Rall M. Ayers' Military Service Chronology

May 15, 1918Joined the U. S. Marine Corps at Parris Island, South Carolina. (Other source states Parris Island Summary Court)
May 30, 1918Enlisted at Parris Island, South Carolina.(Other source states enlisted in U. S. Marine Corps at Toledo, Ohio)
October 15, 1918Transferred to Quantico, Virginia.
October 28, 1918Sailed from South Brooklin, New York for France on board the Henderson.
November 9, 1918Arrived at Brest, France just two days before the end of the war. (Other source has him in France on the 10th)
November 19, 1918Attached to Company A of the 1st Training Machine Gun Battalion, 1st Training Regiment of the Fifth Brigade. Most likely occurred at Camp Pontanzen, near Brest, as it was the largest American embarkation camp in France during World War I. Later, he joined Company F of the 11th U. S. Marine Regiment (5th Brigade USMC).
July 29, 1919Service ended with this unit.
August 11, 1919Returned to the United States and was discharged. Notation states that his character was excellent. (Ohio Archives File 119306, Volume 22.)

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