60th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Three Years' Service

This regiment was organized early in the Spring of 1864, under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel J. N. McElroy. Upon completion of six companies, it was ordered to the field. Two companies of Independent Sharp-shooters, rendezvousing at Camp Taylor, near Cleveland, were assigned to duty with the battalion. The command reported to Major-General Burnside, commanding the Ninth Army Corps, at Alexandria, Virginia, on April 24, 1864, and was assigned to the Second Brigade, Third Division.

The Sixtieth marched with the corps on April 27th, to join the Army of the Potomac, on the Rapidan. On May 5th, it crossed that stream, and took part in the actions in the Wilderness. On May 9th, the battalion led the advance of a column of two divisions of the Ninth Corps, in the attack at Mary's Bridge, Nye River. The battalion was specially distinguished in orders by the General commanding, for the gallantry with which it crossed the stream and carried the position of the enemy. In all the actions about Spotsylvania in which the corps was engaged, the Sixtieth took an honorable part, suffering very much in that series of engagements.

This regiment took an honorable part in the engagements at the North Anna, Tolopotomoy, Bethesda Church, June 2nd and 3rd; at Cold Harbor until June 12th, and the siege of Petersburg, and the actions about Richmond, which brought the Rebel army of Northern Virginia to pass under the Caudine Forks, on April 9, 1865, and the Army of the Potomac turned its face homeward.

Two additional companies joined the regiment: one at Cold Harbor in June and the other in January 1865 before Petersburg. It, however, never became a maximum regiment, as its losses far exceeded the additions. The muster-out rolls, in the Office of the Adjutant-General of Ohio, show the casualties to be 505, with but 17 missing. Few regiments have had so eventful and brilliant a career in less than one year's active service. The Sixtieth was mustered out of service on July 25, 1865.

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