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The Ole Gang, former students of West Carrollton High School (Click on picture to enlarge)
Special thanks to Bonnie Risner Miller, Bruce Chenoweth, Joice Gates Engram, and Bill Howard for providing these pictures.
Also thank any of you who help check these names and class dates.

Florida Spring Fest, in Orlando, March 27, 2004
Bill Howard, photographer * * Another Photo Show by Bill

Sandra L. Barsalou (1958) and JoAnn Stemley (1960)

Sandra L. Barsalou and Tom Fee (both 1958)

Tom Fee with son Sean and friend

Madeline Campbell (1960), Donna Richards (1961), William Walker (1960), and Gerald Fuller (1960)

Tom Fee and Richard Fahrney (1958)

Tom Fee and DeDeK Fahrney (1960)

Tom Fee, and Marilyn Donaldson (x1955)

Bonnie Risner Miller

The Trophy

Tom Fee and Bruce Chenoweth (1958)
Karen Walker, Darell Tobias (1957), Paula Wilson (1961, white shirt), Cookie Bowie (1960, bk-white), Roberta Rice (1960, bk shirt), Bruce Chenoweth (1958, trophy), Madeline Campbell (1960), Barbara O'Neil (1962, Mrs. Steven Kokot), and William McDaniel (Madeline's husband). Sean Fee, foreground
LaComedia Dinner Theater, February 11, 2004
West Carrollton alumni and guests: Patty Wheelbarger ('71), Bruce Chenoweth ('58),
Bill Howard ('58), Lucy Howard, Murl Huffman, Sharon Borger ('60)

Patty, Bill, Lucy, Murl, and Sharon

Murl, Patty, Sharon, and Bruce

Murl and Sharon
Larry Johnson (Springboro HS '58),
wife Sharon Borger ('60)
and daughter, Hillary
Pictures from Alumni Weekend, Frisches Frolic, and Shade Elementary Anniversary, October 2003,
the December 2003 Florida WCHS Reunion

Eula Faye Baily
Class of 1960

Bud Lowman ('60)
and ???

Darell Tobias
class of 1957

James Johnson with Bonnie Risner (1960) at Frisch's

Bud Lowman and
Donna Richards Simpson

Charles Carter (1960) and Sally Gillette (1961)

Dale Ferguson
Class of 1959
at the 1959 class reunion
(l to r) Bruce Chenoweth (1958),
Carolyn "Tootie" Pence (1959)
Ronald "Tom" Fee (1958)

Steve Kokot (1960) (back to camera) and Jerry Fuller (1960) with Mr. Johnson

Mr. Johnson
taught Social Studies

Larry Pendley
Class of 1960

Margie Milton and Patricia Hagwood (both 1958)
behind Lucy, wife of Bill Howard

Margie Milton
Class of 1958

Carolyn McCloud
Class of 1960

Bonnie Risner
collects old Piratans

(Man in grey?), Shirley Tudor, Barry Russello,
Larry Pendley
(all of 1960) and Judith Pendley

Wallace Robbins
Class of 1960 ?

Dennis Rose, Bonnie Risner, Gary Richards, JoAnn Stemley, Donnie Richards (1960)

Charles Carter (1960), Shirley Tudor (1960),
Donna Tudor (1955)

JoAnn Stemley, John and Carolyn McCloud Mack (1960)

JoAnn Stemley
Class of 1960

Jerry and Judith Stalder
(1960) DeAngulo

Mike West (1960), Ronald Hall, Sally West,
Bonnie Risner
(1960), and Gary Richards (1960)

Dorothy Willman
(1960) Mrs. Vince Brodbeck

Herb (1958)
and Gloria Gates


(1961) with husband

Mary Gates, 1957
and Murl Huffman
a WCHS sub

Donna Richards, Joyce Gates, Edna Gray (1961)

Sally Gillette
and Joice Gates
class of 1961

Patty Wheelbarger
Class of 1971

Mike West, class of 1960
and Bruce Chenoweth
class of 1958

Bill Howard (1958)
and wife, Lucy

Bonnie Risner,
class of 1960

Patricia Hagwood
Class of 1958

Curtis Kemp (1960) and wife Maria

Dave Michael (1958), Sandy Kinney Michael (1959) , and Carolyn "Tootie" Pence (1959)

Vincent A. Brodbeck (1958), Linda Beckett (1958) in white, woman in red.

"Tom" Fee (1958) and wife, Sandi
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* The Class of 1961 (mostly 2001)
* Titusville 2003 Photo Show by Bill Howard
* Biographies and Memories

Vivian Morgan (1958) in blue and ???

Linda Turner (1958)
Harriette Doggett (1958)

Mike West and
Bonnie Risner,
class of 1960

l to r: Carolyn McCloud, Shirley Tudor, JoAnn Stemley,
Eula Faye Bailey, Bonnie Risner, Judith Stalder

Tom Fee
class of 1958

Mr. Huffman
in the news

Margie Lou Milton
Class of 1958

Jerry Fuller and Barry Russello (1960) at Jerry's KY home
December 6, 2003 WC Florida Holiday Brunch,
Dixie Crossroads in Titusville
(l to r) Rebecca, wife of Jerry Fuller (1960), Delores K. "DeDeK" Fahrney (1960), Carolyn "Tootie" Pence (1959), her older sister, Phyllis (xWC), and Bill Howard (1958) (seated, l to r) Curtis A. Kemp (1960), Ronald D. "Tom" Fee (1958), and Judith Samuels (1961). (standing, l to r) William R. Howard (1958), Boyd H. Jenkins (1960), Bonnie Risner (1960), Delores K. Fahrney (1960), Jerry A. Fuller (1960), Carolyn E. "Tootie" Pence (1959), Phyllis Pence (???), Bruce E. Chenoweth (1958)

Walter Shade Elementary, October 2003 celebrated 50 years
Current pictures provided by Joyce Gates Engram.
NOTE: The Class of 1961 was the first to attend and graduate from this new elementary school (1954-55) Some sixth graders got to work in the cafeteria/gym (pictured below almost 50 years later), every other week wiping off tables, then washing dishes.

Walter Shade
WC Rotary, 1941

Musicians entertain

Even singing Pirates!

Walter Shade

by Ertel
Class of 1961