Anna Margaret (Maria) Luckman

Anna Margaret (Maria) Luckman was born November 14, 1873 or 1874 in Minster, Auglaize County, Ohio and was the child of Gerhard Henry Luckman and Mary (Maria) Elizabeth Nienberg. Anna was a resident of Minster nearly all her life. She married John Anton Bollheimer in September or October 1896 and gave birth to four children: Hulda Mae, Laura Catherine, Norman Ralph, and Verlett Rhinehart. Laura died when she was only three years old. Anna was married for almost 50 years before John's death on May 22, 1946.

Anna is remembered by her grandchildren as being a tall woman for this time period, 5 feet 8 inches, and having snow white hair. She had many pieces of jewelry and used to let her grandchildren try to wear them. She also had a large collection of salt and pepper shakers that she kept in a glass cabinet. On occasion, she would let her granddaughters take them out and look at them. Anna also would save the paper dolls from her Sunday newspaper for her granddaughter who collected them. Anna's husband, John, would save the envelopes that came with advertising so that his granddaughter could file her paper doll collection in a shoe box.

At one point, it appears that Anna's mother, Mary, may have lived with them. Either Anna or her mother sold White sewing machines for a while. Anna was also a member of the auxiliaries of the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the St. Monica Ladies' sodality of the St. Augustine Church.

Anna Margaret (Maria) Luckman Bollheimer died December 28, 1947 in the Virginia Rest Home in Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio. She was 74 years old at the time and was survived by one daughter, two sons, and two grandchildren. She was buried at St. Augustine Cemetery in Minster, Auglaize County, Ohio.

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