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Gallery Gang of Iowa

Descendants of Patrick Gallery and Anne Lysaght of Ireland

If you want a more complete family history contact Jim Gallery who published a book entitled (in Gaelic) Stair de an Gallery Peagh Lack (History of the Gallery Family). He has compiled a great collection of family records, letters, stories, photos and newspaper articles about the Iowa family.

If you're interested in finding other Gallery families that moved to the U.S. from Ireland, Pam Costa has put together a great Website called Gallery Family Search.

Irish Records

Patrick Gallery and Anne Lysaght who were both born around 1800 in County Clare, Ireland. According to Antoinette O'Brian of County Clare Heritage Centre, the Lysaghts were a very prominent family. This fits with the stories passed down from the first American Gallery's in Iowa. 

Patrick's first wife Anne died while the children were still young so he remarried. It has long been believed that the Daniel Gallery, who settled in Chicago was from this second marriage. We know that Daniel's mother was with him in Chicago when the 1880 US Census was taken and that her first name was Mary.

 In 2007, my husband Vince and I had the pleasure of spending a week in County Clare, Ireland. While there we hired professional family researcher, Antoinette O'Brien, to see what she could find in public records. The first thing she did was give us the proper spelling and enunciation of the name Lysaght (LY' set) and the proper way to say Ennistymon (En-e-STY' mon).

Since we knew that Patrick remarried after his first wife died, we were anxious to try and find out the name of his second wife. 

But first, O'Brien searched to find Patrick and his first wife Anne Lysagth. She found them in the church records when the children were baptized. We were surprised when she found five children since we were only aware of three.  The children were:

1. Martin Gallery, baptized 8 Nov 1822; Godparents: Andrew Sheehan and M. Lysaght. I have not been able to find anything more about Martin. He may have died young.

2. Patrick Gallery, baptized 20 Feb 1826; Godparents: Andrew and Margaret Sheehan. This is the Patrick who settled and died in Iowa.

3. James Gallery, baptized 11 Feb 1828; Godparents: Andrew and Margaret Sheehan. This is James, brother of Patrick, who settled in Iowa.

4. Bridget Gallery, baptized 4 Oct 1832; Godparents: Francis and Bridget Donohue. Nothing more is known of Bridget. She may have died young.

5. Ellen Gallery, baptized 13 Feb 1835; Godparents: Edmund Gallery and Eliza Lysaght. Ellen came to America, settled in New York, married a McNerney, had three daughters named Agnes, Mary and Ellen.

Patrick's second wife was Catherine Power (could her full name have been Mary Catherine?). If so, the Mary living with her son Daniel in Chicago and the Catherine we found in Irish records could be one and the same. 

The Church Registers for the ecclesiastical Parish of Ennistymon record the following children for Patrick and Catherine  "Power" Gallery:

1. Edward Gallery, baptized 17 Jan 1843; Godparents: James Gallery and Margaret King

2. Mary Gallery, baptized 15 July 1854; Godparents: Martin Russell and Ellen Gallery.

3. ? Gallery, baptized 1 Dec 1857; Godparents: Michael Linnane and Mary Healy.

Researcher O'Brien wrote to Vince Gallery, While your great-great grandfather Patrick Gallery and his second wife Catherine Power were recorded having three children this would not necessarily mean that this was the total size of their family in that there may well have been others whose births/baptism went unrecorded. While the Church Records for the Parish of Ennistymon commences in 1821 they were riddled with gaps and omissions particularly during the 1820, 1830 and 1840 period.

Note: The Daniel Gallery in Chicago was 45 years old when the 1880 US Census was taken. Therefore, his birth is calculated to be about 1835 or 1836.  Since the youngest child of Patrick and his first wife Anne was baptized in February 1835, she may have been born in late 1834. In the U.S. parents have their children baptized right a way after birth but O'Brien explained that in those days in Ireland, babies were baptized within three months of birth.

O'Brien goes on to remind us that, The James Gallery and Ellen Gallery listed above as sponsors (godparents) were likely to have been the children from Patrick Gallery's first marriage i.e. siblings.

Patrick Lysaght Gallery and Johanna McGrath

The first family In America

Johanna McGrath

Johanna McGrath

Patrick Lysaght Gallery was born March 17, 1825 in the town of Ennistymon, County Clare, Ireland and died June 07, 1900 in Independence, Iowa. Oral tradition says that Patrick came to America in 1852. In looking at New York Passenger Lists between 1820-1957, the closest I could come to that date was a Patrick Gallery arriving in New York June 01, 1847 aboard the ship Josephine from Galway, Ireland. Galway is not too far north of Ennistymon so this would be the most likely place he would have sailed from. We do know that he first lived in Brooklyn, New York but he and his brother James eventually moved to Springfield, Massachusetts. There he met and married Johanna Mae McGrath on January 01, 1857. Johanna was also from Ireland. She was the daughter of Michael McGrath and Alice Burke. She was born February 01, 1823 in Newcastle Parish, County Tipperary, Ireland and died September 08, 1908 in Winthrop, Iowa.

Jim writes in his book, "In the Spring of 1868 Patrick's brother James traveled to Iowa to find land. He purchased two farms in Fremont Township in Buchanan County - the one by the High Bridge for himself, and one a little east of there on what is now highway #20 for his brother Patrick L. He sent word back to Springfield to his brother Patrick and family to join him."

Patrick, Johanna and their five children traveled to Iowa by train. According to Florence Hogan, granddaughter of Patrick L., as told to Jim Gallery, "When Patrick and his family arrived he liked the farm by the High Bridge better than the one that James had purchased for him, and some kind of swap was made. Thus Patrick ended up with the High Bridge farm and James with the farm on Highway #20."

The children of Patrick L. Gallery and Johanna McGrath were:

1. James Andrew Gallery married  Teresa Kane

2. Ellen A. Gallery married Michael A. Hogan

3. Daniel M. Gallery never married

4. Francis Patrick Gallery married Anna Veronica Keegan

5. Edmond Charles Gallery married Alice Larkin

Note: See bottom of this page for links to each of Patrick and Johanna's children

I'm creating a Gallery family photo album and will have it linked to this website. We have lots of pictures of the descendants of Edmund and Alice "Larkin" Gallery clan but need more from the other family groups. If you have old photos and would be willing to share them with others, contact me.

I'm Lee Gallery. If you want to contact me for any other reason, my email is [email protected]

Click on boxes below to see pictures and a short biography of each child of Francis Lysaght Gallery and Johanna McGrath.

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DanGallery, 1861-1933

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