas, Tx.  75214