(This will was transcribed and contributed by Dolly Marder, [email protected])
Record of Wills

James Boatman decd. May 2d 1853

In the name of God, Amen. I James Boatman of St. Clair Township and State of Ohio, being in good health of body, and of Sound and disposing mind and memory, (praised be God for the same,) and being desirous of Settling my worldly affairs, whilest I have Strength and Capacity So to do, do make and publish this my Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking and making void, all Wills by me at any time heretofore made.

And first and principally, I commit my Soul into the hands of my Creator who gave it, and my body to the Earth to be decently buried it such palace as shall be directed by my Executors hereinafter mentioned, and as to such worldly estate wherewith it has pleased God to entrust to me, I dispose of the Same, as follows, to wit:

First, I will that all my sust debts, as shall be by me owing at my death, together with my funeral expenses, and all charges touching the proving of, or otherwise concerning this my Will, Shall in the first place out of my personal Estate and effects, be fully paid and Satisfied, and from and after payment there of and Subject thereto.-It is my Will,

(2), Secondly, that my beloved wife Anna, Shall have the souse I now reside in, together with all the kitchen and Household furniture to in the house, for and during her lifetime, and also One Horse, Saddle, and bridle and tow milch Cows._ And Further, that my Executors rent out my farm whereon I now reside,(except the house,) by the year, the rent of which Shall be paid yearly. And my Said Executors are hereby required to pay my Said wife Anna, all Such sums of money from time to time, as Shall be necefsary, for her comfortable and decent support, during her life, and the balance of the rent of the farm, Should there be any balance, after the Support of my Widow as aforesaid, and the necefsary repairs of the farm, to loan out the same on interest, taking good and sufficient Security therefore.-

3. Thirdly, I give and bequeath to my Grand Daughter Susan Ann Walton, to be paid her by my Executors when She becomes of age or is married, if my property is then Sold, the Sum of Three Hundred dollars.-

4. Fourthly, It is my Will that my Executors Shall Sell my Real Estate after the death of my Widow, (should She Survive me,) and that the proceeds therof, together with my whole Estate from whatever Source be divided into Eleven equal Shares, to and amongst my children, as follow, to wit: to Mark, William, and Reed M. and their heirs respectively, Two Hundred and forty dollars lep, each than one equal share in Said Estate, In consideration that they respectively received trades during their minorities: and that my Daughters or their heirs respectively, to wit, Sarah Kimble, Mary Kimble, Ann Cornell, each to receive tow Hundred and forty dollars lep than one Share each as aforesaid, and the remainder of my Sons, to Wit, Claudius, James M. John M., Nathan and Jeremiah W. Shall in like manner received each one share of my estate, except John M. who having received and advance from me of four hundred dollars, and Nathan who received Six Hundred and twenty dollars, and Jeremiah w. who received Eight Hundred dollar, which Sums are to be deducted from their respective Shares, with the addition of five per cent interest per annum from the date hereof, until a divident Shall be made of my Estate,(that is to say) interest on the money advanced._ And I do hereby ordain, Constitute and appoint Jacob Flickinger and John M. Boatman, Executors of this my last Will and Testament._

Signed, Sealed and acknowledged by the Testor, in the
Presence of the Subscribing Witnefes,as his last Will and James Boatman

Testament._ John Kech.-George Longfellow.

The State of Ohio Butler County S. S.

Probate Court within and for the County of Butler and State of Ohio

Be it Remembered that the Probate Court of the County of Butler aforesaid Holder at Hamilton in the Said County of Butler on the Second day of May, One thousand eight hundred and fifty three, befoe the Honorable Thomas H. Wilkins Judge of our Said Court of Probate, the within or before written last will and Testament of James Boatman who is now deceased, being presented for Probate by Jacob Flickinger and John M. Boatman, the Executors therein named, and John Keck and George Longfellow, the Subscribing witnefses tp the Said last will and testament appearing in their proper persons in Said court and being duly Sworn Severally depose and Say, and each of them for himself deposeth and Saith, that in his and their presence the Said James Boatman, the testator, Subscribed, acknowledged and declared, the within or before writing as and for his last will and Testament, and that at the time of the Said Signing and acknowledging, the Said testator was of Sound and disposing Mind, Memory, and Judgment, over twenty one years of age as they verily believe.

- And that at the request and in the presence of said testator they the Said Johm Keck, and George Longfellow, Subscrived their names as witnefses to the Said Last Will and Testament._

Sworn and Subscribed in Said Court, John Keck

The 2 o day of May 1853. George Longfellow

Thos. H. Wilkins, Probate Judge of Bulter county, Ohio

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