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We are very pleased that you are visiting our web site. This site is constantly changing and growing as we are. There are links to the various things we are involved in. Please, come back often to see what we are up to next.

Custom Made Genealogy Charts

Please take a moment to check out the beautiful charts that we can create using your own family information. We would love to make one for you!

Our Ancestral Information

We are very proud of the information that we have compiled on our ancestors. Please, take a look and see if you can find a cousin, or two.

Meet Sarila Young!

The newest member of our family is Sarila Young. Proud parents Cal & Jocelyn have given us a brand new grandaughter to enjoy. She is indeed "Precious One".

Grandaughters Jenna & Janel - Black Belts!

Jenna & Janel Duax are terrific at Tai Kwando! Janel just passed her test for Black Belt! Take a look at how their forms - and how very cute they are!

Alice's Colby-family home town of Amesbury

These pictures were taken in August, 2000 when the Colby Family reunion was held in Amesbury, MA. If you are a Colby descendant, you can't help feeling like you've come home when you visit there!